Several ways of how to wind hair at home

So our world of affairs is arranged, that not always weare satisfied with what we have, and often even want to do everything exactly the opposite. Particularly under this influence of nature are representatives of the fair sex, and their dissatisfaction, as a rule, related to their own appearance. One of the vivid examples of this can be considered the fact that many women want to have straight hair while they have chic locks from nature, and owners of straight hair, so desired for the first category of women try to curl them in every possible way. Here is just the second category of the female half of the population and is devoted to the article.

Fortunately, for today, unlike thosethe time when wavy hair began to gain unprecedented popularity - 80-ies of the last century, we have a wide variety of ways by which you can achieve the desired result - lush volume and chic locks on your head. Today, the reception of luxurious curls is possible both in the salon and at home, and, with the help of various means - from all sorts of tools and the latest wonders of technology to the simplest cosmetics and hair masks that promote their curling. Of course, modern women of fashion often think about how beautifully to wind hair at home, as it is not only fast, but also, in fact, does not require financial costs. And now let's look at several options for how to wind hair at home.

1. How to wind hair at home using a Papillocap? The creation of curls with the help of papillotok - this is perhaps the most proven way that came to us from the not so distant past. To this day, he remains one of the safest hair for health. This method of waving is very simple: strands of wet hair are wound on the hairpins and dried. In this state, you can safely spend the night - the hairpins, because of their physical properties, can not cause you any discomfort, and the curls that formed the whole night will be much stronger than those that were made in an hour.

2. How to wind hair at home using thermal hair? This is another of the simplest ways to get ringlets at home, however, unlike the first, it is not so safe for your hair. With frequent use of thermal hair, the structure of the hair can collapse, which will lead to the loss of a healthy appearance. However, nevertheless, this method is efficient and relatively safe. On the thermal rollers, exclusively dry strands of hair are wound, on which, for better fixation, it is possible to apply mousse for the hair, intended to give them volume and firmness to the styling. The hair curlers descend briefly into the hot water, after which they are removed and quickly wound onto strands of hair. When you finish this step, it will be very good, if you immediately gently brush your hair with a cold flow of air. After this hair curlers can be shot and enjoy a successful result.

For those who prefer to hairtermobigudi, I want to give a simple tip: try at one time to use not one kind of thermal hair, but several, different in width and diameter. Thus, for the lower strands you can use wider and thicker in diameter hair curlers than for the upper ones - by this you will only give your hair a strangeness and elegance.

3.How to wind hair at home using forceps? One of the fastest, but at the same time, the most harmful methods for hair curling them is the use of special forceps. All the charm of this method is that to achieve the cherished goal - to get smart curls - it will take quite a bit of time and effort. It should be noted that during the waving of the hair should not be wet, as this can lead to their burning. The application of this method is very simple: the hair is divided into strands, after which each of them is wound on the tongs. Each strand should be sprinkled with varnish in order to make the result more durable.

Very many people are faced with the fact that when you wavehair with forceps, the tips of the strands are more like a broom - they spoil in different directions and only spoil the whole look. In order to eliminate this problem, you just need to acquire a mousse and a light anti-static spray - before curling the strands of mousse are applied, in fact, to the tips themselves, and the spray - to the entire strand. Thanks to these two tools, you not only provide a chic look to the tips of your strands, but also add shine to your hair.

Sometimes it happens, and such that at hand is notit turns out the means by which hair is curled, but it's always desirable to be fashionable and beautiful, is not it? Then we ask ourselves: how can you wind hair without the above means? The answer is simple, but for some, this may seem unusual: try a beer. Such a method has a small disadvantage - it is not fast, like, for example, a curl with curlers or forceps, so if you decide to use it, then calculate your time - it will take night to curl. If you are confused by the fact that the smell of beer can remain, then you do not need to worry about it - it easily vanishes, but beautiful curls remain.

So, in order to wind hair withBeer, divide them into four parts and moisten with beer. From each part of the hair you need to braid the braids and you can go to bed - the next morning natural and beautiful curls are provided to you.

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Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home Several ways of how to wind hair at home