Salmon soup in Russian and in Finnish

Salmon soup is also called red or amber. It is prepared in the same way as the traditional white - from a strong broth and a small number of vegetables.

A distinctive feature of any soup is a transparentbroth, to achieve this is desirable in the process of cooking, not allowing a violent boil. Cook should be on medium heat, but be sure to open the lid. Unlike white fish, salmon has a gentle and light taste and therefore does not require an abundance of spices - it is enough to put a bay leaf and a few peas of pepper into the broth, and crumble fresh herbs in the ready-made ear. Obligatory components of the ears are potatoes and carrots, you do not need to put more vegetables. After the ear of the salmon is cooked, it must be infused for at least 15 minutes under the lid, and it is best to cover the pan with a large towel. If you want to maximize the taste of the ears to the one that is obtained when cooking on the campfire in the field, add a few drops of liquid smoke to the dish.

Classic ear from salmon. Recipe

For one small carcass of salmon (you can take one800 g soup set and 400 g salmon fillets) will be needed: potatoes - 6 tubers, tomatoes - 2 pieces, salmon caviar - 50 g, one onion, butter - a small cube, parsley root - 2 pieces, one laurel leaf, black pepper - 3-4 peas, fresh greens, salt.

We clean the carcass of salmon, mine and we separate the fillets. In the boiling water we put the spine, head, fins and cook for about half an hour. Broth filter. Potatoes cut into small slices, carrots and parsley root cut into circles, all the sliced ​​vegetables, whole onion and pea pepper put in fish broth and cook for half an hour. Fillet of salmon is cut into small portions and added to vegetables. After 10 minutes, the salmon ears will be almost ready. A few minutes before the end of cooking, we add oil, finely chopped tomatoes and bay leaves without skin. Remove from the fire, cover and wait for 10 minutes. Then add the salmon caviar and fresh chopped greens.

Often salmon is bought, so that from its valuable meatto cook delicacies. But do not rush to throw away the scraps - they can also be used. For example, boil the ear. The soup from the salmon heads turns out to be tasty and rich, and its preparation is not much different from the usual cooking.

Products: head of salmon - two pieces, two onions, carrots - two pieces, potatoes - 6 pieces, one celery root. Seasonings: laurel leaf - 4 pieces, nutmeg - half teaspoon, black pepper - 8 peas, sweet pepper - 4 peas, salt.

Preparation: Salmon heads are well washed, if there are gills, then remove them. We put it in a pan with water and put it on the fire. When the broth begins to boil, remove the foam and do less fire. We add bulbs, one carrot and a pea of ​​black pepper. Cook the soup over a small fire for about an hour. After that, we take out our heads and completely separate all the flesh from the bone.

Broth filter, pour back into the pan. Potatoes cut into cubes, raw carrots three on a grater. Vegetables are put into broth and cook for 10 minutes. After adding the pulp of salmon heads, spices, salt and cook for another 10 minutes. We cover the prepared ear with a lid and insist about 15 minutes.

Salmon soup in Finnish

The Finnish ear is a traditional dish in Scandinavianand the Baltic countries, differs from the Russian in that it necessarily contains milk. In Finland, this ear is often prepared for holidays, and cream is added instead of milk.

Required products: for one liter of water we take salmon fillets - 300 g, one onion, half a kilogram of potatoes, cream (you can take milk) - two glasses, wheat flour - two spoons, fresh greens, salt to taste.

We put the water to boil. We cut the potatoes into cubes, cut the onion into half rings. Vegetables put in boiling water, salt and cook for 10 minutes. Fillet of salmon cut into large pieces, add to vegetables and cook as much as the same. In cream (or milk) we add flour and whisk with the help of a whisk, poured into the ear. As soon as the ear boils, remove from the fire. Finnish salmon soup should also stand for a while under the lid. Served dish with fresh herbs, white breadcrumbs or croutons.

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