"Prestarium": reviews, instructions for use, analogues

Reducing the contractility of the heart muscle entails many health problems. requires increased attention from the patient. If you do not promptly seek medical help, death is possible. The specialist will be able to prescribe a medicine that will maintain the normal state of the patient. Prestarium tablets are popular with cardiologists. Reviews show that the drug has a mild effect and practically does not cause the development of side effects.

Release form and composition

The drug is presented in the form of round white tablets. The main active ingredient is perindopril erbumin. Magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate are used as auxiliary substances. The drug is offered in pharmacies in plastic cans or cartons.

prestarium reviewsThe drug has a vasoconstrictor effect.Due to this, the contractile ability of the heart muscle is restored, the patient's blood pressure returns to normal. Very popular among cardiologists is the tool "Prestarium." Reviews of doctors show that the main active component contributes to an increase in the minute volume of the heart, as well as increases resistance to stress.


The Prestarium pills have a fairly quick effect. Reviews of patients show that relief of the condition occurs within an hour after ingestion. Bioavailability of the drug reaches 75%. Experts recommend using the drug on an empty stomach. If you use tablets with food, their bioavailability will be significantly reduced.

prestarium instruction reviewsThe main active component is excreted by the kidneys. All the body is released from the drug in 3-5 hours. In patients with renal failure, the elimination process may be somewhat slow. It is worth taking care with people over 65 years of age. Reviews show that at this age, the bioavailability of the drug is significantly reduced, but it is displayed much longer.

Indications and contraindications

Most often, the drug is prescribed for hypertension, as well as chronic heart failure. In the second case, tablets are used as maintenance therapy. Only Prestarium medication can be prescribed only to adult patients. Reviews of specialists provide an opportunity to understand: in an unformed children's body of perindopril, erbumin can cause the development of serious side effects.

prestarium application instructions reviews
No medicine is prescribed to women during pregnancy and lactation. Neglect of this recommendation may result in impaired fetal development. A cardiologist is required to pre-examine the body of a woman requiring treatment. It is necessary to exclude possible pregnancy. Additionally, a gynecologist examination may be scheduled.

People who have a tendency to allergic reactions, it is undesirable to use tablets "Prestarium". Reviews of doctors show that such patients often develop hypersensitivity.

special instructions

In severe hypertension, as well as renal failure, the drug is used only under medical supervision.Patients are treated only in the hospital. Before starting therapy, a qualified cardiologist conducts a study of renal function. Throughout the treatment, the activity of renal enzymes in the blood is necessarily controlled. This helps to identify abnormalities in a timely manner, as well as to avoid the development of side effects.

It is strictly forbidden to perform hemodialysis using polyacrylonitrile membranes during the use of tablets. Significantly increases the risk of anaphylactic reactions. Possible death.

prestarium instructions for use analogues reviewsMust be carefully studied before applying the tablets "Prestarium" instruction. Reviews of doctors show that it is undesirable to use the tool in conjunction with medicines that increase the level of potassium in the blood. It is also not recommended to use tablets with some antibacterial agents. May cause serious allergic reaction medication "Prestarium". Instructions for use, reviews - all this should be studied before the start of treatment.


Tablets are taken once a day, on an empty stomach. The initial dose is 1 mg. Subsequently, the dosage may be increased.With congestive heart failure, the daily rate may be increased to 4 mg per day. The maximum dosage can not exceed 8 mg.

prestarium analogues reviewsThe course of treatment depends on the individual characteristics of the patient, as well as the form of the disease. In chronic heart failure, tablets are taken continuously. In case of impaired renal function, dosage adjustment is required.

Analogs means

There are a huge number of drugs that can be replaced tablets "Prestarium". Instructions for use, analogues, reviews about them - all this can be checked with the cardiologist, who keeps a patient's medical history. Identical in composition and indications is the drug "Kovereks". These pills are also prescribed for adult patients who have some degree of heart failure. No medication is prescribed to women during pregnancy and lactation. Lactase deficiency is also a serious contraindication.

Tablets "Hypernik" can also be replaced by the drug "Prestarium." Analogs reviews are at most positive. Some of them are low cost.The medicine "Hypernik" is also prescribed for arterial hypertension and heart failure.

prestarium doctors reviews"Cardiomagnyl" - another popular tool used in diseases of the cardiovascular system. This is a combined preparation based on magnesium hydroxide and acetylsalicylic acid. The drug quickly leads to the tone of the heart muscle, improves the health of the patient. Tablets can also be used for the prevention of thrombosis.

Reviews of tablets "Prestarium"

Patients note that the pills quickly bring long-awaited relief. For patients with chronic heart failure, medication is a real relief. There is an opportunity to lead a full-fledged lifestyle and not limit yourself to entertainment. However, even using the medication, you should not forget that excessive exercise can harm a patient who has abnormalities in the work of the cardiovascular system.

Despite the fact that the medicine is sold in pharmacies without a prescription, it is undesirable to use it without prior consultation with a cardiologist. Tablets "Prestarium" have a number of contraindications that you should definitely take into account. Ideally, treatment should take place under the supervision of a specialist in a medical institution.

prestarium patient reviewsNegative reviews most often occur in those patients who have not studied the instructions for use of the drug. It is worth remembering that taking pills while eating significantly reduces the bioavailability of the main active ingredient. Do not be surprised if the expected effect does not come at all. The remedy will also not have the desired effect in people with impaired renal function.

How much is the drug?

Drug belongs to an average price category. For the packaging of tablets will have to pay about 300 rubles. You can save a little if you order the medication in real time. Preference should be given to pharmacies with a high rating.

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