Riddles, proverbs and sayings about numbers: a list of the best

The language of communication is a living organism. It develops, comes to its peak, is experiencing difficult times of deprivation when it is forced to apply allegory.

It happens that the languages ​​die. Then they become dead. No attempt by people to create an artificial language has led to lasting results. The highest form of the language seems to be sayings, jokes, proverbs and sayings, passed from mouth to mouth. They constitute folklore, a cultural slice of the nation.

Popular wisdom

Take, for example, popular proverbs and sayings about the number 1. One African wisdom says: "To go fast - you have to go alone, so that far you have to go together." Indeed, walking along the path of life, a person makes a career alone, and grows old with his spouse.

sayings about numbersIn the wisdom of the people, the voice of morality is heard: “One rotten pear will spoil the whole basket,” they say in China. “One scaly sheep will ruin a whole flock,” the Briton will say.In Russian, it will be: "With whom you will be led, from this you will gather."

Sometimes people's observations translate into proverbs and sayings about numbers, numerals, their opposition to each other and comparisons of the singular and the plural.

The Chinese will say: “One joy will chase away a hundred troubles.” And he adds: “When only two coppers remain in the wallet - buy bread at the first and flower at the second.” “One flower of spring does not bring,” the Azeri would argue. Immediately you can see a thorough and thrifty person. In his understanding of the world one is the same as nothing. Chechen aksakal will not agree. “A single spark can burn a whole village,” he notes. And after a pause, he adds: “One summer day feeds the whole month in winter” The harsh conditions of the mountains gave the old man such a life experience.

Generations were composed, polished, tested wise thoughts. Their expression was the sayings about the number 1:

  • A bee makes honey from the same flower, and a snake makes poison (Armenian).
  • An icon and a spade (Russian) are made of the same tree.
  • There are two ears, but no one listens to two speeches at once (African).

What does one mean, and what a lot of different nations

If you consider only the sayings about the number 10 or more, you can make an instructive, and sometimes ironic selection.

proverbs and sayings about numbers

That's what they say about the top ten different nations:

  • Ten people - ten shades of color (Japanese).
  • One book can teach a thousand people (Russian).
  • Ten experts are not worth one doing the job (Russian).
  • It is better to live a person for one day than to live a shadow (a Chinese one) for a thousand days.
  • A clever one will hear, and ten times guess (Russian).
  • From word to deed - a hundred hauls (Slavic).
  • If you get rid of one vice - ten virtues will grow (Chinese).
  • One fool will ask so many questions that no one will answer the clever (Chinese).
  • A strong will win one who knows a thousand (Bashkir).
  • It is better to live a day by a lion than a hundred years old sheep (Italian).

Aphorisms about family, friendship, poverty and wealth

Proverbs and sayings about numbers accurately reflect the essence of things. Here are some interesting thoughts about the family:

  • Adam - the first lucky on earth, because he did not have a mother-in-law (Jewish).
  • Three couples will never agree: two women in the same kitchen, two cats with one mouse, and two men who care for one woman (Irish).

Friendship - loyalty and betrayal, help and evasion from it - are reflected in these words:

  • One friend is good, two is many, three is hardly possible (American).
  • One unfaithful friend is worse than a thousand of enemies (Armenian).
  • Of all the people on earth, only one is needed for happiness (Russian).

The common people have always lived hard. Diligence does not always save from poverty. Time and chance can lead to need. That's why these sayings were made:

  • One went blind from hunger, the other went blind from gold (east).
  • Some live below the poverty line, while others live abroad (Russian).
  • Give five - it seems a lot, take six - it seems a little (Uzbek).

Modern Russian sayings

  • One head is good, but two is a lot.
  • Miser pays twice.
  • Of two evils, and there is nothing to choose.
  • One small lie leads to great distrust.
  • Whether parachuting becomes your vocation, you will find out the first time.


Folklore contains not only sayings about numbers, but also riddles. Using them, you can quickly educate children about the account. Finnish puzzles are interesting in this respect:

  • How many boiled eggs can a person eat with hunger? (Answer:“One thing. The second will be no longer on an empty stomach. ”)
  • Thirty-two soldiers have one commander. (Answer:"Tongue and teeth.")
  • Blackbirds flew into the garden and sat down on a tree in two. Only one tree no one sat down.Then they moved one tree to another, but now one bird did not have enough tree. How many birds and trees were there? (Answer:"4 thrushes, 3 trees".)

photo 3 - proverbs and sayings about the number 1

First graders

Now the school is widely applied creative approach to the learning process. Didactic materials include folklore.

Many parents, practicing with children, show literary talents. So modern riddles-proverbs about numbers for class 1 appear:

  • If you were a Chukchi or a Georgian, Everyone’s Nose ... (one).
  • On the long neck, head, swimming like a swan, a figure ... (two)
  • Repeat this number, erase the error with an eraser. You can, if you sweat, even wipe the hole (number three).
  • North, west, south, east are parties, my friend. So consider all over the world. You remember - them ... (four).
  • How many fingers are there? How many fingers are in a fist? All of them should be counted: one, two, three, four ... (five).

sayings about numbers for grade 1

  • Grandmother and grandfather are pulling the turnip; they can't eat it at the age of five.
    Granddaughter with a bug, a cat with a mouse, how much do they pull a turnip? (Six.)
  • How many stripes in the rainbow disperse the shadow?
    It's easier not to find a question, because the stripes are exactly ... (seven).
  • How much should an octopus take a boot to the road?
  • The six suddenly fell and stood on her head.
    And if you believe her, now called ... (nine).

proverbs and sayings about numbers

  • On the hands they grow, they love work very much.
    Wash, linen hang. And on their two hands ... (ten).

Entertaining tasks for children

For teaching children, adapting new concepts, teachers use not only proverbs, sayings, riddles about numbers. Simple tasks for ingenuity and verbal account are also very popular. It should be noted that the national character is also manifested in this work.

proverbs, sayings, riddles about numbers


The farmer bought a horse for $ 10 and resold him for 20. Later, he bought this horse for $ 30 and resold him for $ 40. How many dollars did he receive as a result of these transactions? (Answer: 20 dollars.)


Alena didn’t have enough 10 rubles for a chocolate bar, and Anton didn’t have one ruble. Then they decided to buy it and divide it in half. But they still lacked one ruble. How much did the chocolate bar cost? (Answer:10 rubles, Alena has absolutely no money.)


The girl bought markers in a case for 11 hryvnia. For markers she paid for 10 hryvnia more than for the cover. How much are the markers and cover separately? (Answer:Markers cost 10.5 hryvnia, and cover - 0.5 hryvnia.)

No matter how many people live on earth, folklore will always reflect the historical slice of the development of society.In particular, proverbs, sayings, riddles about numbers. One person or family, one nation or family of nations on the planet can say the most important thing in just one proverb about the number 1: “Without me, the people are not complete”.

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