The best program to customize the mouse

No matter how many developers tried to invent other manipulators for a computer, so far nothing was more convenient and better to invent a mouse. Simple in design, the device allows you to easily manage our computer when performing any tasks - from viewing media files to modern 3D games.

Mouse and its functionality

The classic mouse today has at least two function keys and a scroll wheel. In addition to scrolling down and up, it also has a push function. Therefore, it is sometimes also called the middle mouse button.

Mouse customization can be viewed in several ways. Basic settings such as the speed of the cursor, its positioning accuracy, adjusting to the right or left hand, etc., can be done simply by opening the mouse settings dialog box in the Control Panel.Program to configure the mouse

But if you need to reconfigure the functionality for some buttons, then you probably can’t do without additional software. In this review of programs for customizing the mouse, the best tools are collected,which will help improve and expand its capabilities, as well as record mouse actions and reproduce them in the future.

Auto-Clicker for Steelseries Mouse

The program to configure the mouse, which is able to remember and reproduce its actions. This utility is capable of pushing manipulator buttons for you in games, on web pages and even in arbitrary places on the screen. Auto-Clicker can emulate multiple clicks of mouse buttons, simultaneously press in different parts of the screen, and from the keyboard - emulate text input.

All actions performed using the keyboard and mouse can be recorded for their automatic reproduction. To do this, you only need to run the corresponding macro. The intuitive interface of the program is able to record and reproduce mouse actions, and for recorded macros, specify the number of repetitions. It also indicates the time during which the specified macros can be played and the period of delay between retries. The Auto-Clicker software can be automatically launched with the system, and it supports hotkeys.Steelseries mouse setup program

Key functions and features:

  • recording and subsequent playback of keystrokes of the keyboard buttons, as well as mouse clicks and movements;
  • the possibility of using hot keys;
  • cyclical replay of recorded actions.

Manipulator Steelseries Rival

The program for configuring the mouse Mouse Recorder Pro is designed to automate routine actions and tasks. Manipulations performed by the user on the computer can be recorded using this program, and then play them.

Entering the application, simply press the start button and perform actions with the mouse, and then use the F12 key to stop recording. Now you can familiarize yourself with the list of actions that have been recorded by the program, filter or delete the superfluous.

Now, to save yourself from having to perform manual manipulations, you can run the recorded macro. The program remembers not only mouse button presses and movements, but also keyboard button presses. The program practically does not consume system resources, is distinguished by a friendly interface and occupies a minimum of RAM space.

Manage gestures

The program for setting the dpi of the mouse

Quite easy to use software gMote allows you to control using the gestures of the Windows operating system. For example, you can open the My Computer folder or the Start menu with mouse gestures. Open a file or launch a program, minimize or maximize a window, launch a search or copy text - now you can do all this with a simple mouse movement.

One of the advantages of this utility over similar programs for customizing the mouse is the function of using the same gesture for different operations and in different programs. For example, you can launch the music player with one motion of the manipulator and with the same action refresh the page in the browser.

Features and functions:

  • the possibility of using one gesture for different programs;
  • an attractive interface is very easy to understand, although it does not support the Russian language;
  • opening and saving a set of gestures that can be used for different work.

The program to configure the DPI-mouse

Mouse Wheel Control is designed to control applications using the mouse wheel. With this application, users have the opportunity to customize the extended use of the mouse wheel in various applications. For example, you can use the wheel in programs that do not support its use. You can also configure the function of the "third key" in programs that support it.Steelseries rival program to customize the mouse

The Mouse Wheel Control utility will allow the system to react in time by “pressing” certain keys on the turn of the wheel and control the rotation of the modifier keys.The functional rules of the wheel can be set separately for each program. In addition, you can automatically launch the application with the system or work in invisible mode.

Utility Mouse Clicker

A useful program for customizing the mouse, created to automate user experience with the mouse. The application has built-in functionality for simulating standard movements: dragging, scrolling, clicking, and so on. You can ask a program to click a certain point on the screen, and the utility, thanks to the integrated scanning device, can easily cope with it.

Software Mouse Clicker can be configured so that the selected task, identical to the mouse functions, is repeated at the end of a specified period of time the required number of times. For example, you can set the program to perform a right-click operation for half an hour at a one-second interval.

Undoubtedly, such programs for adjusting the mouse can save users from having to perform routine actions and save time.

The program for adjusting the sensitivity of the mouseFunctions and features:

  • the process of working with a mechanical manipulator is fully automated;
  • the mouse functions are performed by the program in full;
  • easily customized for a specific user request;
  • ideal for performing repetitive operations.

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard application

A small program for adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse will allow you to move the mouse cursor along the previously defined trajectory, indicate the location of the future click and many other various tasks. Suppose you need to save a large number of images from the Internet. Surely for this you will have to perform several actions of the same type. Thanks to Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, you can assign a route and watch how the computer along with the application independently perform the task.

The program allows you to automate not only the movement of the manipulator, but also operations with the keyboard. In general, Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is a unique, multi-tasking and quite convenient tool for users.

Key Features:

  • automatic text input;
  • imitation of many actions;
  • more precise adjustment of cursor movements with a built-in magnifying glass;
  • fairly simple action planning;
  • very user-friendly interface.

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