Secret signs of fate

Everyone at least once in his life came acrossmysticism, and depending on what impressions he had, his attitude to everything uncharted for the rest of his life was formed. Unfortunately, not all of us turned out to be lucky people who touched a great secret. Someone happened to fall for the trick of charlatans, someone was disappointed in the unfulfilled prophecy, and someone after a few years learned that the miracle turned out to be the focus.

This deception tightly closes the person from everythingunusual, because there is no worse frustration in our life than disappointment in the unfulfilled mystery. So it turns out that fate repeatedly throws people secret signs, the interpretation of which literally lies on the surface, but people do not see them and continue to search for clues to their problems among gypsies, astrologers and self-styled shamans.

The real secret lies far from the popularteachings, and everyone is represented in their own light. Therefore, you can unravel the secret signs only by listening to your intuition and your subconscious. Each of us in life had a sharp sensation of that it was necessary to refrain from any actions or, on the contrary, certainly something to do. And it happened that some unexpectedly appeared at hand objects sent the train of thought in the right direction. These are exactly the things that are real mysticism, because they are intimate, and the secret can not be the property of society.

For example, there have been cases when a person, seeinglying on the ground lighter, recalled that he forgot to turn off the kettle, and thereby saved his apartment from fire. And one girl heard the word "salt" in the song, remembered that she needed to buy this product for the dinner, and on the way to the store she met her future husband. Sometimes, secret signs even saved a person's life. A light shine in the night a man took for a coin, took a step to the side to pick it up, and safely avoided falling into the hatch. By the way, no coin, in fact, was not.

However, not all mystical things are so useful. Take, for example, the popular horoscopes today. The vast majority of people, if they do not believe them a hundred percent, then at least, at times, they are interested in them. At the same time, everyone understands how they are compiled, and the fact that it is impossible to give an exact prediction for millions of people born under the same sign. However, despite the arguments of logic, people continue to search for secret signs where they do not exist, brushing aside what literally looms before their eyes.

This is already a feature of the human psyche -to see the mystery in the most ordinary things and not to notice its true presence. Returning to the signs of the zodiac, it is impossible not to recall the so-called thirteenth sign - the sign of Ophiuchus. His "discovery" was called sensation, people sought to revise all astrological teachings, and already today there is a detailed description of people born under this "mystical" sign.

But if you do a very small analysis, thenit immediately becomes clear that the secret signs of the zodiac do not exist, in principle. Ophiuchus is nothing but one of the signs of the Upper Zodiac, which includes eleven other similar signs, and information about them was open and accessible to us at all times. The upper zodiac is the signs located at the intersection of the twelve basic signs. According to astrological teachings, people born under such signs, are waiting for a special fate.

This is just one example of how a secretbecomes obvious if you go a little deeper into the essence of the problem. The same can be said about the secret signs, the apocalypse predicting. People readily take on faith all, even the most contradictory, information, which is refuted in two accounts, if it beckons them with its mystery. Thus, reports of mysterious cavities in the earth disturb people, while quite noticeable weather anomalies pass by them.

Nature seems to laugh at a man, leading him awaythought is not in the wrong direction. And is it possible that this is a sort of test that is designed to select only those people who are ready to comprehend the real secret? Anyway, if you were disappointed with the failed predictions, do not rush to assert that there is no place for secrecy in our world. Perhaps you just are not looking there and looking for something else. One has only to look around, and the secret signs will find you.

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