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After returning from Baikonur, I was hoping to quickly complete the space program and calm down in these two weeks.
But it was not so easy.
The launch has been postponed a lot, you can, HERE, will, Baikonur, north, posts, because, more football, retirement, today, write, rubles, now, thank you, Vaigach, after, just, do

What happened after Vaigach last year, that after Baikonur now I had the same dilemma: write about what I saw without a hitch, but in a hurry or cooled down, but thoughtfully. With Vaigach, the first option was more appropriate - because there is a lot of romance and expression. With Baikonur, the second is more likely, because there are a lot of details that require accuracy.
In addition, I don’t want the materials I had dreamed of for so long to fall victim to the unfortunate time of publication: the extremely low attendance and commentability of recent posts suggests that now you can write ONLY about football, or about pensions, or about that all such rastakie we support football, and not for pensions.
Finally, the idea suggests itself to supplement the "space program" with a couple more points - Perm with its Iskra plant and UFOs in the garden and Chuvashia - and you thought that the third ethnic group that got into space was the Chuvash?
And the last, most important reason -I actually have the next trip on my nose!
The overall concept can be expressed asNorth Ural- A rather tricky zagulina from the north of the Perm region to the north of the Komi Republic, from the stone doodles of Manpupunyor, where I will fly a helicopter from Nyrob to Ust-Tsilma on Pechora, which I passed on a dark night in August at a ferry along the road from Vaigach. And since there is no direct road between them and BelKomUr has not yet been laid - this can be done only through Perm and the Kirov region. As you understand, such a route requires preparation.
The launch has been postponed a lot, you can, HERE, will, Baikonur, north, posts, because, more football, retirement, today, write, rubles, now, thank you, Vaigach, after, just, do

Do they read, are they waiting for me in such cities as:
- Perm (homeland, and almost no friends left).
- Solikamsk and Berezniki
- Kirov
- Syktyvkar
I will be glad to any new acquaintances, overnight stay, excursions, including by car in the neighborhood.
As for Baikonur, I will postpone the publication about it to the end of July - the beginning of August. RocketTrip will have a group for the next launch in October. And if I need to write 6 or 7 instead of 5 posts - the terms will not prevent me from doing this.
In the coming days I will write about Star City, and about something recent-non-cosmic - for example, Satka.
Anyone whom I managed to captivate with the space theme, I recommend visitingSummer Space Schoolwhich is organized by “Your sector of the cosmos” (thanks to them for a number of visited museums - NPO Lavochkina, IBMP, Energia and Baumanka halls, where I myself could hardly have got). There will be a lot of interesting people - astronauts, industry workers, popularizers, and just fascinated by the Cosmos. The program, in addition to lectures, seminars, discussions - and a number of excursions to departmental museums, and this is a chance for those who did not get there in these six months. All the details - HERE, HERE -more details, and HERE - registration. Register before July 1, but places may end earlier.
Huge personal thanks to the person who sent 15,000 rubles to the Varandey Foundation today.
The amount of donations for the 4.5 years of the foundation’s existence today has exceeded half a million rubles, of which more than half came in 2017–18.

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