Power consumption of the washing machine

The fact that most people love with their eyes can be attributed not only to members of the opposite sex, but also to any objects that surround us. Technique is no exception. When we come to the hypermarket, our eyes literally run up from the abundance of new beautiful models with a unique design. However, this is not the most important thing, because of what the device is really worth buying. It is extremely important to evaluate its capabilities and functions, which should perform all universal work in everyday life. As the economy is also an important aspect in today's instability of the economy, washing machines are gaining more and more demand with minimal power.

washing machine power

How to determine?

As a rule, a small part of the population is trying to independently calculate the amount of kW consumed by the washing machine. In order to correctly analyze the result obtained, it is first necessary to remember which elements expend the maximum amount of power of the washing machine:

  1. Electric motorThis detail is the basis, the “foundation” of any washing machine, without which the device simply cannot continue to work. His goal is to keep the drum running. On average, the indicator of the engine power of a washing machine varies between 0.4-0.8 kW. When using spin figure rises rapidly.
  2. TEN. The heating element, without which also can not be washed. Due to it, the water becomes hot, and drying also occurs. Depending on the selected mode and the presence of additional water heating, the power consumption indicator varies in the range of 1.7-1.9 kW.
  3. Water pump. Pumping water in the washing process occurs in different ways and depends on which mode is initially selected. The average consumption does not exceed 0.40 kW.
  4. Control. Today, most models have an electronic or touch panel, through which the process of selecting the desired mode and other parameters. Since various capacitors and light bulbs are used for operation, the total consumption is about 0.10 kW.

washing machine engine power

Factors affecting power consumption

It should be understood that in addition to the main components of the technical device, there are many other important factors. Thus, it is possible to identify the following conditions that affect the power consumption of the washing machine:

  1. Lifetime. As a rule, the more time the device is used, the more resources it consumes. The reason often becomes scaling on the heating element of the washing machine. Heaters have to work longer to heat the water to the mode set by the program. Since the load on the device increases significantly, and the amount of energy increases too.
  2. Type of textiles and clothing. It is important to note that the type of fabric can significantly affect the power consumption of the washing machine for one wash. After all, not every dress or blouse, you can wash in the usual mode with minimum settings. In addition, wet clothes are always more in weight than dry clothes, which means an increase in the power consumption of the electric motor of the washing machine.
  3. Workload. The total weight of the load of the washing machine depends on how much water will be used for washing.As a rule, the device automatically calculates this indicator based on weight. The greater the amount of water, the more time it takes to heat it, and hence the energy for heating elements.
  4. Used mode. Some programs involve the use of higher temperature or spin at an increased number of revolutions. The higher the requirements for the mode and process of washing, the more energy is spent in the process.power washing machine kW

What are the power consumption classes?

To date, a general indicator has been calculated on the basis of average washing parameters: a load of 6 kilograms and a water temperature of 60 degrees. For its calculation, the power of the washing machine (kW) per hour of operation of the device with a kilogram of things was taken.

What class is assigned to a device can be understood by special designations, represented in the form of letters of the alphabet from A to G. For example, a device where A or B stands is the most economical because it consumes the minimum amount of energy. C, D, E are middle-class washing machines that can hardly be called economical, but many users choose them on the basis of relatively inexpensive cost.F, G are technical devices that consume a large amount of energy. As a rule, these are production devices that are designed for large loads.

As each family is interested in saving resources, more and more consumers are leaning towards class A devices in order to save on energy consumption over the years.

Modern models

On the shelves of home appliances stores today you can see a large number of devices with energy consumption classes “A +”, “A ++”, “A +++”. This is by far the best options. They are provided with a careful and economical in terms of resource consumption washing.power consumption of the washing machine

For devices with drying functions, a special designation of the power consumption class is provided. It is worth noting that a little more energy is required for washing and drying machines than for traditional devices.

How to save on washing?

In fact, not every user thinks that he can reduce energy consumption on his own, regardless of the power of the washing machine. To do this, just stick to a few tips:

  1. Revise the active use of laundry drying features. For example, in the summer months, when the weather is warm enough, the laundry can dry itself, without additional electricity.
  2. Properly choose the washing mode. If you correctly approach the choice of the washing program, you can save up to 30% of the power consumption of the washing machine;
  3. Periodically clean the heating element from scale. Experts recommend running every 4-6 months (depending on the hardness of the water) washing cycle at 60 degrees without linen, but with the addition of citric acid.power of the electric motor of the washing machine

How much is one wash?

To calculate the cost of one wash, you need to consider several factors: the rate for the use of kW and the class of the washing machine. On average, each modern model uses about 40-80 liters of water. For example, for Moscow and the region there is a tariff for the consumption of kW - 4.6 rubles, and at night - 1.56 rubles per kW. If we take the average figure of 60 liters, then we can say that during the day the average cost of washing will cost about 170 rubles, at night - 70 rubles.

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