Roman Tolstoy's "Going on the hell": a summary

Alexey Tolstoy, the author of "Going on a Chill" (in the brief content we will describe it below), wrote about revolutionary Russia of the early 20th century. In the center of the plot are two sisters, Daria and Ekaterina Bulaviny, Ivan Telegin and Vadim Roshchin. On the background of terrible events, these people try not to lose themselves and each other. As Tolstoy wrote: "No reason could explain why mankind stubbornly destroys itself with iron, dynamite and hunger." Those were terrible times.

Tolstoy's novel “Going on a Calm”, a summary of which we are considering, consists of three parts. The first part - "Sisters", written between 1921-1922. Then the sequel was created - “The Eighteenth Year” (1927-1928). At the end of the trilogy, Tolstoy wrote The Gloomy Morning (1940-1941). In total, the author created “Going on a Calm” for over twenty years. During this time, not only his heroes have changed. Changed himself.a summary of the pain

"The Road to Calvary"

Why did Tolstoy unite his trilogy under this name, which seems somewhat strange today? But a hundred years ago every reader understood what the author meant.

“The walk of the Virgin in torment” at that time was a famous work of spiritual literature of the XII century. And, of course, Alexei Tolstoy (a brief summary of “Going to the Rest” we will consider below) knew about this work. This is a true Russian creation, unknown in European countries. Therefore, translators faced difficulties when translating a book into foreign languages.

"Going ..." tells of the Virgin Mary, who once asked the archangel Michael to show her how sinners suffer in hell. The archangel demonstrates her hellish torment and tells which of the sinners is punished for what. And then the gracious Virgin Mary asks the Son to relieve their suffering. The Lord promises that torment in hell will be abolished every fifty days - from Easter to the Trinity.

Thus, in his novel Going Through the Pangs, Tolstoy talks about hell, which every Russian experienced in those troubled times of the October Revolution. In this novel, the author is trying to figure out what happened to him and to the other fugitives who left Russia in revolt. He changed and changed beliefs along with his heroes. So, a summary of the novel "Going on a Chill" is given below.tantalizing thick

In anticipation of the inevitable

1914 Petersburg, beautiful and mysterious, froze in anticipation of something inexorable. In one of the St. Petersburg apartments there are members of the society "Philosophical Evenings". At one of these gatherings there is a young girl with ashy hair. She listens half-heartedly, but then her attention completely switches to an attractive young man with a haughty look. This is the poet Alexei Bessonov. At the exit, he speaks to her, but the confused girl quickly leaves.

Daria Dmitrievna Bulavina came to St. Petersburg from Samara last year for legal courses. She settled with her older sister, the wife of the successful lawyer Nikolai Smokovnikov.

Ekaterina Dmitrievna takes in her apartment a lot of friends, almost every evening noisy companies gather here. Dasha doesn’t like most people from these companies. Soon Daria falls in love with an Englishman, who, however, is already engaged. This is the first fleeting feeling of love in the life of a girl.

Truth or lie?

The first shock in the novel “Going on a Chill”, a brief summary of which we are considering, Daria Dmitrievna experiences in relation to her older sister.

Once Nikolay informs the sister-in-law that Katya has betrayed him. And although the spouses find out the relationship, and he begins to believe in the innocence of the spouse (she said from evil!), Daria knows - there was a betrayal. Knowing this hurts the girl.

Soon Dasha attends one of the literary evenings in the house number 19. This apartment is rented by Ivan Ilyich Telegin. The young man works at the Baltic Shipyard and is at home a little. The rest of the room he rents the company of young people.

One of his tenants, journalist Sapozhkov, once received an invitation to visit from Katya. There the young man meets Dasha and asks her to pay a return visit. Dasha accepts the invitation. Between her and Ivan immediately flashes sympathy. He seems to her a reliable and intelligent man.the throes of a book summary

Arriving home, she confesses to her sister that she likes Bessonov. Catherine Dmitrievna warns her that Bessonov is not a good person. The reaction of the sister during the conversation convinces Dasha that it was with Alexey Alekseevich that she betrayed her husband.

