The best sedative: reviews of doctors. Good soothing pills

It often happens that a person has to face various stresses that can develop into a state of depression, neurosis, and also cause anxiety or insomnia. In addition to the depressed state, frequent stress can later lead to various serious diseases of the body. Let's talk about sedatives that will help get rid of nerve surges and restore good health.

Which groups are divided soothing drugs

Soothing drugs include drugs that have a different effect on the activity of the central nervous system, as well as those that can suppress nerve over-stimulation. They can be of synthetic origin or made from natural plant materials.It is accepted to distinguish several groups of psychotropic drugs that allow a person to get rid of neurotic and stressful states.

the best sedative

  • Soothing drugs that are made from natural herbal ingredients that suppress the excessive activity of the central nervous system are called sedatives. What are some good soothing nerves? These include tincture of chamomile, motherwort, valerian, lily of the valley and others.
  • Anxiolytic drugs, also tranquilizers, are psychotropic synthetic drugs that are able to effectively suppress the state of anxiety, various phobias, nervous overstrain and stresses. They are based on the use of so-called benzodiazepines, which have a strong sedative effect on the body, therefore, it is necessary to take drugs of this group under the supervision of the attending physician, especially since anxiolytics cause rapid addiction. The tranquilizers include "Alprazolam", "Diazepam", "Frisium" and a number of others.
  • In case of pronounced depressive states, psychotropic drugs are used - antidepressants, which are able to normalize the mental state of a person, as well as improve the emotional background.This group includes the potent sedatives Pirazidol, Moclobemide, Bethol, Azafen, and Fevarin.
  • In the presence of mental illness, patients are prescribed antipsychotic drugs belonging to a group of neuroleptics. Among them, the best sedatives are Aminazin, Seroquel, Teasercin, Truxal.
  • Strong drugs that inhibit the activity of the central nervous system, it is customary to refer to barbiturates. Among them, "Seduxen", "Relanium" and a number of other drugs that are well soothing and at the same time do not cause a strong hypnotic effect.

It should be remembered that most of the synthetic drugs can cause drug addiction in humans and quick addiction, therefore, the prescribing specialist should set the dosage and timing of treatment.

The best soothing over-the-counter medicines

The main advantage of over-the-counter sedative drugs in pharmacies is their moderate effect on the body, they do not cause undesirable side effects and addiction. Considering the best sedative drugs, the following should be highlighted:

  • “Corvalol” in drops - recommended for neurosis, insomnia, severe irritation, as well as tachycardia and intestinal spasms. A sedative take 30 drops three times during the day. The drug is diluted in ½ glass of water at room temperature. The cost of "Corvalol" is about 30 sedative
  • "Valocordin" - should be taken in the presence of irritability, neurotic anxiety, cardialgia, sleep disorders and intense arousal. This is a good sedative for nerves, since its constituent phenobarbital and ethyl bromovalerialate have a sedative effect. In addition, Valocordin promotes rapid onset of natural sleep and is an antispasmodic. It is recommended to take 20-30 drops before meals three times a day. The drug costs 140 rubles.
  • In various stressful situations, circulatory disorders of the brain and pains, severe insomnia, fatigue and neurasthenia, we can recommend good soothing nerve pills from Novo Passit. Take 3 times a day, 1 tablet. The price of the drug is 215 rubles.
  • The best sedative, which can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription, is an Afobazol tranquilizer, the cost of which varies between 300 rubles.It is able to suppress various neuralgic manifestations, fears, states of anxiety and strong emotions.good soothing nerve pills
  • The drug "Persen" will help to normalize sleep, as well as the general mental state after severe stress and irritation. It consists of valerian and hops, beneficial effects on the central nervous system. It is worth the drug 320 rubles.
  • In any pharmacy there is a Motherwort, which can be in pills or in the form of tincture. This is a good sedative for women (including pregnant), which can be purchased for 27 rubles.

What sedatives can be given to children

In children, especially younger ones, quite often one can observe a change in mood, sometimes bordering on hysterics and neuroses. Naturally, parents immediately try to calm the baby, but it often happens that persuasion does not help. Therefore, you can resort to the use of various tools that can soothe his nervous system. Which soothing is better to drink to the child so that they do no harm?

You can buy tablets "Dormikind", which are homeopathic remedies. The drug has a pronounced sedative effect.It is recommended to apply to young children with insomnia and strong anxiety. Perhaps this is the best sedative for babies, practically harmless to the child's body. The cost of packaging is 700 rubles for 150 tablets. You can also recommend the drug "Phenibut" tablets for 200 rubles.

good nerve cure

A good sedative (reviews of many parents confirm the effectiveness of the remedy), which does not harm the child and very quickly normalizes the condition of the child - this is herbal tea. As a rule, it consists of motherwort, lime blossom, valerian, lemon balm, mint and chamomile. In any case, consultation with a pediatrician is necessary before purchasing a herbal soothing collection.

