Staff list at the enterprise

The staffing table is made up by the personnel servicethe enterprise under the uniform standard accepted more two years ago. The Labor Code of the Russian Federation indicates that it is obligatory to compile this document by all enterprises that carry out their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

To understand what a staffing table is,it is necessary to define the notion of "state". So, the state is a set of employees of the enterprise. The staff list is a document containing a list of all the positions of the enterprise, its structural organization, the number of posts and the salary.

Any document that isthe foundation for the enterprise is its competent design. In the head of the staffing table, you must specify the name of the organization - full or short. But as it is fixed in this enterprise by a decree or order of the director. A list of positions begins with the director of the company, followed by posts of managers, specialists and workers. If the enterprise has several services, a complex structure of subordination of engineering and working staff, it is advisable to document the structure of each service separately in the document. The names of structural units are also fixed in the documents regulating the work of the whole enterprise. If we are talking about commercial organizations, then the names of the structural units are not limited to any framework. The only thing that is desirable: to avoid names in a foreign language, cacophonous or obscure. A special place in the staff list is the list of specialties that enjoy any benefits: early retirement, supplements, compensation, etc. Such a document must be approved by the head of the enterprise.

It happens that it is necessary to make changes in thethe staffing table. Moreover, some organizations, by virtue of the nature of their activities, regularly change the structure and composition of staff - for example, organizations engaged in seasonal work. If changes are made to the staffing table quite often, it is recommended that you design a separate numbering for this type of documents and designate it with letters - for example, "shr". Services or other units of the organization are necessarily informed of the changes made and receive copies of the document. Of course, every change happens with the knowledge of the leader and is approved by him.

A lot of questions arise in connection with paymentlabor, fixed in the staffing table. Thus, workers holding the same positions do not always receive equal wages. This is due to the qualifications of this particular specialist, the experience of his work at the enterprise, benefits and other kinds of allowances. This issue is proposed to be solved in the following way: the salary is set according to the tariff scale, the next column is a personal coefficient that takes into account all the above points related to wages. This ratio can both increase real wages and reduce it for a certain period of time (in the case of applying penalties stipulated by the charter or the collective agreement of the enterprise). Under normal operation of the enterprise, the staffing table is compiled for one year, after which necessary additions and changes are made - usually as a result of a change in the same collective agreement or accounting documents that determine the amount of salary.

There is a practice of checking regulatorydocuments of the enterprise, the list of which includes information about the states. If an enterprise or firm does not have such a document, it can be penalized. According to lawyers, the non-availability of the staffing table as a document that does not belong to the accounting reporting, allows to challenge the claims of the inspectors arising in court. But, again, according to experts, it is much simpler and more reliable to simply have a staffing table - in this case, the employer insures himself against both the claims of the inspectors and the possible claims of the dismissed employee.

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