Social policy of Russia. Basics

The Constitution of the Russian Federation is the foundation thatsocial policy of. Since it is her seventh chapter that proclaims our country a social state, whose main policy focuses on ensuring a decent standard of living, activities and human development. This is stated in the first paragraph of this article. In the second, the following is stated: in the RF, labor and health are protected, SMICs are guaranteed, families, children, as well as paternity and maternity, invalids and retired citizens are guaranteed for this, which allows the state to stimulate the well-being of society.

The Government of the Russian Federation for the Constitutionhas the right to submit to the State Duma drafted bills, so that in the future they were thoroughly and thoroughly examined by the Federal Assembly. And then sent to the president for signing. Basically, due to the well-coordinated and effective activity of the government, there are significant changes on the way to progress in social policy of russia

You can also add that social policyRussia allows the subjects of the Federation to take part in lawmaking. In other words, the system, which has social protection of the population, is implemented on the whole 3 levels, that is, at the local, regional and federal levels. Thus, Russia's social policy is aimed at protecting the disabled citizens and the part of the population that is economically active. To this end, various benefits are introduced for paying taxes, and benefits in using social security funds are also guaranteed.

Article thirty-nine contains the followinghuman and citizen rights: the state guarantees social security in the event that the breadwinner of the family has been lost or needs to be provided in case of illness. After all, the social policy of the Russian Federation is aimed at creating all conditions for the protection of health and medical care. And for all without exception.

Social policy in Russia is also seen inthe thirty-seventh article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which states: everyone, without any exceptions, has the right to claim labor that will meet all the conditions of safety and hygiene, as well as a cash reward for the work done. And the amount of wages should not be less than that established by the Federal Law on Minimum Wages. To this can be added the right of everyone to protect the state from unemployment. It is also noted that Russia's social policy must necessarily create all conditions for the development of the well-being of the population, while encouraging the desire for progress. This is what allows the Russian Federation to be a social state and create all conditions for the life of the population. Taking into account the opinion of everyone, because it allows you to identify those areas in which it is necessary to make changes. Social policy of the Russian Federation aims to meet the needs of people in a good life.

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