Rating "thieves" professions in the USSR

I had a friend classmate, let's call him Vitek. He was a good guy, although he didn’t have enough stars from heaven, but one circumstance set him apart from the crowd of his peers. He was rich!
Well, not in today's understanding, of course, the yard was 79-83 years old, we were 15-17 years old ... Vit had a muskrat and a Indian mohair scarf dangling around his neck. Then, one of the first he got rubbing jeans and a Japanese watch with a calculator.
Mom Vitka worked as a seller at the grocery store, and Dad worked as a taxi driver ...
For those who managed to live in the Soviet time can not explain, everything at once becomes clear)

Of course, the USSR had its own elite, aristocracy. These are not only conditional astronauts and academics who have access to items of shortage, privileges on perfectly legal grounds, but also a party nomenclature, heads of large factories, trades, diplomats.
Now it's not about them. It's about people labor (well, with a certain amount of sarcasm, of course)
There were professions in the USSR, not to say what would be respected, but it was said about the people of these professions that he was “well settled”.
There were many such professions.This and those posts that allowed just something to steal on underfilling, shrinkage and utruskah, this is the work that allows you to have access to the deficit. Well, and finally, these are the professions that allowed working overtime, working out, and having unrecorded income.
To the first group could be attributed sellers in prod.magah, to the second - sellers in prom.magah, to the third - the same taxi drivers or masters in repair of household appliances.
Moreover, it is interesting that in the second group, having access to the deficit, it was not at all necessary to speculate, resell goods with profit. It was enough to get into the category of "right people", that would carry out a barter "you for me - I am for you."
Well, you can still remember those who somehow could either go abroad, or contact with foreigners - sailors, tour guides and employees of "Intourist" ...
Well this theme is covered in two movies -"Blonde around the corner"and"Prokhindiada or Running on the spot". Both films are simply an encyclopedia of Soviet life ...
This is a very interesting topic, much has changed to such an extent that today not everyone will believe that it could be so. For example, in one of my classmates, my mother worked in a bankquite ordinary economist. And at that time it was perceived much lower than merchandise in the average prod.mage. Or a waiter ...
But, that's what I thought ... After all, not all "criminal" professions are equally good in terms of "device", "necessity". And let's try to make an approximate rating of the "steepness" of thieves in Soviet times. These are not the initial positions, there is among the head of the base and the director of the store, and so everything is clear, but quite ordinary ...
1. Everything related to the car
1.1 Seller in the shop "Auto Parts"
1.2 Seller-Operator at the Petrol Station
1.3 Car mechanic in the office. service
2. Receptionist at the hotel (in large cities)
3. Cashier in railway. and in the air ticket office
4. Fish inspector
5. Seller at a thrift shop
6. The seller in the store shoes or clothing (only prestigious, well-stocked stores)
7. Taxi driver
8. The operator in the recording studio
9. Waiter
10. Telemaster

Add, correct ...
I looked at my list. That seems to be an inverted world. But pay attention - in the list there is no profession of a policeman.

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