Russians are bolting the TV

Sociologists talk about an interesting thing - the Russians are massively stop watching TV. And where, until now, it was watched actively - in depressed regions and single-industry towns. After all, it is on them in the first place the current television and calculated.
Why stop looking? Because annoying is the abundance of propaganda, as well as the fact that the news programs are not sharpened for internal problems, but for foreign policy. The work of bureaucratic journalism in a circle spinning the same film: Ukraine-Trump-Syria is no longer interesting to almost anyone.
In addition, there is another reason - the dominance of advertising. Even in the information programs twirl commercials, between the stories about Syria and Ukraine. But time is short. And people learn to appreciate it.
After all, at work it is necessary to spend at least 9 hours. Another couple of hours a day have to spend on the road and shopping trips. And then there are household chores, but you still need at least an hour, but dedicate it to the children. As a result, remain free well, if 1-2 hours a day.And people do not want to spend it on TV. Better series or tanchiki. As an option - social networks. Sometimes - books.
And the TV is and gathering dust. Residents of large cities do not watch it at all. Only the village, urban villages, the elderly and the disabled. In general, those who have no money at all.
And advertising is getting dumber, all cheaper, so as not to spend too much. But in the end, and the poor Russians also fall off from the TV.
Well, let.
Although, on the other hand, now, while the World Cup is on, the television will, of course, come to life.

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