Private hotel "Acropolis", Divnomorskoe: description, reviews

Want to have a good rest on the Black Sea coastand enjoy local hospitality? Then you must visit a small village called Divnomorskoe. Hotels and hotels are available for every taste and purse, and due to the fact that this place is not very big, the road to the sea will not be long anyway.

Marvelous village on the sea

Located in a suburb of the famous resort town of Gelendzhik, the village of Divnomorskoe is a rather visited place on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory.

The name of the village speaks for itself. In this wonderful and comfortable place everything is created in order that the rest of every visitor who came here was the best. A variety of infrastructure allows you to meet all the needs of tourists: there is a variety of cafes and restaurants, shops, souvenir shops, tour desk, amusement park and even a water park.

marvelous hotels

In the village Divnomorskoe hotels are locatedmainly in its center, along the streets of Kirov and Lenin. There are beautiful beaches, covered with small pebbles. Water in the sea in the village is considered one of the cleanest in the region, due to what this resort is very popular among holidaymakers. Along the coast stretches a beautiful embankment with a snow-white fence, somewhat reminiscent of the embankment of Gelendzhik. It is pleasant to walk along it both in the afternoon and in the evening in the light of stars and lanterns.

It is among all this beauty and beautifulair, filled with aromas of Pitsunda pines, and a private hotel "Acropolis" (Divnomorskoe), which can be a great place for rest of any tourist.

"Acropolis" near Gelendzhik

The hotel opens its doors to all those who wish on May 1 and continues to work until October 15. Here, lovers, families with children of all ages and companies of friends will meet with joy.

beautiful acropolis

Hotel "Acropolis" (Divnomorskoe) includesTwo residential buildings located on a fenced cozy territory. Both of them are four-storey modern buildings with very beautiful architecture. Its proud name is the hotel received from all the famous sights of the city of Athens. On a small landscaped territory, which has the "Acropolis" (Divnomorskoe), there are various entertainments that are suitable for guests of any age.

Own beach at the hotel there, however, asand most hotels and guest houses in Divnomorsky. But to the beautiful city beach from the hotel to go just 5-7 minutes. On the way, guests will meet all kinds of shops and cafes.

We are looking for "Acropolis" in Divnomorsky

Hotel "Acropolis" (Divnomorskoe) is locatedAt the intersection of the streets of Kirov and the Black Sea. Nearby there are other guest houses, but the inscription at the top of the building can accurately highlight the hotel of interest to tourists.

You can get to the "Acropolis" both on your personaltransport, and on the public. On your own car you need to go on the federal highway M-4 through Krasnodar and Dzhubgu, at the sign turn to Divnomorsky, not reaching Gelendzhik. If tourists are traveling from Novorossiysk, they will need to drive Gelendzhik and after that turn to the side of the village.

The fastest way to arrive at the hotel "Acropolis"(Divnomorskoe) there will be a plane to the airport in Gelendzhik, and then a taxi or a transfer ordered from the hotel itself. Those who like to travel by train can reach Novorossiysk railway station, and from there by public transport they can arrive in Divnomorskoe. Also in Gelendzhik there is a bus station, where you can take a bus from different cities of Russia.

Address and phone number of the hotel

Tourists will not have any problems witharrival at the hotel "Acropolis", if they write down to herself her exact address. It is located in the village Divnomorskoe on Chernomorskaya Street, in the house 10 / 1a. If necessary, the hotel can be contacted by the following numbers: 8-86141-632-37 and 8-918-311-14-55.

Rooms hotel

Rooms of the hotel "Acropolis" (Divnomorskoe)are located in both buildings. Among them there are various options for standard, family rooms and junior suites. Any of them will offer guests all the necessary furniture for living, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, equipped bathroom. All the rooms above the ground floor have balconies.

Standard rooms in the hotel are one-roomand two-room. One-room apartments are double and triple. Each has a double bed, a folding armchair, bedside tables, a built-in wardrobe, a clothes dryer and a table with chairs. In the double seat is an extra bed. Two-room standards are designed to accommodate four people. One room here is a living room with a sofa, the other is a bedroom with a wide bed.

marvelous acropolis prices

Junior suites are divided into double and triple rooms,while in each of them an additional seat is assumed. They are equipped with a galley, a wardrobe, a sofa and an armchair, an individual safe, a table with utensils and an electric kettle. The bathroom has a hairdryer.

Family rooms consist of one or tworooms. Both types are designed for four guests in the main places, but in the two-room there is an extra seat. This category of rooms is equipped almost like a junior suite. However, they also have a dressing table, a microwave and a DVD player.

How much money do you need

The cost of living will pleasantly please all those who chose the seaside village Divnomorskoe for their holiday. The "Acropolis" has set prices for its rooms depending on the period of residence in them.

So, the cheapest time of rest here is the whole month of May. The cost of rooms at this time starts from 1500 rubles. for a double standard and reaches 3000 for any family room.

acropolis marvelous reviews

In the first half of June, the cost of standardnumbers is 2200 rubles. for a double, 2800 rubles. for triple and 3000 rubles. for two-room. Junior suites will cost 2800 and 3300 rubles, and family rooms at 4100 rubles. The second half of June is more expensive: the price per day starts from 2800 rubles. in a standard double room and reaches 4700 rubles. in the family.

In the first half of July for the numbers will have to pay from 3000 rubles. for a standard double for up to 5500 rubles. for the family.

From July 15 to August 25, the hotel continues the most expensive season:

- The double standard costs 3,700 rubles, two-room - 5500 rubles;

- triple standard and double junior suite will cost 4200 rubles;

- a junior suite for three costs 4800 rubles;

- Family one-room - 6000 rub., Two-room - 6600 rub.

From August 26 to September 9, the price range is as follows: from 2500 rubles. for a double standard to 4300 rubles. for a family room. In late September and until the end of the hotel the cost of living is 1700 rubles. in the cheapest standard room and 3300 rubles. in the family.

What can the guests of the Acropolis use?

To everyone who rests at the Hotel Acropolis,a safe-deposit box and free internet access. Tourists can take advantage of the local pool, playground for children, barbecue and kitchen area, jump on trampolines and play board games that are available in the hotel. There is also a library, an iron and an ironing board. Discotheques are organized for children, and for babies in the room a crib is provided free of charge.

Private hotel Acropolis Divnomorskoe

For an additional fee, the hotel offers a sauna, tennis and billiards. Also have to pay for parking the car.

Reviews of tourists on the "Acropolis"

All guests of the hotel "Acropolis" (Divnomorskoe) reviewsabout their rest and their impressions of living leave quite willingly. Tourists who have visited here, especially note that this place is perfect for children, as for them there is a lot of entertainment. I like our compatriots and friendly hotel staff, and neat rooms with good furniture.

hotel acropolis

Some have slightly upset the balconies, which for the most part have exits from several rooms. Also, quite often here it is noisy, because next to it is a busy intersection.

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