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"Singapore Airlines" (Singapore Airlines) -It is the national aviation company of the state of Singapore. It was created on May 1, 1947 and was originally called Malayan Airways. Today, Singapore Airlines operates flights to ninety airports in forty countries. In the article we will summarize the information about the company "Singapore Airlines", reviews about it, tell about the air fleet of the air carrier and the conditions of flights.Singapore Airlines


The Singapore Airlines base airport is Changi,which is the main civil airport in Singapore. Most of the company's flights are operated from this air harbor. "Singapore Airlines" are represented only by wide-body long-haul aircraft, many of which have a three-class layout (economy, business, first). The air carrier mainly carries out transcontinental flights, the location of the base airport in the city of Singapore enables non-stop flights from European countries to Australia and countries of South-East Asia. However, at the same time, in view of the very long distance, non-stop flights to some of the major cities of the United States of America can not be made. This is certainly a disadvantage of the company "Singapore Airlines". The official website of the air carrier ( reports that in the near future in this direction it is planned to launch long-haul aircraft, which are equipped only with a business class cabin - this will increase the fuel supply and significantly reduce the take-off weight of the vessel. By the way, Singapore Airlines is the first aircraft company to launch a two-deck Airbus A380 into commercial operation.Singapore Airlines Moscow

Comfort of passengers

"Singapore Airlines" take care of theircustomers and do everything to make flights as comfortable as possible. The aircraft provides more space for passengers of economy class, and the first and business class are equipped with fully spreading armchairs-beds. Each seat is equipped with an individual monitor that provides an extensive selection of entertainment programs. If you are willing to pay more for tickets for the sake of comfort on board, Singapore Airlines will be an excellent choice.Singapore Airlines website

Route network

The air carrier carries out flights from its ownthe main airport "Changi" in sixty-five destinations in thirty-five countries. Singapore Airlines has a particularly strong position in Southeast Asia - it connects more cities with its subsidiary SilkAir than any other regional carrier.

One of the destinations of the company "SingaporeAirlines "- Moscow. Regular direct flights are carried out from the airport "Changi" to "Domodedovo" and back. Currently, flights are made daily, with the same frequency, direct flights from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Houston are performed. Such a system has been in operation since November 2010, before that flights were made five times a week, but in connection with the growing passenger traffic it was decided to start daily flights. Flights on the route Singapore-Moscow-Houston are made on Boeing 777 aircraft. With regard to the timetable for Singapore-Moscow flights operated by the Singapore Airlines airline, the official website of Domodedovo provides information that from the Changi airport the plane flies every day at 02:40 and arrives at Domodedovo at 08:25 ( +1), and back from "Domodedovo" leaves at 14:25 and sits at the airport "Changi" at 05:55 (+1). The cost of round-trip ticket starts from 46 219 rubles (on the date of publication).Singapore Airlines official website

Aircraft of Singapore Airlines

Aviation company widely exploitswide-bodied vessels of three versions: Boeing-777, Airbus A330, Airbus A380. The carrier pursues a policy aimed at possessing the newest fleet of aircraft, so it often updates the existing air fleet. According to the official website, "Singapore Airlines" in 2014 have the following vessels at their disposal:

  • "Airbus A330-300" - twenty-seven units;
  • Boeing 777-300ER is twenty-one units in stock and six are ordered;
  • "Airbus A380-800" - nineteen units in stock and five ordered;
  • "Boeing 777-200" - thirteen units;
  • "Boeing 777-300" - seven units.

Each aircraft is equipped with the latest technical system, which makes it possible to make flights as safe as possible.

Conditions for regular customers

Singapore Airlines runs its ownA loyalty program designed for passengers who frequently fly. It's called KrisFlyer. To become a member, you must register and receive your customer number. In the future - the case for flights, or rather - for their number. After each flight, miles will be credited to your personal bonus card, a certain number of which will allow you to reach the Silver or even the Gold level of the program. Cardholders can not only exchange their premiums for free tickets of Singapore Airlines and its partners, which number about thirty, but also due to them to raise the class of service, pay for them overnight at the hotel, tourist tours and so on.Singapore Airlines reviews


As already noted, Singapore Airlinesits main business card has chosen the comfort of passengers. In order to please the customers, the air carrier pretty much worked to create an atmosphere of harmony and convenience aboard the aircraft. This is the only aviation company in the world, whose aircraft are equipped with an exclusive class "suite" (higher than the first class). It is only available on Airbus A380 liners - there are altogether twelve such booths, and each one resembles a very comfortable cabin. Passengers are given the opportunity to relax on the most handy for the flight handmade seat from the master from Italy - Paltrona Frau, equipped with transforming headrests and armrests. In a radius of almost one meter, nothing prevents the comfort of the client. Immediately there is a full-sized bed with soft pillows and expensive linens, which is excellent for a strong and sweet sleep. In addition, the suite is equipped with a full-size wardrobe and a separate luggage space for personal items.

Business Class

Business-class lounges in Singapore Airlinesairlines "are also different from the usual ones. In the cabins are placed special chairs, each length is 198 centimeters in the unfolded state. They have special places for storing personal items and shoes, as well as a box with office supplies, a pull-out table, two side compartments for keeping books and small things, a laptop power supply. During some long flights, passengers are offered Bvlgari Singapore Airlines

Economy class

Using the best materials and innovativetechnologies, as well as the introduction of a new design, economy class cabinets in the aircraft of the Singapore Airlines have become more spacious and comfortable. During the flight, passengers are given a chance to enjoy the entertainment on-board system.Singapore Airlines

Customer reviews about the airline

Passengers of Singapore Airlines, for the most partpositively speak about the air carrier. Customers note the hospitality and incredible elegance of flight attendants, excellent cuisine (on board there is a choice of delicious dishes and drinks, including alcoholic beverages), sophisticated serving (in any class lunch and dinner are served only in china and metal cutlery). Passengers are happy that pillows and blankets are provided for everyone. Along with a huge number of positive opinions, there are occasional negative ones. So, you can meet reviews in which people complain about inattention of personnel, problems in the work of monitors on board, insufficient number of drinks, lack of places during registration.

However, after analyzing all available messagesconcerning the air carrier "Singapore Airlines", we can conclude that such unpleasant moments are the exception rather than the rule, because failures can occur in any, even the most debugged system. In general, customers are satisfied with the service and the service.

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