Homeopathic medicines for healthy sleep disorders

One of the most common disorders of the body is insomnia, which affects many people. In order to fall asleep, a person resorts to the use of various means, however this can cause a number of disorders in the future. What do doctors recommend? What soothing is better to drink for sleep disorders?

For insomniawhich may also be accompanied by various fears and experiences, experts advise to use a homeopathic medicine based on an emetic walnut (chemist pharmacy). Chilibuha helps to cope with sensitive sleep, various disorders of the digestive tract, in addition, it is the best sedative for sleep disorders caused by alcohol and sedation drugs

And what to do if insomnia is accompanied by complications such as fever and severe indisposition? What kind of sedative is better to buy? In this case, doctors often prescribe the drug "Aconite" to their patients.

The most effective sedatives

What is a sedative best? This question cannot be answered in monosyllables, since everything depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. However, it is possible to provide a list of drugs that effectively combat various nervous disorders.

  • "Cytoflavin" - the best sedative, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The drug is prescribed to patients who have suffered a stroke, suffering from cerebral atherosclerosis.The drug has a sedative effect, while normalizing the work of cerebral vessels.
  • "Validol" - a good soothing pills from the nerves, with a pronounced sedative effect. In addition, the tool has a vasodilator effect. Apply the drug for various forms of neurosis, hysteria, just as a sedative. It is believed that "Validol" - is the best tool that copes well with many disorders and stresses in the elderly.
  • Donormil is recommended for people suffering from various sleep phase disorders, as well as prolonged insomnia. It is believed that in order to get rid of these ailments, Donormil is the best sedative.which soothing is better to drink

How to get rid of the nervousness and experiences that occur during the day

Surely many people have noticed such states as nervousness or experiences that arise for various reasons. If you want to somehow relieve stress, but do not know which sedative is better, do not grab the first thing that comes to hand. For example, you should not immediately drink "Valeriana" and other drugs, the use of which may be unfounded.

In this case, it is best to drink a decoction of ordinary chamomile.The fact is that this plant has an excellent sedative effect on the nervous system, and the apigenin contained in it is capable of suppressing even strong nervous shocks. However, daisy is not nearly as harmless as it may seem at first glance - doctors say. So, decoction of it is not recommended for use in case of violations of the gastrointestinal organs, as well as pregnant women.good sedative reviews


If there is a need to take sedatives, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the preparations containing natural ingredients. They are not addictive and have a mild sedative effect on the human nervous system. One of these tools is valerian, which can be found on sale in the form of tablets and tinctures.

The root system of this plant is rich in alkaloids and essential oils, so it can be used for cardiovascular disorders, neurotic ailments and problems with sleep. As the doctors say, this drug does not have an instant therapeutic effect, however, with persistent health problems it can be quite productive medicine.Take should be 25 drops of tincture or 1 tablet of valerian root three times a day. The drug costs about 27 rubles.which sedative is better

Effective sedatives based on natural ingredients

For depressions and mild psychological disorders, doctors often recommend drinking peony spirit. This plant contains alkaloids, as well as some substances that can stimulate the production of endorphins. According to expert testimonials, peony-based medicines soothe the nerves and the body as a whole. You can make a decoction from the root of this plant, for which you need to take it in the amount of 30 g and pour 1 liter of boiling water. After that, the cooled and filtered liquid is taken in 100 g three times a day.

According to neurologists, one of the best sedatives of natural origin is mint, which contains a large amount of menthol and essential oils. Mint tea is recommended to drink for nervous disorders and insomnia. However, the alcohol tincture of this plant should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers.good sedative for women

Potent sedatives

Among the potent tranquilizers, “Phenazepam” should be highlighted, which, in addition to the sedative effect on the central nervous system, has an anticonvulsant effect on the muscular system and also relaxes it. In addition, this drug, according to experts, is a potent sleeping pill. It can be used for epileptic seizures, psychopathic conditions and severe forms of neurosis.

The combined sedative drug "Atarax" is prescribed to patients with a strong excitability of the nervous system, with severe neurosis, depressed emotional state and other nervous diseases. It should also be noted brominated drugs that have a sedative effect. As a rule, they are used to treat neurasthenic disorders and neuroses.

Doctors say that drugs that contain bromine salts should be taken very carefully, since there is a high probability of poisoning with this substance (bromine has a very long period of elimination from the body). In order to avoid the manifestation of undesirable side effects, these drugs should not be used without a prescription and observation of the treating physician.

good soothing pills

What you need to know about sedative medications

Drugs - both natural and synthetic origin - can suppress the manifestation of various disorders and disorders of the nervous system. Moreover, thanks to their use, a person manages to avoid many diseases and serious consequences that can be triggered by illnesses from the central nervous system.

However, experts warn: it should be remembered that many drugs can cause drug addiction and poisoning, which is especially dangerous for humans. Therefore, you should not engage in self-treatment, and in the event of difficult life situations, resort to the use of potent drugs without the obvious need. Many practitioners agree that it is necessary to eradicate the cause of stress and various disorders initially, and then, if there is a need, to resort to the use of medicines.

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