The film "12 years of slavery", 2013. Actors, plot, interesting facts

The release of the historical drama of Steve McQueen "12 yearsslavery "in 2013 became one of the landmark events for the black population of America. The film is a film adaptation of the self-published autobiography of American citizen Solomon Nortop. In his memoirs, he described a very difficult and unjust period of his life.

12 Years of Slavery Movie Story

Many actors of the film "12 Years of Slavery" 2013were nominated for an Oscar. The award went to the black actress Lupite Niongo "For Best Actress", as well as John Ridley "For the best adapted script." The ribbon itself also received the award as "Best Film".

12 years of slavery film 2013 actors

The plot of the film "12 years of slavery"

The film begins in 1941, whenthe main character arrives with his family in Washington to perform there with tours. After the concert, he celebrates with friends, and next morning he wakes up, chained in chains. It turns out that his companions mistakenly took him for a runaway slave and, after giving drink, surrendered to the masters in New Orleans.

From this moment for Solomon begin the terrible 12years of suffering. He is forced to respond to someone else's name and, working hard, to work on the plantation. The first owner treats the slave friendly and even gives him a violin, noticing his musical talent. However, because of the quarrel with the carpenter Tibbits, as a result of which Solomon nearly died, when he tried to lynch him on a tree, he had to leave the plantation. To save the slave life, the owner must sell it to the tyrant Edwin Epps, played by the talented Michael Fassbender. From that moment, Solomon's life turns into a real hell.

12 years of slavery film 2013 actors

Being in slavery at Epps, the main character is notleaves attempts to return home: he even wrote a letter to friends, which he could not send. There he meets the slave Patsy, whom the wife of the planter is terribly jealous of her husband. Meanwhile, Epps periodically rapes Patsy, and she, unable to continue such a life, asks Solomon to kill her, but receives a refusal. Another new acquaintance is the worker Bass, who expresses his contempt for the slave system and takes part in the opposition. In his person Solomon finds a kindred spirit and asks him to write a letter to his friends.

civetel ejiofor

Once upon a lucky chance on the plantationthe local sheriff peeps in. He talks with Solomon about his past life. In the person present at this moment nearby, the hero recognizes an old acquaintance. This situation is for him saving. Solomon returns to the family.

Actors of the film "12 years of slavery", 2013

The cast is full of famoustalented individuals. The role of the main character went to Civetelo Egiofor, who coped well with his task. The first master of Solomon, the merciful planter William Ford, plays the amazing Benedict Camberbatch, known to the audience on the series "Sherlock". Michael Fassbender, known brilliantly played by the roles of Macbeth and Steve Jobs, played the role of the brutal Edwin Epps.

michael fassbender

In the role of his wife, Sarah Paulson, whobecame popular with the series "American horror story." Kenya's actress Lupita Niongo won her Oscar for her role. The Canadian hard worker Bassa played Brad Pitt.


It is hardly possible to find a person who has remainedwould be indifferent to this film. Critics and ordinary viewers unanimously repeat that this is a masterpiece. Largely due to talented actors, the film "12 Years of Slavery" in 2013 clearly conveys the atmosphere of America in the times of the slave system. This feature of the film is also noted in the comments to it.

Studying various sources, it is difficult to find negative reviews about this film. After all, the topic touched on in him is really someone's pain and reflects real events.

Interesting Facts

  1. Filming took place near the place where real Solomon Northap was held in slavery.

  2. Filming lasted a little more than a month.

  3. Actors of the film "12 years of slavery" in 2013, Taram Killam and Brad Pitt have never crossed the set, although Taram often parodied Bred in a popular American television show.

  4. The grandmother and grandfather of the director were descendants of slaves.

  5. In the third season of the television series "American Horror History" witch Quinn violently forces the severed head of the brutal slave owner Madame LaLaurie to watch "12 years of slavery" on TV.

  6. During the filming of the beating scene, Patsy Michael Fassbender was so emotionally squeezed out that he lost consciousness.

August 28, 1963 civil rights activistMartin Luther King delivered a speech in which he urged people to recognize that they are all born equal, regardless of skin color. To some extent, the film "12 Years of Slavery" can be considered an artistic expression of this speech.

The film, like the memoirs of Solomon Nortop, becametrue confession and an ode to human fortitude and willpower. Once at the very edge of despair, the protagonist finds the strength to fight and eventually gains lost freedom.

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