St. Petersburg, Elagin Island: how to get, what to see

St. Petersburg is known for its cultural attractions: palaces and mansions of the XVIII-XIX centuries, museums and cathedrals. Inspection of all objects that deserve the attention of a tourist can last for weeks, and then guests of the city tired of marble and granite can direct their eyes towards Elagina Island, where in summer and in winter you can relax and unwind from the city bustle. Here is the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation, and from the center of St. Petersburg to Yelagin Island you can get both by metro and ground transportation in 20-30 minutes.


Elagin Island is located in the northwestern part of St. Petersburg, between Srednyaya and Bolshaya Nevka. It belongs to the Petrogradsky district of the city, to the north it borders on the Primorsky district. The western end of the island goes to the Lakhta Bridge and the Gulf of Finland.

Along the north side of the island is the Primorsky Avenue - a busy and busy highway,along which the traffic flow is directed towards Sestroretsk and Zelenogorsk. Less than a kilometer from the northern entrance to the park is the metro station "Old Village".

Elagin island how to getThe south side of the Elagin Island goes to Krestovsky and the metro station of the same name. This is a relatively quiet area in terms of the traffic situation, the main part of which is Primorsky Victory Park, and therefore the number of parking spaces is very limited.

In this article we will look at various ways to get to the Elagin island in St. Petersburg, and also discuss how St. Petersburgers and city guests like to spend time here.


For the first time, Elagin Island was marked on Swedish maps in the middle of the 17th century. Since the founding of St. Petersburg, this territory has been repeatedly transferred into private ownership of various officials, and with the change of owners, the name has changed. The fifth owner of the island in 1777 was the chief chambermaster of the imperial court, I. P. Elagin.

At the end of the 18th century, a palace was built for it and a park was laid out, and the name of the island, despite the continued change of ownership, was fixed.From that time to this day, the island is called Elagin.


The creation of the project of the first palace was supposedly done by the famous architect Giacomo Quarenghi. Among his other works it is necessary to mention the building of the Academy of Sciences and the Hermitage Theater, the Yusupov Palace and the Horse Guards Manege, as well as more than a dozen other famous buildings in the center of St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo.

Perestroika Elagina Palace in 1818-1822 was engaged in none other than Carl of Russia - the author of the ensembles of Palace Square, the building of the Senate and the Synod, as well as the Alexandrinsky Theater and the building of the Russian National Library, located on Nevsky Prospect.

In contrast to the architectural ensembles in the historic center of the city, there is no building around the Elagin Palace, which allows you to fully appreciate the idea of ​​the author.

elagin island in st. petersburg how to getMany visitors are attracted to the Elagin Island tulips, planted annually in front of the palace. For five years in a row, in May, a festival of these flowers is being held in a big way - the last time the organizers planted more than 140 thousand bulbs.


There are practically no height differences on the island and pedestrian asphalt and bulk tracks are laid.The abundance of small ponds and vegetation makes the park located on the island a great place for family rest, and the outdoor area near the palace is often used for mass events: concerts, festivals, charity events.

What you can ride

One of the popular entertainments of Petersburgers on Elagin Island in the period from late spring to early autumn is roller skating, scooters and other wheeled vehicles. A large area of ​​the park allows you to ride for your own pleasure, without fear of meeting face to face with a car or a motorcycle. Even beginners can ride here.

However, it is worth noting that cycling in the Gorky Park has recently been banned. Those who wish can go to the park on the neighboring island - you can get to Elagin Island from Krestovsky in minutes.

Elagin Island Tulip FestivalVisitors also love boating and catamaran, which can be rented in the park. Such a vacation away from the large river arteries of the city will be a wonderful romantic memory for a couple in love or wonderful ways to spend time for a family with small children.

Exhibitions and Festivals

The territory of Yelagin Island is regularly becoming a platform for various cultural events. It hosts charity events in support of people with disabilities, festivals of traditional culture, international exhibitions, performances of theater companies, gathered literally "from all over the world."

The tulip festival on Elagin Island, which was held in 2017 for the fifth, anniversary time, was one of the bright and favorite events for St. Petersburg residents. 140 thousand flowers were planted on the area of ​​more than two thousand square meters. According to the park administration, every year over the two days off the festival is visited by up to 100 thousand people.


If you want to lie on the grass, sunbathe and enjoy other benefits of outdoor recreation without leaving the city, take advantage of such an excellent way to get to Elagina Island in St. Petersburg.

how to get to elagin island from krestovskyVisitors with children will enjoy the opportunity to communicate with animals - in the Gorky Park there is a contact zoo. You can just bring some nuts with you to feed local squirrels - they may well meet anywhere in the park.In addition, children love to feed the ducks, which can be found here in any water body. Ducks unpretentious, happy to eat bread and rolls and are not afraid to swim to the shore.

Road to the park: general recommendations

Oddly enough, the easiest way to get to the park is on your own, namely, by subway. The reason is that in this area, especially when entering from Krestovsky, there is not much parking space, and in the days of events people who want to leave the car somewhere nearby become a disproportionately large number of free places.

