Several tales from the life of Sergei Paradzhanov

The director, screenwriter and unusually gifted artist Sergei Paradzhanov was, moreover, also the greatest mystifier and narrator of fables about himself. For example, he could tell the company that he had slept with a famous actress, and once stated in an interview with a Danish newspaper that as many as two dozen members of the CPSU Central Committee were looking for his love. Therefore, reading these stories, it is almost impossible to separate the truth from fiction. However, with reference to Paradzhanov, this does not seem to be necessary.
Once in Kiev, Paradzhanova was invited as a consultant in a noisy case of outbidding valuables. Investigator: “You are a connoisseur of jewelry art, a collector, an expert. Could you tell me who could be the buyer of these jewels? ”-“ Easily, ”Parajanov smiles,“ if it is for you, then easily. ” - “Who ?!” - the investigator is already mentally rubbing his hands in anticipation of the disclosure of the case. “Madame Shelest (wife of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine),” says Paradjanov.
Like an artist artist
Once Paradzhanov called "on the carpet."Huge cabinet. Stern master cabinet. “Well, what have you come with?” Asks a high rank. “With tenderness,” answered Paradjanov, touchingly flapping his eyelashes. “What-what?” - the host looked away from the government papers and threw them at the guest. “The fact is that a lira is depicted on the pen of your office,” Parajanov said hotly. - Consequently, you are an artist in the shower. And the artist will always understand the artist! ”The owner of the office stood up, walked to the door, looked at the handle, grunted, scratched the powerful back of his head and said admiringly:“ I sit here and did not notice! Sharp eye, damn! ” This meeting, as they say, ended with the promise of the first person in every way to support Paradzhanov, to help him with word and deed.

Paradzhanov with guests in his Kiev apartment
Brother Fedor
While imprisoned (the director was sentenced to five years in prison on trumped-up accusations of sodomy with violence, as many believe), Paradjanov rarely received letters from friends. But with the frightening prison authorities regular international telegrams came from a certain F. Fellini. “I worry about your fate, you are a great man, hold on,” wrote far F.One day in December, having received another telegram from Fellini, the prison warden called Paradzhanov and asked who he wrote to him from abroad: “Congratulations on your coming day, I hope to see you soon.”
“Oh, Fedor! - Parajanov answers with affection. - So this is my own brother. Yes, it happened that lives in Italy. Our grandmother was an Italian revolutionary and even shot at gendarmes. Oktobrenkom Fedor came to her for upbringing, and remained so. And the name of Fedor in honor of his grandmother - Fellini, which means "unbroken" in Italian. Here, Fedor wants to come: to congratulate his brother on New Year, for how many years have not seen each other, and read lectures on the celebration of the New Year by the workers of Italy. So think: do you need a lecture from fraternal Italy, which will allow our native prison to become famous as the most competently building the New Year celebration, or not? ”
After that, a report of the following content was sent to the higher authorities: “The possibility of celebrating the New Year was found by the arrival of the Italian enlightened worker, comrade Fyodor Fellini, the brother of the prisoner Paradzhanov. Please allow.They say that the report went "upstairs" and only someone from the Moscow heads of the prison system became suspicious when he saw the name of Fellini.

How Paradzhanov did not win the Lenin Prize
They say that once the director Grigory Roshal invited Parajanov to the role of Marx - because of the outstanding similarities. Of course, the very fact of such an idea is phantasmagoric. Even Parajanov, having received an invitation to shoot in Moscow, at first decided that this was a joke of friends. Then for a long time the director disagreed.
Roshal was stalking: “We will have a fundamentally different dramatic approach to the role of Marx, you understand ?! No icon! Cheerful, intelligent man, all earthly, of meat and blood, with boiling energy in his veins! Do you understand, Seryozha, what is it? ” Paradzhanov: "Yes, I understand, this is the Lenin Prize." Roshal, embarrassed: “Well, they don’t say that in advance, it’s not accepted. But, of course, the film will not go unnoticed, and only the leading man ... "
... Paradzhanov arrives in Moscow. Samples. Roshal is a bit agitated, but he keeps vigorously - I am sure that “the artistic council will be shocked by the similarity”. For the rest, Marx gives complete freedom: “You're the director himself! Compose the mise en scene.Here's a quill, a table, a kerosene lamp, notebook. Write, think, do what you want. " - "And with humor it is possible?" - "It is with humor, well done! Well, started. "
... Paradzhanov-Marx bent over a notebook. A hand with a quill pen deduces by itself: “Proletarians of all ...” He thinks about it: is it all? No, there is no error, just everyone. All for sure. All, all, mistakes can not be! Although ... Something is disturbing him. He pen scratching his beard to the right, getting stronger and stronger. Thinking again. "Workers of the world ..." But what they do the proletarians? What?! Maybe, maybe ... unite? The same furious irritation in the area of ​​the left cheek, almost to hysteria. A minute of enlightenment. Yes, apparently, anything else they do not remain - only unite. Yes, yes, let them unite! Let it be! Now both cheeks are on fire, “Marx” throws down the pen, with his fingers he combed something into the open notebook and began to crush it with his fingers, pages ...
The pavilion complete silence, only the rustling of the camera - the operator forgot to turn off. Roshal has tears in his eyes. When he came to, he said: "Captured wash off, not showing. Riding into the car and the station! "

Photo Paradzhanova, "directed" by himself
Paradzhanov and Mayakovsky
Paradzhanov was very friendly with Lilya Brik.Actually, it was thanks to her that the famous French poet Louis Aragon addressed Brezhnev with a request for the release of Paradjanov. About their acquaintance told such a story. In the conversation, Paradjanov mentioned that he had never read a single work of Mayakovsky. Lilia Brik was not offended at all, but she was very surprised - because at least in school, Sergei had to confront his poems.
“I did not study well at school,” Parajanov explained, “because I often skipped classes. At night we had searches all the time, and my parents forced me to swallow diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and corals, swallow, swallow ... (he showed) ... while the police were climbing the stairs. And in the morning they were not allowed to go to school until the jewels came out of me, they put me in a pot through a colander. And I had to skip lessons.

Monument to Parajanov in Tbilisi
Returning from prison, Paradzhanov was without the slightest possibility of earning. It is said that once he sent a telegram: “Moscow. Kremlin. Kosygin. Since I am the only unemployed filmmaker in the Soviet Union, I urge you to let me go naked across the Soviet-Iranian border, I may become the ancestor in Iranian cinema. Parajanov.

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Several tales from the life of Sergei Paradzhanov 93

Several tales from the life of Sergei Paradzhanov 42

Several tales from the life of Sergei Paradzhanov 99

Several tales from the life of Sergei Paradzhanov 66

Several tales from the life of Sergei Paradzhanov 84