Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow: photos and description, flights, terminals, passenger reviews

For more than half a century Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport has been helping people overcome vast distances. Together with Domodedovo and Vnukovo, it is one of the main air harbors of the capital of Russia.

Sheremetyevo - the largest in area in the country. In terms of passenger turnover, it ranks second (after Domodedovo). This airport is located thirty kilometers north-west of the center of Moscow, in the territory of Khimki district.

It is noteworthy that at first he bore a different name - Sheremetyevsky - by the name of a nearby village and railway station. Since this airport is very large, the traveler does not interfere even before the flight to learn about its terminals, services and how to get from it to Moscow.

How not to get lost, use the additional service, where to find the stop of the aeroexpress and can you spend the night in the hub? This article will help you understand the nuances of the air port.

Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow

Airport history

It is now Sheremetyevo included in the twenty of the largest hubs in the world. And his story began with the construction of a small military airfield.

In the fall of 1953, the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued a Resolution on the construction of the Central Air Force Field in the village of Chashnikov. But in 1959, the airfield with the runway, taxiways and three aprons was transferred to the needs of civil aviation.

And all because Nikita Khrushchev paid a state visit to Great Britain. The Secretary General was struck by the size of London Heathrow no less than the corn fields in the United States. Therefore, upon returning to the USSR, he immediately ordered to build something similar in Moscow.

The construction of Sheremetyevo airport did not spare the state funds and forces. Already in August of the same year, the first passenger flight on the Tu-104 from Leningrad was accepted. And in the summer of 1960, an international flight from Moscow to Berlin to the IL-18 was completed.

The development of the airport was also aided by the fact that the airport became the headquarters of the only national company in the USSR, and now the flagship of Russian aviation, Aeroflot.

Sheremetyevo Airport internal view


You should not worry if you are a transit passenger and you have a flight docking point scheduled at Sheremetyevo Airport. Terminals D, E and F are located next to each other, forming the so-called South Complex. They are connected by pedestrian crossings and travolators (moving lanes).

If a transit passenger wants to get from one terminal to another, he can use the service of free shuttles moving along the inner side of the airport. Terminal A serves business aviation.

Terminal C was closed in 2017 and is currently under reconstruction. Only Terminal B, which was opened in the northern part of the airport, which opened after a lengthy renovation in 2018 specifically for the World Cup, was left alone.

If you are scheduled to depart from Terminal B, do not worry too. It is connected to other buildings of the airport by an underground tunnel, through which a cable-carrying train runs.

Sheremetyevo Airport terminals

How not to get lost

One of the key air harbors of Moscow serves 39 airlines operating flights on 206 routes. So that the passenger is not lost in this flight camp, in each terminal of the Sheremetyevo airport the departure and arrival board indicates where to check in for the flight.

In principle, if you look, then everything is simple. Fly with Russian carrier Aeroflot? Then you need either terminal B or D. Remember that they are located quite far from each other. But the high-speed train takes you there in a matter of minutes.

Traveling by charter? Then you will most likely need Terminal F. In Terminal E, Aeroflot’s SkyTeam partners (Air France, KLM, Alitalia) are serviced. Domestic flights depart from terminal D.

But the airport takes loukosterov at random: who is to D, who is to F, who is to E. It is necessary to check the scoreboard, which indicates not only the terminal, but also the number of check-in counters. Terminal A serves business aviation, and C is now closed.

Departure from Sheremetyevo Airport: algorithm of actions

Buses from Moscow make stops at all terminals of the air port. The main task is not to get off at the terminal B by mistake, since it is located a few kilometers from the rest of the buildings.But the mistake will not be fatal if you go down into the underground tunnel.

The train quickly takes you to D. This terminal is part of the Southern Complex. Between D, E and F is no more than 200 meters, and your walkway will accelerate the path-walkator. You need to check in for the flight.

Each terminal has its own departure zone with check-in desks. Registration can be done online. For example, at Aeroflot it starts one day before departure.

You can check in 2 hours for domestic flights and two and a half hours for international flights. In both cases, check-in ends 40 minutes before the start.

Having registered and having handed over luggage, passengers rise in waiting rooms. If necessary (on international flights) they pass passport and customs inspection, as well as security control.

Sheremetyevo Airport scoreboard

Services for registered passengers

Having handed over your luggage, do not rush to leave the general departure hall. You may want to use some airport services. For example, a wardrobe. The tourist season in Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and other tropical countries is in the winter months.

Why fill suitcases with fur coats and hats? You can leave in the dressing room with long-term storage not only clothes, but also shoes. The cost of this service is 600 rubles for 15 days.

We rise to the second floor of the Sheremetyevo airport. The departure board will indicate the necessary gate through which you should go to the landing. They close 20 minutes before the start of the liner, so you need to be alert.

