Reducing legs in the simulator: the technique of performing

About slender legs, every woman dreams: get rid of cellulite, gain elastic buttocks and thighs. And this is not the limit of the dreams of most of the fair sex. The desire to get rid of excess fat on the hips and buttocks leads the ladies to the gym. And they, in their desire to change the shape of their hips, do not deviate from the simulator, spend a lot of time doing the exercise, in the hope that it "removes excess", "pulls something up", etc. What is it about? Reduction of legs in the simulator. Many women are confident that it is these classes that will help them get rid of fat, make the legs slim, and the buttocks elastic. Is it so? Let's understand.

Reducing legs in the machine

The popularity of the simulator for the knowledge of the feet, beforeall, due to the fact that the foot zone for many is aesthetically important. Both women and men, she is not indifferent. Everybody wants to have tight legs, without signs of "kissel" in this area. The driving machine - a machine for reducing the legs - is aimed at strengthening the corresponding muscles of the thigh:

  • comb;
  • leading - large, short, long.

In addition, there is a tightening of tailors and muscles of the iliac-tibial tract.

leg-down in the simulator

The leading muscles are a complex of deep musclesgroin and inner thigh. To find them is quite difficult, nevertheless these muscles work daily: when climbing a staircase, uphill or stand up. The resulting muscles in daily life are insignificant and weak. That's why they need to be trained.

Reducing legs in the machine is aimed at strengtheningleading to muscle, but the slimming of the inner side of the thigh, these exercises will not lead, because these are different types of tissue - the muscles and the tissue covering them. Even if during training on the simulator a large amount of calories is burned - fat reduction in the hip area will not follow.

The results of training. Benefits

Trainers for mixing / raising legsare designed to work out one muscle group. In fact, the thigh (inner / outer area) works in conjunction with other parts of the body. Separately, these muscles in everyday life are not involved, so training is used as ancillary. They are included in the basic complex of exercises, separately mixing legs in the simulator will not give any result in improving the shape of the legs. What is this simulator for?

  • strengthening the muscles of the inner surface of the hips;
  • tonus of the adductor muscles;
  • increasing balance while driving;
  • reduction of injuries.

Reducing the legs of the simulator, the technique of execution:

  • Install the weight on the machine.
  • Get on the trainer and put your feet on the stand.
  • The back is flat, hands on the handle, the body is pressed to the bench.
  • Exhale - to bring the legs together.
  • Inhale - legs to dissolve (slowly).

Practical tips:

  • With difficulties in doing the exercise, you can help yourself with your hands.
  • Mandatory warm-up before exercise.
  • Exercise to perform in conjunction with other exercises on your feet.

Leg bending in the simulator

What will complex training give?

  • Increase the overall endurance of the body.
  • Strengthen the heart and blood vessels.
  • Will lead to muscle tone.
  • Increase flexibility of tendons and joints.
  • Normalize blood circulation.
  • Improve metabolism.

And as a welcome consequence:

  • getting rid of excess weight;
  • the ideal body shape.

Attend exercise room for exerciseonly on the leading machine does not make sense, since the exercise is effective only in complex training. For self-study on the bending of legs in the simulator is a good option - the simulator "Butterfly". Exercises for independent training are simple and effective.

butterfly exercise simulator


Lessons on the driving machine in large volumes andIncreased stress can lead to spasm of pear-shaped muscles. The functions of the muscles consist in supination and hip removal. Close to them is the sciatic nerve, pinching of which leads to pain in the leg. Here only moderation or training with a coach will help.

Exerciser-expander "Butterfly"

"Butterfly" - a simulator for different muscle groups,the expander is easy to use. You can study at home. For training, no special room is required. Regular classes will give an effective result in a short time. Working on compression, facilitates the study of all muscle groups (thoracic, upper back, hips, buttocks, press, shoulder girdle and hands) simulator "Butterfly".


  1. Exercise the upper body. Take the expander in hand and lift it up. Squeeze the "Butterfly", using the muscles of the shoulder girdle. The load should be increased by taking the arms away from the body.
  2. Exercise of the muscles of the chest. Clamp the "Butterfly" between the forearms. Eliminate elbows, squeezing and unclipping the machine.
  3. Training press. Lie on the floor, bending your knees and putting your feet on the floor. One end of the machine is clamped between the knees, the other - to keep hands in front of the face. Raise your legs, squeezing the trainer. Load on the press.
  4. Hip training. Sit on a chair. Clamp the machine tight between the knees. Hands - on the arms of the simulator and with effort squeeze the expander. Bending legs in the machine is an effective exercise for the thighs. When performing, it is important to strain them.

mixing the legs of the exercise machine

Rules and tips for quick results

First, the regularity of training. The desired effect can be achieved only if this condition is met. Those wishing to have an ideal figure should make additional efforts for a quick result.

Secondly, review the food and excludefatty foods. The main condition - to monitor the caloric content of dishes and the size of portions. Calculate the daily diet: an average of 1100-1200 kcal. Include dietary cocktails and herbal tea in the diet. They will help reduce the feeling of hunger. Limit the consumption of salt and for cooking use fat-burning spices: cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, etc.

Third, give daily training for at least half an hour. You can practice several times a day, evenly distributing this time, doing 2-3 exercises.

mixing of legs


Exercises on driving simulators are effectivefor weight loss or the improvement of the shape of the feet only in complex occupations. Lead to tone and strengthen the muscles of the thighs. In addition, the improvement of well-being usually leads to an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence.

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