Selection of jokes of the week

9-10-2016, 13:35
1. - Izzy, well, you're just a sex giant !!! We meet only two weeks, and I am already in the third month of pregnancy!
2. Today I learned the terrible truth. It turns out that when a loved one speaks, he means what he says, and not what I think out. Nightmare!
3. Mark Solomonovich is very bad and dictates the will to the notary:
“I will bequeath my old rocking chair to my wife, Rosa, who has dreamed about a diamond necklace and a mink coat all her life ...
4. Of course, Signor Tomato was a reptile and exploiter when he drove Uncle Pumpkin out of the house. But, on the other hand, where is the cadastral passport and what kind of gypsy squatter.
5. - And has it rained in Petersburg long ago?
- Since 1703 ...
6. The seller of pies in Odessa:
- Buy pies, I did not worry about Schaub, you are hungry!
7. Yawned on the bus, made a flash mob.
8. If you are beautiful and you are lonely, then you are not beautiful.
9. They say that the children of Stas Mikhailov study only for five, because when they receive any assessment, except “excellent”, the father takes them to his concert.
ten.What a tedious and unbearable woman can be when she needs a man. And what is the ideal turns when it becomes all the same!
12. That feeling when he called his superior after the former ...
13. - Fira Markovna, yesterday, in Moni’s pocket, I did find panties ... Today a bra ...
- Sarochka, do not make a storm ... Wait, when he brings a fur coat!
14. Before, it was much easier to monetize your hobby - glassware receiving points were on every corner!
15. If you tell a girl that she is beautiful, then, most likely, she will take the truth and the rest of your lies.
16. What happened to us ... The birds stopped flying out of our cameras ...
17. There is no flaw in nonsense perfected by the perfectionist.

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