Signs that you are threatened with senile dementia in the future

30-06-2017, 18:00
Academician Bekhterev, the one who devoted his life to studying the brain, once remarked that a great happiness to die without losing the mind on the roads of life, will be given only to 20% of people. ballast on the shoulders of their own grandchildren and adult children. 80% is much more than the number of those who, according to heartless statistics, are destined to develop cancer, Parkinson's disease, or cure in old age from the fragility of bones.
In order to enter the future in the happy 20%, you will have to try now.

The famous Soviet poet Zabolotsky brought out a universal recipe for a healthy life, which, I remember, was forced to memorize by heart all students in secondary school. Yes, that quatrain:

"Do not let the soul be lazy,
so as not to crush the water
the soul must work
and day, and night, and day, and night. "
In fact, over the years, almost everyone is starting to be lazy.Paradox - we work a lot in our youth, so as not to have problems in old age. And it turns out the opposite:the more we calm down and relax, the more harm we bring to ourselves.
The level of requests comes down to the commonplace set: “Eat well - eat plenty of sleep.” Vanishing concerns about bread and bread. Intellectual work is reduced to solving crossword puzzles. But the level of demands and claims to life and to others increases unreasonably: “I got rid of difficulties, now you will roll!”
The burden of the past presses, and in fact it is not always simple. Increasing categorical and percentage of value judgments. Irritation from misunderstanding something results in rejection of reality. A person, without noticing it, becomes stupid, if not completely transformed into a petty tyrant, widening the gap between himself and the outside world.
It becomes hostile, deaf and blind to the call of loved ones. It loses physical and intellectual form. Suffering memory, ability to think. And gradually, a person moves away from the real world, creating his own, often cruel and hostile, painful fantasy world, from which everyone who comes in contact with him wants to run as far as possible where their eyes are.
Most of all, dementia threatens those who have lived without changing their attitudes. Features such as excessive adherence to principles, perseverance, and conservatism will most likely lead to dementia in old age than flexibility, the ability to quickly change decisions, emotionality.

First swallows

Dementia never comes suddenly. Dementia is not madness or even mental disorder, and certainly not a disease. Therefore, to trace its beginning is incredibly difficult.
It progresses over the years, gaining more and more power over man. The fact that now only prerequisites in the future can become fertile ground for the germs of dementia. Here are some indirect signs that indicate that you might want to upgrade your brain.
1. You began to take criticism painfully,while you yourself too often criticize others.
2. You do not want to learn new things.Rather, agree to repair the old mobile phone than you will understand the instructions for the new model.
3. You often say: "But before",that is, remember and nostalgic about the old days.
4. Are you ready to talk about something with ecstasy,despite the boredom in the eyes of the interlocutor. It is not important that he now falls asleep, the main thing: what you are talking about is interesting to you ..
5. You have difficulty concentratingwhen you start reading serious or scientific literature. Badly understand and remember what you read. You can read half the book today, and tomorrow you can forget its beginning.
6. You began to talk about issues in which you were never versed.For example, about politics, economics, poetry or figure skating. Moreover, it seems to you that you are so well in possession of the question that you could start tomorrow directly leading the state, become a professional literary critic or sports judge.
7. Of the two films - the work of the cult director and the popular film novelist / detective story - you choose the second.Why bother?
You do not understand what interesting someone finds in these cult filmmakers.
8. Are you sure that others should adapt to you, and not vice versa.
9. Much in your life is accompanied by rituals.For example, you can not drink your morning coffee from any other mug, except your favorite, without first feeding the cat and not flipping through the morning newspaper.
Losing even one element would knock you out of the rut for the whole day.
ten.At times you notice that you are tyrannizing others by your own actions,and you do it without malicious intent, but simply because you think that this is the correct way.
Brain upgrade!
Notice that the brightest people who preserve the mind for the most advanced years are, as a rule, people of science and art, that is, those who, in their service, have to strain their memory and perform daily mental work. Moreover, they have to keep abreast of modern life, keep up with fashion trends and even be ahead of them in some way. Such a “production necessity” is a guarantee of a happy reasonable longevity.
1. Start learning something every two or three years.Of course, you do not have to go to college and get a third or even fourth degree. But you may well take a short-term refresher course or master a completely new profession. An old Sufi parable: “The disciple is wise in the eyes of God, but younger in the eyes of the people!”
2. Surround yourself with young people.With them you can always pick up all sorts of useful things that will help you always remain modern.
3If you have not learned anything new for a long time, maybe you just did not search?
4. From time to time solve intellectual problems.and pass all sorts of subject tests, the benefit of both is now more than enough on the Internet.
5. Constantly learn foreign languages.Even if you do not speak them and do not learn the language properly, the need to memorize new words regularly will still help train your memory.
6. Grow not only up, but also deep down!Get the old textbooks and periodically recall the school and university programs!
7. Play a sport!Regular exercise to gray hair and after - really saves you from dementia.
8. Train your memory more often, forcing yourself to remember poems,who once knew by heart, dance steps, programs that they learned at the institute, telephone numbers of old friends and much more - everything you can remember.
9. Break habits and rituals!The more your next day will be different from the previous one, the less likely you are to “bloat” and you will come to dementia. Drive to work on different streets, give up the habit of ordering the same dishes, do things you have never known before.
10. Give more freedom to others and do as much as you can.The more spontaneity, the more creativity.

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Signs that you are threatened with senile dementia in the future 99

Signs that you are threatened with senile dementia in the future 66

Signs that you are threatened with senile dementia in the future 24

Signs that you are threatened with senile dementia in the future 93

Signs that you are threatened with senile dementia in the future 15