But in the transit zone of the airport, you can forget about everything, including the upcoming flight. A number of duty-free shops lures low prices. There is also where to eat, sockets for recharging devices, Wi-Fi.

Orthodox may pray for the happy outcome of the journey in the chapel, but believers of other religions are deprived of this opportunity.

Services at Sheremetyevo Airport

Arrival at Sheremetyevo Airport

You should not succumb to the herd instinct and move with the crowd of other passengers. So you can come to the neutral zone of the airport, intended for transit passengers.

You need to move according to signs to the baggage claim area. Passengers on international flights pass through passport control. In Sheremetyevo, special baggage dispensers operate, thanks to which your suitcases will appear on a moving tape within ten minutes after the ladder is fed to the board of the aircraft.

Then you go through green or red (if you have something to declare) through customs. And go to the arrivals hall. Now you have one task - how to get to Moscow.

Information for transit passengers

Many Russians are sent abroad through the capital. Domestic flights are most often taken by terminal D.

You do not need to worry about the baggage that you checked in at the beginning of your trip. The corresponding airport services will deliver it from the first liner to the next. You need to carry from hand luggage from D to the terminal of a connecting flight.

To do this, you should focus on the signs board airport Sheremetyevo. The same should be done by a passenger arriving from abroad and heading to other countries.

Consider this on the example of a trip aboard the Aeroflot on the route Kiev-Moscow-Bangkok. A citizen of Ukraine does not pass Russian passport control, but moves in the neutral zone of the airport, moving from one terminal to another through galleries.

Hotels near Sheremetyevo Airport

If docking between flights is long

Even a transit passenger can rest comfortably at Sheremetyevo Airport between two flights.The terminal E is a unique capsule hotel "Air Express".

All its 120 rooms are very tiny - 4 square meters. But what does a tired traveler need besides a shower and a bed? Interestingly, the calculation for a stay in such a hotel is hourly. So there you can stay for a short stay.

If you are not enough for four square meters and you are used to relaxing with chic, welcome to the Radisson Blue Hotel. Its building is located next to the South Complex and is connected to the D, E and F terminals by a covered gallery.

At 800 meters from the airport there is another luxury hotel - Sheraton Sheremetyevo Moscow. The spacious rooms in it have a wonderful sound insulation, and the noise of the aircraft does not put you. The hotel offers guests a gym, indoor pool, sauna complex.

How to overcome 800 meters to the terminals? All hotel guests are provided with free shuttle service.

How to get to Moscow? Aeroexpress

The easiest way to get to the capital is to use the services of a high-speed train. Aeroexpress platform is located between terminals D and E in the South Complex.

Getting to it is easy: follow the road signs.From the far-away terminal B to the platform, you can take a special unmanned train from Sheremetyevo Airport.

Time on the road - four minutes, the journey is free. But an adult ticket for aeroexpress costs 470 rubles (if you buy online - 420). But this is the fastest way to get to Moscow, no traffic jams!

Aeroexpress arrives at Belorussky railway station. Trains run from 5:00 to 0:30 at intervals of half an hour. Travel time is 35 minutes. Near the station is the metro station "Belorusskaya".

How to get from Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow

Another advantage of Aeroexpress

In addition to speed and reliability, this high-speed train has another plus. It will be appreciated by passengers traveling along the route "Moscow - Sheremetyevo Airport".

The fact is that you can check in for a flight at the station of Belorussky Station. So you will not need to wait two and a half hours at the airport. In this case, it is possible to book the best places in the cabin before anyone else.

Aeroexpress tickets can be bought without any queue at the machines that are installed on the train platforms. They give out change and also accept credit cards.

Other route options "Sheremetyevo-Moscow"

Taxis should be chosen wisely, so as not to spend extra money. It is better to give preference to the official operator "Transparking". Pay for a fixed fare in dispatch points (including cards) and go to the landing in the car.

Such services are in all terminals of the Sheremetyevo airport at the arrival board. And the cheapest option to get to Moscow is buses. Route 851С goes to the river station non-stop, and idle number 851 does them.

There is another bus - 817. It follows to the metro station "Glider". To the river station from Sheremetyevo shuttle bus 949 runs. But it should be remembered that the way in buses and taxis may be delayed due to frequent traffic jams on the Leningradskoye highway.


Previously, Sheremetyevo Airport had its own zest - a unique building, which was popularly dubbed “Shot Glass”. Unfortunately, despite public protests, it was demolished.

The terminal, which was built for the opening of the World Cup 18, seems impressive, convenient. But its architectural style of visitors is not impressive.

In general, passengers are satisfied with their stay at the airport. They recommend only to work with the staff, to instill in them the habit of smiling and being polite with customers.

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