The invasion in 2018

“Invasion 2018” for their favorite heavy music. It has traditionally been held in the Big Zavidovo (Tver region). Last year, despite the heavy rains, it gathered 400 thousand spectators. However, it will be possible to postponed.

Where and when will the "Invasion 2018"?

According to the report, it’s not a bad thing. It will be determined by the number of employees. It is not possible.

There are no clarity yet. The media flashed information in the Kemerovo region. Here you will be able to celebrate the event. The official website of the city has been "Invasions-2018". It’s a real fun.

What to expect at the event?

Recently, the main domestic festival festival festival with its originality, scale and unpredictability. It is no longer a concert. For example, it’s not a problem. In addition to the performances of the artists, on the "Invasion-2018" you can see:

  • arm wrestling competitions (as well as taking part in them);
  • creative performances of novice musicians;
  • exhibition of motorcycles and prestigious cars;
  • holiday fireworks, etc.

The organizers promise to take care of the comfort of visitors. It has been a great deal of hygiene items. Bicycles and sports equipment. In the case of bad weather conditions, you can be selected costly weather conditions.

Approximate ticket price

There is no need to make a difference in the cost of the tickets for the 2017 Invasion-2018.

  • for admission - no more than 2.5 thousand rubles;
  • in the fan sector - from 3 to 5 thousand rubles;
  • in the VIP-zone - at least 8 thousand rubles (for the children under 12 years of age, admission is free).

The so-called “package of services” is available. For example, the Super Super VIP bun package offers accommodation in the varies varies varies varies varies varies varies varies in the range of 50-70 thousand rubles, subject to purchase from the organizers of the event.

It is important that you can pay attention to the number of price tags. For example, renting a cost of 2.5 thousand rubles / day, renting a VIP class tent - from 5 thousand rubles / day. The price of VIP parking will be about 4 thousand rubles / day. Minibuses and buses require 2 parking tickets.

Musicians will be able to buy them in three ways:

  • on the event website;
  • at the festival box office (Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 150);
  • by phone +7 (495) 287-84-66 (sending within Moscow Ring Road for free).

Of course, tickets will be available from resellers or various intermediary companies. Recently, cases of fake or unjustified price have become frequent. Therefore, there are several thousand rubles, where you can buy tickets only for the fraudsters. For any questions you can contact us by phone +7 (495) 234-10-54.

Who will take part in the "Invasion-2018"?

It has not yet been been approved. However, with a high degree of prediction, one can predict the Russian rock bands:

  • "B2";
  • Chayf;
  • "Aria";
  • "Spleen";
  • "Leningrad", etc.

Of domestic rock beginners will play.It shows their nouneym with a bang. It was the time when it came to the Baltic States and Belarus. As for the cult Ukrainian musicians (Okean Elzy, Vopli Vidoplyasova), then their participation can hardly be expected. It will be professional, intriguing, and boring.

This is an awaits every spectator of the “Invasion-2018”. Having been at this festival, you probably want to visit it again.

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