Rice diet: 10 kg per week. Super Weight Slimming

Diet on rice porridge will help you in just a weekreduce volume and reduce weight. Is this diet suitable for everyone? What foods can not be eaten with a rice diet? The answers to these and other questions are contained in the article.Rice diet 10 kg per week

general information

Rice diet for a weeksuitable for those who wish to cleanse their bodyfrom excess fluid and accumulated slags. It has a lot of advantages. Firstly, rice completely covers the daily norm of carbohydrates. Secondly, with this diet you will not feel hungry.

What result does the ricediet? 10 kg per week can lose those who have a lot of excess weight. The main rule is to consume raw or undercooked rice. We will tell you about what products it can be supplemented with later. The best results in terms of weight loss were shown in brown rice. It should be untreated, with a shell. In such grains, the maximum amount of vitamins, trace elements and plant fibers remains.

Rice super-diet: what you can eat

Rice diet for weight loss reviews

What do you need to consider when creating the menu? Rice is the main, but not the only product. It is best to use a brown variety. Its calorie content in 100 grams is only 109 kcal.

For successful weight loss and removal of slag fromthe body must comply with the drinking regime - 2-2.5 liters of fluid per day. It can be herbal or green tea (without sweeteners), plain water or apple juice diluted with water. With insufficient intake of water into the body, constipation is possible.

Rice diet allows usethe minimum amount of salt. It is added to food before consumption. To avoid health problems, vitamin-mineral complexes containing potassium should be taken. This element ensures normal functioning of the heart.

There are several options for rice diets. Each of them provides its own list of allowed products. The best result is achieved by a tough rice diet (10 kg per week). But few girls survive a diet consisting only of rice. However, it can be varied with two or three green apples.

Prohibited products

rice diet for a week

And you know who is the main enemy of slenderfigures? Of course, fast food. French fries, hamburgers and pizza - all this contains a huge amount of carbohydrates and cholesterol. Therefore, during a diet about fast food should be forgotten.

Discard such products as:

  • nuts;
  • beans;
  • bread and rolls;
  • canned food;
  • fatty meat and fish;
  • coffee.

Rice diet options

Choosing a particular diet, you needtake into account your weight and health status. Well, if you consult with a doctor in advance. Willpower in this matter also plays an important role. Not every girl can last a week on one rice or fruit. Below are the variants of the rice diet. Perhaps, one of them will suit you.Diet on rice porridge

Rigid diet on rice

It is necessary to lose weight urgently to an important event orthe beginning of the beach season? Then you will need a rice diet. 10 kg per week will go away irrevocably. You need willpower and strict compliance with the diet. In fact, it's a mono-diet, because the only product in it is brown rice. Daily rate - one glass. This amount is divided into two or three methods. If you can not cope with the feeling of hunger, you can eat a couple of apples during the day. With such a rigid diet, physical activity is contraindicated.

"5 volumes"

The rules of this diet are simple. We put on the table five glasses. In each of them we pour two tablespoons of brown rice and pour in two hundred milliliters of water. Can be warm, but not hot. Within four days we change the water in the glasses. And on the fifth day we proceed as follows. Drain the liquid from the first glass, and eat the rice without boiling it. What's next? Fill this glass with rice and water. We put it aside. The next morning we drain the water from the second glass, eat rice from it. We hope that you have understood the further scheme.

To get the maximum effect you need to eatswollen rice on an empty stomach. Then you can eat in the usual mode. It's about healthy food, not about smoked foods, pickles and fast food. The duration of the "5 volumes" diet is 14 days. During this time you will get a visible result.

Easy Diet

This is a sparing option. It provides for such a daily set of products: 500 grams of rice, 200 grams of fish or meat, a little green vegetables. There is a certain technology for cooking. Rice for several hours is poured with apple juice, diluted with water. Then drain the liquid and cook it, adding fish (meat) and chopped vegetables. The prepared dish is divided into 2-3 meals. Between them you can eat unsweetened fruit. But make sure that their number does not exceed 500 g.Rice Super Diet


Rigid mono-diet requires incredible willpower,but it guarantees an excellent result. In just 3 days you will get rid of 3-4 kg. More intensive weight loss will begin on the fifth day. Doctors do not recommend to stick to mono-diet for more than 7 days. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid health problems.

Now another option is an easy rice diet. 10 kg for a week to throw it does not promise, but it helps get rid of toxins and swelling. No feeling of hunger! Adhering to this diet for 10 days, you will lose 4-5 kg. Agree that this is a good result.

Rice diet for weight loss: reviews

What do the girls say? Did they manage to lose weight due to the rice diet? To understand this, it is enough to read the testimonials. Most young ladies were satisfied with the results. On average, they managed to lose 7-8 kg per week of a tight mono-diet. Other girls prefer a sparing diet. Therefore, their results look more durable - 2-3 kg in 7 days.

Negative feedback also comes, but inminimum quantity. In them, ladies complain of a constant feeling of hunger and a monotonous diet. Some of them did not have enough willpower to get the desired results.

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