Silk tulips: ribbon embroidery

Decoration of clothing and furnishings by embroidery was invented by mankind at the dawn of its existence. Embroidery could have a ritual and status value. With the passage of time, with the discovery for China of Chinese silk and threads of silver and gold, it became an ornament to the rich. Noble ladies spent their evenings, decorating corsages of dresses with exquisite embroidery. Fortunately, nowadays it is not so expensive to buy goods for needlework, and free time has appeared not only among the nobility. The value of hand-embroidery has not fallen at all - after all, this is not only the creation of unique products, but also the opportunity to invest in them a bit of the warmth of their hands and soul.

"I'll tie multicolored ribbons"

The easiest way for beginners is ribbon embroidery. Tulips, pansies, callas, irises - it is really easy to embroider them. First you need to determine the inventory, which is useful for the implementation of creative ideas. You will need:

  • needle with a wide eye (suitable needle for cross-stitch);
  • artificial silk ribbons in the color of tulip petals and its leaves;
  • sewing threads of the corresponding tones.

It should be noted that if you take ribbons of different shades in the same range, tulips are much more alive, because in nature there are not two identical flowers. Find a suitable photo of the bouquet, which will be transferred to the fabric.

Ribbon embroidery: tulips

Creating a Corolla

If you have thought of a composition, then you can pass with us a master class of embroidery with ribbons of tulips:

  1. To create a petal cut 50 cm ribbon of the desired color.
  2. Do not make a knot, fasten the edge of the ribbon with several stitches on the back side of the canvas - this method will be reliable and neat.
  3. Without pulling the material, create the first petal. Focus on the width of your tape - the length of the petal should be 1.5-2 times the base.
  4. In the same way, add 1 petal to each rim.
  5. If you want the tulip bud to be tight, unopened, position the stitches close to the first petal, you can even make the edges of the ribbons under each other. If, on the contrary, a little distance them, the flower will turn out to be blossoming.
Ribbon embroidery workshop: tulips

To create a play of light and shadow, for the extreme petal, you can use the tape to tone darker, so the flower will look more contrast. To create a bouquet, this action will need to be repeated.

We should not forget that not one flower copies the other - let one, for example, have only two petals visible or they will differ in the degree of opening of the corolla.

Slightly twist the ribbon when creating some petals to give them a vividness.

Well, a start, embroidery of tulips with ribbons is not so difficult. That the flower is not deformed after each element is ready, fasten it with threads in tone from the wrong side.

Creating stalks and leaves

Stems for a bouquet can be made with a back-needle stitch. You can use a narrower tape or cord. But sometimes in lush bouquets of stems is not at all visible, they are obscured by succulent leaves. To create them from ribbons, we act in the same way as creating petals - we carry the ribbon from bottom to top. They can reach the buds or be slightly lower.

Ribbon embroidery tulips for beginners
  • To get the sharp edge of the sheet, gather a ribbon at the end of the ribbon with a thin thread.
  • Having formed the base of the sheet, insert the needle into the tape half a centimeter before the intended end of this fragment of embroidery. There will be a small loop, as if the sheet was slightly curved, - this will give the embroidery naturalness.
  • The leaves should not be all the same color and in one position. Bend one wave, another deviate a little aside - be guided by those photos of flowers which gave you inspiration.
  • Several ends of the ribbons can be left free, cut their sharp tip, fasten it just below a few stitches. It will turn out as in this wonderful bouquet - part of the sheet as if protrudes from the frame.

Important details

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in creating step by step embroidery with ribbons of tulips. For beginners, we will give another tip: in order for it to have artistic value, you need to be a bit of an artist. That is, take a little paint for the fabric (for lack of it, any other will do) and slightly darken the base of the petals. So your embroidery will become much more voluminous. No wonder the Dutch industry is trying to create new varieties of this wonderful flower. What a variety of colors! For your embroidery of tulips with ribbons you can come up with bright accents.

Ribbon embroidery for beginners: purple tulips

Armed with a brush and paints, you can add a background for a bouquet - draw a vase, stems and leaves, which seem to be in the distance.So the picture will not be overloaded, it will look soft and bright.

Of great importance is the design of embroidery in a suitable frame. So you can successfully enter the picture in the interior.

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