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Those days have long passed when the companies gathered for some reason spent time at the dull feasts, and eating the festive dishes was the only entertainment. Of course, why bore? After all, you can have a good time. However, with regard to active actions, they are unlikely to appeal to all guests. And here board games for adults come to the rescue. This is a great alternative to outdoor activities, giving no less fun and enthusiasm. What is needed for this?

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Just get one of the most favorite board games from the shelf, and, spreading out the cardboard box, hand out colored cards to the guests. It is enough just to start, and, without any doubt, everyone who is at the table will be happy to be engaged in this process.

Board games for adults are a fascinating pastime.In addition, it is very interesting to look at people who have already taken place, who find out which of them has earned a greater number of crystals, or argue about how many points will be in one or another move.

A bit of history

Board games appeared a long time ago. The most ancient of them, according to some scientists, were invented more than three thousand years ago. On the rules of many games, we already do not know anything, since they were simply lost. However, some of these entertainment still withstood a serious test of time and safely survived to our days. Among them are chess, rendzu and go.

In the twentieth century, new board games began to appear in large numbers. Some of them were just entertaining, others developed intelligence and mathematical thinking, and the basis of the third was the modeling of various situations.

board game mafiaIn the late twentieth century, computer games emerged. And for some time they just forgot about board games, considering them to be an anachronism. However, it soon became clear that no gadget can replace live chat, just as the movie is not able to completely replace the theater.

At the moment, humanity is experiencing another increase in interest in board games.Of course, today it is a completely different entertainment, but they give jokes and lively laughter to people who are close by.

The value of board games

This entertainment is a great hobby. And it is suitable not only for the gathered company of friends, but also for family leisure. After all, throwing dice, moving chips and pulling cards, on which funny tasks are written, will certainly raise your spirits and leave pleasant memories.

board games for adultsSo why do we need board games? Reviews of those who often spend their leisure time with them, explains his interest for several reasons:

- the choice of any genre of entertainment;
- for such games it is not necessary to sit at the table, it is perfectly possible to spend time with them while traveling;
- similar entertainment makes you happy and worried, and also causes a lot of emotions;
- helps in the development of communication skills and logical thinking;
- brings people together.

In order to choose for yourself the right entertainment, you should carefully study the review of board games. After all, today there are quite a lot of them. This is a wide range from the usual cardboard games to the most intricate strategies.At the same time, they can be intended for leisure as two players, and the whole company.

Game selection

What to offer to your guests? For noisy parties, board games with simple conditions are perfect. These could be reaction games. If you get together - good friends, in this case, by the way, more complex entertainment will come. For example, role-playing games. Their main idea is to model interesting situations or subtleties of various professions. In such cases, players are forced to use their intelligence. But it should be borne in mind that the rules of such games should be studied in detail beforehand, since they are not simple. Therefore, it is necessary to take on them only when experienced players are present at the table. For beginners, it is better to pick something less intricate.

Family games will be good for recreation. Many consider them primitive. However, in such games various tactical maneuvers are provided, as well as the ways to victory. Due to this, each party becomes unusual, which increases interest in such a pastime.

What distinguishes modern board games for adults? A fascinating process and an understandable scheme of actions, as well as relatively short games.That is why such entertainment becomes a suitable option for people of different ages who gather at the same table. But in order for all the guests without exception to have fun, it is necessary to pre-determine the genre of the game. After all, those who prefer economic strategies are unlikely to like military topics.

board game jackalAnyone who seeks a more complex process should not be frightened by the rules set out on several pages. Indeed, in this case, the game will present a large number of different elements.

And if you are not in a hurry? For such a company fit the game, the party which can last from 3 to 5 hours. Such leisure has its advantages. He gives a complete immersion in the proposed atmosphere and much more emotion.
What to choose for your company? Below is an overview of board games. After exploring it, you can make the final choice.


Rating games (desktop) starts this entertainment, which will appeal to these strategists. The game got its name due to the same castle located in the south of France.The inventor of entertainment was the music teacher from Germany Klaus-Jürgen-Rede. He was so carried away by this area that he created a real masterpiece. The first edition of his works was published in 2000. Already in 2001, Carcassonne received the prestigious “Game of the Year” award in Germany, awarded by a professional jury. This entertainment almost immediately became popular. And this is confirmed by the number of copies sold, which amounted to more than six million.

 colonizers board gameAt first glance, the game may seem somewhat complicated. However, this is not the case. Everyone can play it, even children who are already eight years old.

How to make a trip to the summer sunny France? To do this, it is enough to collect a good company from 3 to 6 people and purchase a box with a game.
The rules are so simple that it takes ten minutes to master them. Players are invited to become medieval feudal lords. Their task is the gradual formation of a map of the area of ​​squares, the construction of monasteries, roads and cities. In other words, they are doing everything that a real ruler should do. The winner must collect a greater number of mil - multi-colored subjects of subjects,when exhibiting on the ground, rivals cannot develop their stormy activities.

