Secrets of marketers.

6-02-2017, 12:49
10. Appearance

Secrets of marketers.

To emphasize the freshness of the products and make the food more appetizing and attractive, food photographers apply water droplets. This technique is also successfully used by sellers of vegetables and herbs in the markets. Looking at all this, we gnaw saliva and are tempted by an unplanned purchase.
9. Anti-advertising slogans
Secrets of marketers.

"Do not buy this jacket." With such a call on Black Friday, the company Patagonia appeared, the developer of high-tech clothing for active sports and recreation. With this advertisement, the brand pays attention to environmental protection and encourages customers to reduce consumption, to buy the least, including their clothes. Patagonia sales after this campaign grew by 40%.
8. Overcharging
Secrets of marketers.

Almost every buyer comes across this technique. And it works like this. For example, first, products with a high price are shown, and at the end - with a low one. And it is for goods with a lower price that a large markup is made. Overcharging has been used successfully in restaurants.The same mineral water in the store, in the station buffet and in the restaurant stands differently. The confidence in the quality of the goods in the restaurant is higher, therefore its price is 2-3 times different. This is a measure of quality.
Secrets of marketers.

Here, sellers offer the same amount of monthly payments for cars of different cost. And if there is no difference, then why buy a cheap car?
7. Price bait
Secrets of marketers.

Expensive - it depends on what to compare. The bait product works for a good comparison and helps the buyer to make a decision faster.
6. False discounts
Secrets of marketers.

The stores often hang crossed out price tags, and next to them are new prices. Such a price tag can be hung, even if there was no real price reduction. The “old price” is 20% more expensive, just to show that the price was previously higher. And who remembers what price was before? A false discount is also when we are offered, for example, coffee with a bun for only 100 rubles. Even if each of the goods separately costs 50 rubles, psychologically it seems to us that we conclude a better deal.
5. Downsizing
Secrets of marketers.

This favorite technique of large brands and supermarkets allows them to maintain a stable profit without raising the price.
4. The Gruen effect
Secrets of marketers.

Architect Victor Gruen developed a plan for the world's first closed-type shopping center.Before him, they were detached single-storey buildings connected by passages. The architect united the shops under one roof and created a supermarket-labyrinth. It turned out to be a perfect, safe world in which there is always warm, light, comfortable, there are no windows and clocks. In a shopping center, people fall into a state of disorientation and light trance, forget what they came for, and seem to lose their ability to make sound decisions. As a result, they make impulse purchases and spend more than they planned.
3. Big trolley
Secrets of marketers.

The buyer will spend 40% more if he takes a cart, not a basket. Provided that it is not purchased for a large family or for a week. Essentials - bread, milk - are located at the end of the sales area or even in different corners. So most likely to load the buyer on the way with a couple of unnecessary goods. The route of many supermarkets is counterclockwise, which also leads to unplanned purchases.
2. Anthropomorphism
Secrets of marketers.

Anthropomorphism- This is when objects are endowed with human qualities, for example, they talk with technology, when it does not work, they give names to cars, they talk to animals as people. The cartoons "Cars", "Minions" and the Pixar studio lamp are all good examples of anthropomorphism.If the trademark uses animal talismans on the food packaging, buyers feel sympathy and empathize with these heroes. Anthropomorphism increases the credibility of the company and the product and, as a result, increases sales.
1. Sly product layout
Secrets of marketers.

The upper shelves are occupied by less well-known brands, the middle ones - “golden shelves” - are allocated to promoted brands, the lower ones to unknown companies and products for children. Renting "golden shelves" costs a lot of money, and it is clear that it is included in the price we pay for the goods. In order not to get caught on the hook, follow a simple rule: before taking the goods from the central shelf, compare prices and quality of goods on the upper and lower shelves.

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