Possible effects of radiation therapy

effects of radiation therapyWhat is radiation therapy?

More than half of patients suffering from oncology should undergo a course of special treatment, which for them is the only method that makes it possible to eliminate the terrible disease. The cure of the pathology, as well as the reduction of pain syndromes arising from the compression of healthy organs, and the cessation of bleeding becomes possible only after radiotherapy sessions. This method of getting rid of oncology is acceptable to many patients, as it gives a chance to avoid surgery, moreover, it is quite effective. Radiation therapy refers to the directed effects of radiation, which can eliminate malignant neoplasms, as well as some non-neoplastic pathologies. Radiation can be created by special devices or occur in the process of decay of radioactive elements. When using this method, sick cells die. This leads to the cessation of the development of the disease.

Side effects

complications after radiation therapyThe consequences of radiation therapy are characterized by a large number of complications arising in the patient. This is due to the fact that the decay of radioactive elements gives rise to gamma radiation. The patient’s body suffers from it. The effects of radiation therapy are clearly expressed in skin lesions at the points of passage of the rays. After some period of time after these sessions, epidermite may develop. This ailment in its initial stages is characterized by a dry type. Gradually, epidermitis becomes exudative (colitis, cystitis, laryngitis, pulmonitis, perichondritis). Similar effects of radiation therapy may occur after hours, a day after the procedure or within six months.

Some more side effects

The effect of radiation on many processes in the body has a negative effect. So, after radiation therapy, atrophy of the skin may occur. They are getting thinner. As a result, the skin becomes very vulnerable and can easily be injured. The effects of radiation therapy are also reflected on the mucous membranes. After this treatment, there are often pathologies affecting the mouth, rectum, esophagus.Complications after radiation therapy oncology of the cervix is ​​often expressed in the development of rectitis or cystitis. Women complain of irregular menstruation, dryness, pain and itching in the vagina, as well as frequent urge to urinate. The effects of radiotherapy in men are often expressed in erectile dysfunction. Radiation exposure reduces sperm count. Radiation therapy, the consequences of which may occur within six months after the sessions performed, can provoke inflammatory processes in the periosteum and atrophy of many internal organs. As a result of this treatment, radiation ulcers and fistulas often occur.radiation therapy effectsPatient's condition

In the initial stages of radiation therapy, the patient develops nausea and vomiting. There is a loss of appetite and a change in mood. The latter is expressed in excessive irritability and frequent mood swings. The patient complains of fatigue, drowsiness and depression. The picture of his blood also changes. The analysis indicates a decrease in the number of erythrocytes and leukocytes, which reduces the body's resistance to various infections.

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