Sore throat without fever. What is it?

Everyone is given the habit that the sore throat without temperature is notoccurs. Here we looked in the mouth - and there are white raids on the tonsils! The temperature is normal. Or maybe it's still a sore throat without temperature? An experienced specialist can immediately understand what caused the raid on the tonsils. We will try also.

Angina without temperature is infrequent, soas the causative agent of this disease is beta-hemolytic streptococcus or staphylococcus (much less often), which cause the occurrence of fever. In addition, there are symptoms such as redness of the throat, soreness in swallowing, joint pain, weakness, general malaise and headaches. Angina without temperature is found, mainly in the early stages of the development of the disease, as well as with a pronounced immunodeficiency of the body.

Carefully inspect the tonsils: perhaps it's not a raid, but just a remnant of food (often kefir or yogurt). They will disappear if you drink a couple of sips of water. Injuries and burns of the oropharynx can also lead to the appearance of raids without a rise in temperature. However, in this case, fibrinous plaque is formed, which closes the wound surface. With chronic tonsillitis there are "purulent" or caseous stoppers, which can be mistaken for plaque in angina. They can also occur in healthy people. Pharyngicemia, or fungal infection of the oropharynx, may occur without a rise in temperature. In this disease, the raids are similar to the curds. Angina Vincent usually proceeds without significant changes in the general state of the body, but local changes are very pathognomonic: a massive film is formed on the one hand, if it is removed, a bleeding ulcer appears. With syphilis, angina is characterized by the formation of a unilateral infiltrate, in which the amygdala is compacted, erosions are formed, and regional lymphadenitis occurs. But the pain and fever for sore throat with syphilis are not characteristic. The occurrence of aphthous stomatitis can deceive you. But do not forget that aphthae can be located on the inner surface of the cheeks or on the mucosa of the soft palate. Soreness in this case is very significant, especially when swallowing. Thus, we first determine whether it is angina or not.

At the beginning of the disease affects the surface tissuetonsils, there is swelling and redness. It is this stage that most often takes place without temperature. This angina is called catarrhal. It is also characterized by perspiration and dryness in the throat, enlarged lymph nodes. Purulent sore throat without temperature is a rarity. Almost always occurs only in people with deep immunodepression.

If you are sure that you have a sore throat without fever- Treatment must begin immediately. It is best not to engage in self-medication, but to consult an ENT doctor. He will prescribe antibiotics to you, since the main cause of angina is bacterial contamination. Penicillins and cephalosporins are mainly used. In addition to antibiotics, you need to use other means to quickly recover. There are a number of drugs in the form of aerosols specially designed for irrigation of the throat (ingalypt, colustan, hexaspase), a number - in the form of tablets (falimint, septotlet, etc.). Treatment is often supplemented by rinsing the throat with solutions of potassium permanganate, furacillin, soda, kitchen salt (a spoonful on a glass of water), infusion of St. John's wort, sage, chamomile. The warming compresses are used: semi-alcohol (ratio 1: 1). The first tissue layer is moistened with the prepared solution and applied under the jaw, then covered with a polyethylene film, then with cotton wool and woolen material. Put compresses every 2-3 hours, but leave it at night it can not.

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Sore throat without fever. What is it Sore throat without fever. What is it Sore throat without fever. What is it Sore throat without fever. What is it Sore throat without fever. What is it