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Time is the most valuable resource in human life. It can not be replenished. Having missed time once, it is possible only to look back with vexation. In order not to condemn yourself in such wastes, you need to be able to handle your time resource with care. Good statuses dedicated to this topic will help to do this.

Time is not returned

Why are statuses about time so popular? Perhaps the quote from the song of Alla Pugacheva can be an explanation of this popularity, and a good status. “Life cannot be turned back,” she sings in her old song. Each cook agrees with this statement, because the stuffing is also not allowed to be passed back through a meat grinder. The situation is the same with precious days, hours, minutes of our life. There are people who really value their time. “Human life is multiplied by the amount of time saved” - this is a good credo for those who really appreciate this irreplaceable resource.

Here are some more statuses about time:

  • One of the most serious losses is a waste of time.
  • Time is a great teacher.
  • He who does not know the value of time is not born for glory.

Is it worth killing time?

Unfortunately, the phrase "kill time" is still popular. It means "to occupy yourself with any activity for the sole purpose - to spend time resources as soon as possible." The phrase itself is very aggressive and is aimed at destroying wealth, which cannot be bought with money, put off for a rainy day, or borrowed. Everyone understands this, however, they continue to idle or spend hours and days in vain.

status about time

Statuses about time with meaning will help to learn how to treat it correctly. They will tell others about how best to deal with it. “You can’t kill time without harming eternity!” - this is a good status for a profile on a social network or for a blog.

Short statuses about time with meaning

And now let's look at a few brief statuses that every time management lover will like:

  • Our best enemy is time.
  • There is never time for eternity.
  • Go slowly and you will sleep far from here.

Live here and now

Often a person can spend half a day on completely useless things. This may be an elementary laziness or endless showdown with the husband or wife, the constant hang on the Internet. In fact, those people who seek to get rid of an excess of minutes or hours as soon as possible are fleeing from something more valuable and important. They can build castles in the air of their dreams for the future or constantly think about the past. However, the future cannot be brought closer unless certain actions are taken for this.

status pro time with meaning

The past is impossible to return - no matter how a person tormented himself with guilt about the committed actions, it is impossible to return to the past day and hour to rewind the tape back. Therefore, the most rational option would be life in the state that psychologists call "here and now." Being in such a state, a person notices what is happening around him, he is completely in the current situation. And the status about the time at home, at a friend, or simply read by chance, will help to preserve the ability to treat your temporary reserves with care.

Being late is stealing

“God created time, and created it enough” is a great Asian proverb that can be used for status. The philosopher Theophrastus said: "Whoever won the time, he won all." “You are 40 minutes late. This is the same thing as stealing ”- and these are the words of an unknown author, which are also suitable for pro status. Truly wise are those people who realize that nothing is more valuable than temporary resources. Some believe that money has absolute value on this earth, but this is not quite the case.

status pro time with meaning short

Properly using your days and hours, a person can earn as much money as he needs. But if he squandered it or someone “stole” him a couple of hours, then this resource cannot be returned. A wise man understands that he can pay for anything with his own mistakes, including money. And since the value of money is relative, he will do it, and as soon as possible.

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