Dasha goes to the premiere of the play with her sister and son-in-law. It is at this moment that she decides that she should confess her feelings to the poet.

At this time, Bessonov met with Elizabeth of Kiev.The girl, like Sapozhkov, rents a room from Telegin and secretly falls in love with him. But the vicious poet carries her more calm Ivan.

Alexey brings Lisa to the hotel, asking to be saved from loneliness and cold. But in the morning, sober, did not even remember her name. Insulted Elizabeth Kievna leaves the room.

Dasha's confession

torture author short summary

In the evening Bessonova visits Dasha. With the eagerness of first love, she confesses his feelings. The poet, surprised and intoxicated, begins to fool her head, but makes a mistake - compares her with her older sister. Enraged Daria Dmitrievna runs away.

Interesting fact! It is considered that the prototype of Bessonov in the novel “Going on a Chill” (in brief content) is Block.

She comes to Catherine's room and demands that she confess to her husband for infidelity. Katya confesses to Nikolay and decides to leave him. She says that she has not loved her husband for a long time and is tired of such a life. Dasha at this time understands that she acted unwise in her stubbornness. Spouses are leaving. Katya goes to Paris, Nikolay - to the Crimea.

First love

Dasha goes to her father, Dmitriy Bulanov, in Samara. Telegin rides with her on the boat. He was fired for speaking about the rudeness of the administration after the workers' strike. The sympathy of young people grows stronger.But when they arrive in Samara, the First World War begins.

Dmitry Stepanovich encourages his daughter to go to the Crimea and persuade Nicholas to reconcile with his wife. In Crimea, Dasha meets Bessonov, who tells her that he has reconsidered his life. He even calls a girl to marry. But she chases him away.

Unexpectedly, Ivan arrives in Crimea. He was mobilized. The lovers confess each other love and forgive. Daria promises to wait for a loved one. Telegin leaves, and Dasha and Nikolai go to Petersburg.

Hard times

Described in the novel “Going on a Chill”, a brief summary of which we are discussing, and Russia itself. Lost, bloody, unsure. At this time, the country is immersed in a massacre. Boys, men and even old people go to war in joyful excitement, without even realizing with whom they are fighting and for what.a novel of fat torture a brief summary

Dasha at this time working in the hospital with Catherine. Elizabeth Kievna also works at the foremost sister of mercy. There she meets with Lieutenant Zhadov. There is sympathy between young people. But soon Zhadova wounded. The girl devotedly cares for him. They get married, but life with her husband does not bring Lisa happiness - he beats her, often drinks.

Vadim Roshchin

Nikolai leads to the house of captain Vadim Roshchina. He falls in love with Catherine, but so far without reciprocity. Telegin is on the list of the missing. Daria is in despair. However, Ivan is alive. After several unsuccessful attempts, he flees from a concentration camp to Moscow. Lovers reunite. And at this time begins the February revolution. Ivan sees with his own eyes how the conspirators throw the body of Rasputin into the river. Young spouses move to Petrograd.

Catherine Dmitrievna becomes a widow - Nicholas is killed at the front by soldiers dissatisfied with his order. Roshina consoles her. At this time in one of the St. Petersburg apartments the Bolsheviks are preparing to seize power.

The second book of the trilogy "The Eighteenth Year"

The second book, Going to the Flourish (in the summary content of the chapters) is full of sadness and separation.

Dasha after an attack of robbers in a gate gives birth to the boy ahead of time. A few days later the baby dies. Family life is failing, Ivan can not bring it out of depression. Desperate, he leaves as a volunteer for the Red Army.


Catherine is traveling with Roshchina to Bulavin, and then to Rostov. A white volunteer army is formed there,which Vadim wants to join. But for their arrival, the military leave the city. The couple quarrels on the basis of ideological differences. Roshchin leaves after the army. Soon joins the ranks of whites. Thoughts about his wife do not leave him. After receiving a vacation, he rushes to Rostov, hoping to see Katya. At the station, Telegin meets in a white uniform, realizes that he is a Red intelligence officer, but does not betray him.