In addition, since Primorsky Victory Park is located nearby, the number of cars on weekends and public holidays doubles. Sometimes, in search of a parking space, one has to “cut circles” along the nearby streets, and can only get lucky on the third or fourth attempt.

If you are going to come with small children or just want to come by private car, below we will see how to get to Elagin Island from different parts of the city. In the first turn, consider the options affecting public transport.

From the metro station "Krestovsky Island"

The nearest station to the Central Park is the Krestovsky Island.You can get from it in 12-15 minutes from Sadovaya station on the purple metro line. This station belongs to the triple junction of the St. Petersburg subway, and you can switch to the “Sadovaya” from both the blue and the orange branch.

Elagin island how to get there by carWhen you find yourself at the required station, the last and the simplest question remains - how to get to Elagin Island from the Krestovsky Island metro station. To do this, it is enough to turn right and walk along Ryukhin Street right up to the 2nd Elagin Bridge across Srednyaya Nevka.

From the metro station "Old Village"

Since the park is large, it is easier to get to some of its parts by entering the territory from the back. To do this, you need to get to the metro station "Staraya Derevnya" - this is the penultimate station of the purple metro line - and follow the next simple route.

Coming out of the metro, turn right and follow straight along the Lime Avenue to the very end. If you do not turn off the path, then you will have nothing left but to get to Elagin Island within 10-15 minutes of walking. At the end of the alley you will run into the Bolshaya Nevka, the bridge through which you will find right on the right, crossing Primorsky Avenue.

Ground transportation

Since it is easiest to walk from the stations of the purple metro line on foot, we will consider how to get to Elagin Island in St. Petersburg by road from other points of the city.

From Petrogradskaya metro station to TsPKiO, you can take the K131 bus, leaving from Leo Tolstoy Square. Exit will need after 11 stops on the embankment of Martynov. The park will be right in front of you.

Elagin island festival how to get thereFrom the station "Black River" go immediately several suitable routes: K132, K133, K206 and K417. You will need to go three stops and get off at Lipovaya Alley. The park will be on the left, on the other side of Primorsky Avenue.

From Vasilyevsky Island to Yelagin Island, there is a bus at number K690, but in some cases it will be faster to get to Sportivnaya-2 station and go 2 stops.

Road from the north of the city

If you are coming from the direction of Komendantsky Avenue (along the Peat Road or Glider Street) or Pioneer Street, i.e. leaving from Bogatyrsky Avenue or Kolomyazhskaya, the final point of your route will be the intersection of Lipovaya Alley and Savushkina Street. Here, just a stone’s throw away, there is the administration building of the Primorsky District, next to which there is a large parking lot.If the administration does not have a place - it happens on weekends and holidays - you can stand at the office center, where there are always empty seats, and entry and exit are free.

If you are worried about the car and do not risk leaving it in an unfamiliar and not very crowded place, leave the car at the Gulliver shopping complex, which is located directly opposite the Staraya Derevnya metro station. In this case, you will have to walk the extra 500 meters, but you can not worry about your transport.

Road from the south of the city

The road by own transport from the south of the city can be inconvenient for several reasons. Firstly, there is not much space for parking on Krestovsky Island, and not only TsPKiO visitors try to leave the car here, but also those wishing to get into Primorsky Victory Park, where the amusement park, the new St. Petersburg Arena stadium, etc. are located. d.

Secondly, how to get to the Elagin island from the Moscow, Frunzensky, Kirovsky districts, bypassing the center? It is known that in St. Petersburg during peak hours, both the city center and the exit from the sleeping areas are loaded there. You can use the Western high-speed diameter, resting on the Primorskoye highway just at the northern border of the Central Park of Culture and Rest, but the WHSD is chargeable.If you use this option, then you should park at the administration of Primorsky district or at the shopping center "Gulliver", as described in detail above. The same information will be relevant to those who get to the metro station "Old Village" through Kamennoostrovsky Avenue or along the Vyborg embankment.

If you leave the car to the south of the park, you need to look for a parking space on one of the streets - sometimes this requires “circling” around the island, since there is practically no centralized parking here.

Perhaps this is all the details on how to get to Elagin Island by car.


Along the northern border of the island there is a section of a cycle path that follows along the Primorsky highway from Kantemirovsky to the Lakhta bridge. From Krestovsky, the only path runs through the territory of Primorsky Victory Park and in no way helps to get to the Central Park of Culture and Rest.

It is also worth remembering that the bike can not be used, except for how to get to Elagin Island, since riding directly in the park is not allowed. Here you can use the rollers, scooters and other types of sports "equipment". Without the same bike will have to do.

Best time to visit

Since autumn and early spring in St. Petersburg are accompanied by heavy precipitation, the best time to visit the park will be the periods from May to September, as well as three winter months.

how to get to the island in spbThe advantages of summer recreation were described in the relevant paragraphs about outdoor activities, communication with animals, various exhibitions and festivals in the open air. When visiting in May, be sure to ask how to get to Elagin Island at the tulip festival, so as not to miss the most interesting days of the holiday.

Winter rest, due to low temperatures, may be somewhat less diverse, but children like it a lot: you can play snowballs, sledding and skiing, and there is a skating rink in the park. There are no machines here, the snow is clean, and children can play in complete safety.

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