To master this game is not difficult. Each of its parties will be a real discovery for those who temporarily turned into a medieval feudal lord. After all, you will have to constantly create a new state that has a unique landscape and cities. For those to whom the basic version of this game is not enough, you can offer to purchase an add-on. This application contains towers and dragons. There will be princesses in it.

“Carcassonne” is a real classic among a huge number of board games. This is an interesting and dynamic, as well as perfectly balanced entertainment. Before deciding on a course, a player must think carefully what is an excellent exercise for the brain.


The rating of games (desktop) continues this entertainment, the history of which begins in the USSR, approximately in the 70s of the last century. Believe that the inventors of this desktop - students of Moscow State University. True or fiction, today is difficult to say. But, without any doubt, the board game "Jackal" was very common in those years among students.

The plot of this entertainment leads us to a tropical island. His players and to explore. Indeed, on the island there are so many treasures that even in a dream old man Flint could not imagine.

board game unoHowever, the board game "Jackal" - this is not a simple excavation in search of gold. After all, there are also opponents who simply will not give up the treasure. In one move, you can pick up only one coin, which you need to drag to the ship waiting off the coast. The enemies are not asleep. It is easier for them to plunder an already collected treasure than to search for it, risking being in the hands of a cannibal.

The playing field "Jackal" is assembled from squares, offering different options each time. Due to this, each batch is not similar to the previous one, and no one knows what awaits him in the area that has not yet been studied.


It continues our rating of games (desktop) entertainment, created by Klaus Tyberg in 1995. Just a year after its release, the "Colonialists" won all the most prestigious awards of the world. At the same time, the game was translated into 30 languages, which made it possible to realize more than a million of its copies.

"Colonialists" is a board game that offers participants to anchor off the coast of the island, which is not on any map.Stepping on his land, you can immediately make two discoveries. The first of these is that the island is rich in natural resources. The second discovery is the fact that there are several colonizers on it. From this originates the expansion of the island, which is called Catan.

"Colonialists" - a board game, which is quite simple to master. But the disclosure of its potential can take quite a long time. Party members vie with each other. They constantly interact in an effort to conquer the island. This lesson is very exciting for 3-4, and in the case of the purchase of expansion - for 5-6 players.


We continue our rating of games for desktop entertainment created in the psychological genre. It is suitable for a large company of nine to fifteen people.

Board game "Mafia" does not exist in one form. To date, many of its various options are offered, the number of which can be compared with the card "Fool" or preference. Every self-respecting mafia company has its own rules. But as for the classic version, the board game "Mafia" begins withthat its members sit around the table and appoint a facilitator. His responsibilities include the distribution of cards and the management of the entire party process. The facilitator is not a player and cannot make prompts.

 board game imaginariumThe plot of the game takes place in Rome. Honest citizens (players who have received red cards) will find out that a mafia has started up in their hometown. They gather in the square to eradicate evil. However, among them are members of the mafia (players who have received black cards). The task of the villains is to skillfully disguise themselves as honest citizens and gradually get rid of them.


This game, the name of which in Italian means “one”, continues our rating of the most popular entertainment. The board game Uno was invented in the distant 70s of the last century and is known to many. Participants are invited to a deck of cards. It contains 106 sheets, which are broken down by numbers (from 0 to 9), as well as by color. In addition, the board game Uno contains other cards. With their help, the color offered by the game and the direction of the moves themselves change. Additional cards allow you to exchange decks with any of the participants. The main task of the player is to get rid of the cards.When only one of them remains in his hands, he can call out “Uno”. After that, the remaining participants count their points. The loser - the one who scored the minimum number. He is out of the game.


This rather simple, but at the same time fascinating entertainment also deserves the right to be in our rating. The board game "Imaginarium" invites its participants to come up with associations for the various images that are in the box. And the pictures are drawn quite unusual. They belong to the brush artists, it is possible with some deviations.

The associations that the Imaginarum board game offers can be easy to understand. This, for example, "summer" or "friendship." However, among them are unpredictable ones, such as “Where to laugh?”, “Run faster”, etc.


This word game is known worldwide. Using it, people perfectly and with great interest spend the evening in any company. Board game Scrabble has many versions. Some of them allow you to play right on the road.

This entertainment is like a crossword puzzle.But unlike the latter, the participants are required not to guess, but to make words. Each well-guessed letter is awarded points. The one who will make more words becomes the winner.


This game is for those who want to get rich quickly. Its members are transformed into gnomes, who are able to find gold-bearing veins and dig gems in the shortest possible time. Players are invited to split into two teams. One of them is bearded laborers, and the second is malicious pests. The task of the first is to build a tunnel, which will lead to treasure. The latter strive to prevent the laboring workers and to get the nuggets, without exerting any effort on this.

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