However, Catherine is no longer in the city. She left Rostov after receiving a false letter about the death of Vadim. She is traveling by train to Ekaterinoslav. On the way he is attacked by the Makhnovists. Fortunately, the former messenger Vadim, Alexey Krasilnikov, recognizes her and begins to patronize. Alexei Tolstoy is stoning over brief

Meeting with husband

Daria at this time lives in the "red" Petrograd. An old acquaintance, Kulichk, comes to her and recruits a girl. She moves to Moscow and participates in the Union for the Defense of the Motherland and Freedom. For cover, he attends anarchist meetings and listens to Lenin's speeches. But soon breaks ties with the conspirators, and with the anarchists. She goes to her father.

Telegin is announced to her father to learn the news about his wife. But the old man, an ardent supporter of whites, calls in counterintelligence. Ivan, at the exit from the house, encounters Dasha (she was in the house) and manages to explain herself to her before she escapes.

However, after a time when Telegin breaks into Samara with a regiment, it turns out that the house is empty. Daria is missing.

The third book of the trilogy "Gloomy Morning"a summary of the novel in agony

Daria Dmitrievna is riding the train, but white men are attacking him. She and her casual companion are forced to go across the steppe, towards Tsaritsyn. They get at the disposal of the Reds, and they begin to suspect them of espionage. But it turns out that the commander of the Reds is well acquainted with Dasha's husband.

Telegin at this time carries ammunition to Tsaritsyn. He is seriously wounded in the defense of the city. When he wakes up, he sees his beloved spouse at the bedside.

Separated life

Roshchin, disillusioned with the white army, is seriously thinking about desertion. However, in Ekaterinoslav he learns that Ekaterina is captured by the Makhnovists. Tearing off his epaulettes, he goes to Gulyaypole. On the street, the man is caught. He gets to Levka Zadova. Levka is devoted to Makhno, but is notable for horrific cruelty. During interrogation, he hits Roshchin in the temple. When Vadim came to his senses, he saw Makhno himself. He explains that he is looking for Katya, shows her photo. Makhno reports that Katya is in the wagon train of the Krasilnikovs. He takes Roshchina to his headquarters.But Vadim manages to visit the farm where Katya and Alexey used to live. They are not there. Vadim remains with Makhno, who concludes an alliance with the Bolsheviks to take Yekaterinoslav. Roshchin are involved in the assault, but he is seriously wounded and is taken to the Red, to the Kharkov hospital.

He does not know that Katya rejects Krasilnikov’s advances and settles in her old apartment (now communal) in Moscow. She is still a teacher. A woman hardly thinks about herself, but feels alive and needed.

Service in the name of the motherland

The description of the novel "Going to the torment" in the short content comes to an end.

Roshchin was being discharged from the hospital at this time, for some time he was in Kiev at the headquarters of Chugay, whom he had met during the battles in Yekaterinoslav. They exterminate the Green gang. It includes Alexey. Roshchin kills Krasilnikova, but Katya’s quest remains unsuccessful.

Ivan Ilyich, already a brigade commander, soon meets a new chief of staff, in whom Roshchina recognizes. At first, he even takes him for a white spy, but Vadim explains everything to him. Because of meaningless orders emanating from the authorities, the Telegi regiment was defeated.Ivan even tries to commit suicide, but unsuccessfully. Roshchin accuses him of cowardice.

Final part

A summary of “Going on a Calm” does not allow to describe all the vicissitudes of the war, in which Vadim and Ivan participated. However, one day, fate still brings him together with his wife in the house of mutual friends, where Roshchin arrived on assignment. Catherine faints. After all, she considered herself a widow.

Soon Daria and Ivan come to her in Moscow. The couples are finally together again. They listen to the report on the electrification of Russia. The trilogy ends on a light note - for Russia, all is not lost.

“Going Along” is a book whose summary can not convey all the amazing quotes written by the author. Tolstoy was really a very talented author and a good psychologist. He wrote vividly, interestingly, his characters are bright and energetic.

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