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Thriller is one of the most interesting forviewer of genres of cinema. It always has an intriguing history and unexpected plot twists. Often films of this kind have an unpredictable outcome. Let's talk today about the most interesting and famous action scenes. The article will feature thriller films - the best representatives of this exciting and intriguing genre.

thriller is


Thriller is an action-packed picture thatis designed to cause the viewer excitement, easy fear for the fate of the main characters and a sense of uncertainty, when it is not known what will end the story told in the film.

Types of action pictures

One of the virtues of the thriller is that it organically combines with other cinematic genres. Therefore, today we can distinguish several types of action scenes:

1. Thriller-detective. The plot of the picture is based on the investigation of a serious crime. Usually it's a search for a maniac or a very clever criminal. A classic example is Silence of the Lambs.

2. Mystical thriller. In the paintings of this genre there are elements of supernatural and mysticism. Example - the film "Shine", shot based on the novel by Stephen King.

3. Thriller-horror. It differs from the previous kind by a more pronounced desire of the film's creators to frighten the viewer. One of the most interesting paintings of this genre, shot recently - "Sinister".

4. Thriller-thriller. In the center of the plot is the confrontation of the main character with representatives of the criminal world. From ordinary militants is more confusing story.

Classics of the genre

The Seven (1995)

The best thriller detective ever createdfilms of this genre. Magnificent work of the director David Fincher and the actors Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. Two detectives are investigating an unusual case about the murders that the perpetrator commits, punishing the victims for mortal sins. "Seven" proves that a good thriller is a story that can not be forgotten.

"What hides lies" (2000)

Mystic thriller from the director Robert Zemeckis. The plot of the picture can be called classical. Claire Spencer suffers from the consequences of a car accident - she sees the scenes of murders everywhere, and then begins to pursue the ghost of her student's missing student a year ago. On the advice of her psychiatrist, she decides to come into contact with the spirit. During the session, Claire sees the vision and realizes that the missing student Madison and her husband Norman had an affair.

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Gothic (2003)

Mystic thriller with Halle Berry, Penelope Cruzand Robert Downey Jr. in the lead roles. Miranda Gray works in a psychiatric clinic where criminals are held. One day, returning home, she sees a girl standing on the road in the pouring rain. Touching her, the heroine comes to herself in a lone cell of her hospital. She is told that she brutally killed her husband Douglas and was found guilty on the court of insanity. Now Miranda is one of the patients of the clinic. Meanwhile, the ghost of the girl visits the former doctor more and more often and as if tries to tell something.

"Shelter" (2007)

Mystic thriller, one of the producers of whichis Guillermo del Toro. Laura, along with her husband and adopted son Simon, comes to the orphanage where she once lived. After growing up, she decided to open an orphanage for children again. At the celebration in honor of the discovery, Simon disappears. His parents think he escaped with his fictional friend Thomas, a masked boy. The child's search does not lead to anything, but Laura starts to hear Simon's voice in the house at night. After nine months, the search for the boy officially ceases. Then Laura begins an investigation that leads her to her own past.

movies thrillers the best

Sometimes a thriller is a drama with an unexpected and shocking outcome, as in the movie "Shelter".

"The Ghost of a House on a Hill" (1999)

Thriller-horror, based on the novel ShirleyJackson and the remake of the 1963 film. One of the producers of the picture is Steven Spielberg. Despite the genre of horror, "The Ghost of a House on a Hill" refers to high-budget paintings. The main roles in it were performed by Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lily Taylor.

According to the plot of the picture, in many years an empty mansion,known as House on the Hill, is coming by Dr. David Murrow for the experiment. His wards, four young people suffering from insomnia, should spend a few days in it. The first night, frightening events began to occur in the house, which the doctor at first tried to explain by problems with the sleep of the members of the experiment. But soon he also had to admit that there were otherworldly forces in the mansion.

Thriller movies: the best action-packed tapes of recent years

"Deliver us from the evil one" (2014)

Police officer Ralph Sarci faces unusual crimes. During the investigation, he meets with the exorcist priest. They unite against the demonic entities that have penetrated into our world.

Loft (2014)

Psychological thriller-detective about how littlewe know the people around us. Five buddies get a tempting offer from a friend-architect - to create a loft in the elite house that he built.

thriller detective

Friends use the room to meet with friends. In one day they find in the apartment a murdered stranger. Since the key to the room is only with friends, it means that the killer is one of them.

Interesting Russian thrillers of recent years

Our cinematography is able to create excellentaction tape. Russian thrillers (the list is presented below), often not only not inferior to foreign cash paintings, but also make them worthy of competition.

"The Secret of the Pass of Dyatlov" (2013)

At the heart of the plot of the picture - one of the mostmysterious crimes that occurred during the Soviet era. In 1959, during the expedition in the mountains, a group of students were killed. The case was never solved. In the picture we are talking about the fact that today a company of American students is sent to the same place to find out the causes of the tragedy. The film was filmed by the filmmakers of three countries: Russia, England and the United States.

Russian thrillers

Metro (2013)

Spectacular thriller, received positiveevaluation of critics. The only thing that the creators of the painting reproached for was the incorrect lighting of the metro and its emergency services. According to the plot of the film, the waters of the Moscow River begin to seep into the metro. The inspector, who tried to warn the duty officer about the danger, was not taken seriously. As a result of inaction, the river water washed the subway ceiling and collapsed into tunnels. Stuck in the subway, the main characters need to survive and find a way up.

thriller is

Russian cinema can boast of good horror films. One of them is a thriller"Possession 18" (2012). A young couple gets a profitable offer to buy an apartment in a new building. Immediately after their move in a huge empty house, frightening events begin to occur.


Thrillers, the list of which is presented in the article, refer to the best works of the genre. An intriguing plot, intricate stories and unexpected interchanges - all this will make watching pictures unforgettable.

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