Smartphone Tester

In this article I will tell you how to make a tester from a smartphone for continuity or short circuit interruption of electrical circuits. In fact, I will make a prefix for a cell phone (rather, even an adapter with probes), with which you can make measurements. Its circuit is incredibly simple and contains one resistor.
Smartphone Tester

Such an odd job can be useful to you if you have a working multimeter broken. Or you do not want to take it with you. Personally, I made such an adapter, and threw it into the glove compartment of the car. Now, when I need to ring a light bulb, a fuse or something else, then I take out the probes and connect to the phone.

What features does a tester from a smartphone provide?

With this tester you can:
  • - Ring the circuit for an open or short circuit.
  • - Find out the approximate resistance value (0-70 Ohm).
  • - The smartphone makes a sound when the integrity of the circuit is detected.

We need: a connector from the old headset "jack" 3.5 mm, under your smartphone, respectively. The resistor is 2.2 kOhm, but if you can not take another, in the interval 2 - 3 kOhm, the resistance will not measure accurately. And the probes are homemade or from a burned tester.Well, respectively, the phone with the ANDROID system.

Adapter Adapter Scheme

Pinout connector headset.
Smartphone Tester

We will send a signal from the probes to the microphone input.
Smartphone Tester

All can be done by hinged mounting, soldering the resistor to the plug, soldering the wires and pouring the whole thing with hot glue. Either make a separate knot with a bifurcation under the dipstick, put on heat shrinkage and blow out. In extreme cases, use the tape. 15 minutes of work, no more ...
Smartphone Tester

Smartphone application

After the adapter is soldered, download the application onGoogle play(active link to the application) and install.
Run the application and connect the adapter. Everything should work. If you close the test leads, you will hear a beep, which means that everything is OK and you can use it.
Initially zeros are shown:
Smartphone Tester

And when you close the probes between themselves there is such a word and the phone beeps.
Smartphone Tester

Caution when using the tester

This tester can not measure the circuit where there is voltage! Since your smartphone can fail. Also note that in some circuits there may be residual voltage on the capacitors of the device, which will also be dangerous for the smartphone.
The thing is sometimes very necessary and in the farm fit.
Smartphones have long been part of our lives and are finding more and more applications.

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