The main school of the fight against corruption in Russia

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Small terms, small amounts of fines, other shoals - yes. Many things can be criticized in this process.
But for me, the most important joint is the well-known way to send everyone and everything. How? Yes, like this ...
Here is a recent example:Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation announced the international search for Sergei Slastikhina. He is the head of the contracting company of the Roscosmos state corporation.
According to the investigation, at the moment, Slastikhin is in the United States of America. He was accused of fraud hundreds of millions of rubles.
Today, the company, headed by Sergey Slastikhin, is bankrupt. On the official website of her information appears that she worked on several projects for Roskosmos. Note that the company even had access to state secrets.
In Roscosmos, an anonymous source told the Russian media that the state corporation ceased cooperation with Slastikhin companies several years ago.However, this did not prevent the businessman from stealing millions of state rubles.
It is curious that, despite the fact that the investigation has information about where Sergey Slastikhin may be today, even his lawyer cannot contact him.
Although Roscosmos does not bear the blame for what happened, this story will not benefit its image.
The main school of anti-corruption in Russia rubles, wanted, international, however, Russia, Alexey, Mitrofanov, criminal, area, detained, deputy, Alexander, investigators, announced fraud, left, judge, more, several, Baranova

Why is that?

Similar precedents happened more than once before. There is some kind of person who stole a billion. The RF IC learns some facts, starts an investigation. However, so far there are not enough facts - no one is being detained, but this is already diverging in the media or “word of mouth”. The person collects money and gets to Israel, England or the USA. Everything! He sits there and spends our money on a luxurious life. No one will ever give it away, especially in a modern international stop.
The main school of anti-corruption in Russia rubles, wanted, international, however, Russia, Alexey, Mitrofanov, criminal, area, detained, deputy, Alexander, investigators, announced fraud, left, judge, more, several, Baranova

Here you have a fresh example.
A few hours before the arrest, the former head of the Rosalkogolregulirovanie Igor Chuyan left Russia, who was dismissed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on July 11. Chuyan flew to Israel, after saying goodbye to his bodyguards and letting them know that he did not intend to return from the promised land.
Chuyan's emigration can be easily explained - according to the PASMI, President Vladimir Putin personally ordered the head of the alcohol department to be dismissed by the FSB, where Igor Chuyan appears as a corrupt official who laundered hundreds of billions of rubles in the trade in vodka, wine and beer.
Mikhail Yurevich: long treatment
For some time in Israel, the former Chelyabinsk Oblast Governor Mikhail Yurevich was hiding from Russian investigators - in Russia he was accused of accepting bribes in the amount of 26 million rubles from the regional health minister who paid for promotion, as well as inciting slander.
The criminal case against Yurevich was instituted in March 2017, when he was treated in Israel. The ex-governor denies his guilt, but he is in no hurry to return to his native land - it is known that Yurevich moved to the UK, where he continued his treatment. Also, the media got information about the asylum request of political asylum, allegedly received by the British authorities, but he himself hastily refuted this information.
For about a year in the Yurevich case, there has been no significant progress: the accused was arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list, but he himself is still abroad.
Alexey Kuznetsov: pending extradition
In 2010, a large-scale criminal case was opened in the Moscow Region, the main figure in which was the former Finance Minister of the Moscow Region, Aleksey Kuznetsov. Together with Kuznetsov, the status of the accused was received by his former spouse Zhanna Bulakh, the deputy Valery Nosov and the former head of the Moscow Investment Trust Company Vladislav Telepnev. The investigation found that from 2005 to 2008, accomplices, using various fraudulent schemes, stole more than 14 billion rubles from the regional budget.
The fraudsters managed to withdraw a considerable part of the funds abroad. Kuznetsov himself took refuge in France, where several expensive real estate objects were registered in his name. In 2012, the ex-minister was put on the international wanted list, after which the French authorities detained an official, and, at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia, arrested his property and started extradition. The process has been going on for five years already - French law enforcement officers reported earlier that they have no complaints against Kuznetsov and detained him only to execute an Interpol order.
In April last year, the Investigation Committee of Russia published a message in which he expressed outrage at the delay in extradition, seeing the political background in this, but the matter did not get off the ground.Meanwhile, in Russia, Kuznetsov’s ex-wife Zhanna Bulakh was convicted in absentia, who also left the country and lives in the United States, where she has citizenship and remains inaccessible to Russian law enforcement agencies.
Alexey Mitrofanov: I did not dare to return
State Duma deputy from United Russia Alexei Mitrofanov came to the attention of security officials in 2012 when he was suspected of fraud - the parliamentarian promised the capital merchant for $ 200 thousand to resolve the issue in the Arbitration Court, where the “client” sued the Solntsevskys. Later, a pensioner complained of Mitrofanov who accused the deputy of taking a bribe of 2 million rubles.
At first, Mitrofanov was held in criminal cases only as a witness, since deputy immunity protected him from the harassment of the investigation. However, in 2014, immunity from parliamentarians was removed. Having lost immunity from deputies, Mitrofanov immediately left Russia, having gone to Croatia for treatment.
In 2016, Alexei Mitrofanov tried to return by offering the investigation a deal - frank confession in exchange for ensuring that he was not put in jail after getting off the plane.The investigation supported the deal, but the ex-deputy (he was deprived of his mandate for truancy) did not have enough courage. Now Mitrofanov is still hiding abroad, while on the international wanted list.
Ilya Ponomarev: political waste
The expulsion of the opposition deputy Ilya Ponomarev from the State Duma, and then from Russia, lasted for several years. At first, he was deprived of his right to vote in parliament because of the statement “swindlers and thieves” addressed to fellow deputies - this happened in September 2012. Then he was made a witness in the case of riots on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow in May 2012 - his assistant Leonid Razvozzhaev confessed to the preparation of the riots.
In 2013, the investigating authorities found evidence of embezzlement of the Skolkovo Foundation funds; suspicion fell on Skolkovo Senior Vice President Alexei Beltyukov. In 2014, the person involved in the case became Ponomarev, who was accused of complicity in embezzlement of 22 million rubles of Skolkovo funds. According to investigators, in 2010, the deputy signed an agreement with Skolkovo to conduct certain scientific works and read a course of lectures, earning $ 750,000 from this. In April of the same year, the deputy was deprived of immunity.
When inviolability was removed, Ponomarev was in the United States, from where he declared his innocence and the political background of the criminal case. In response, he was put on the international wanted list.
In 2016, Ponomarev together with Alexei Mitrofanov were deprived of deputy status. By that time, the ex-deputy fully repaid the damage to Skolkovo, but the criminal case against him has not yet been closed. Now Ponomarev lives in Kiev, where he received a temporary residence permit.
Glushkov brothers: inhospitable Georgia
The following deputies who escaped from Russia (as it turned out, not for long) from corruption charges, of lower rank, are member of the Zemsky Assembly of the Balakhna District of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Vladimir Glushkov and his brother Alexander Glushkov with the mandate of a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Both brothers were detained in Georgia in early August. Previously, they were announced in the international search by Interpol.
Upon returning to the Nizhny Novgorod region, the fugitives will be arrested, investigated and tried. Glushkov is accused of receiving a bribe of 6 million rubles - Alexander received a bribe, and Vladimir acted as an intermediary - and also in an episode of fraud with municipal property.According to investigators, the deputies organized a false reconstruction of the bus station in Balakhna, demolished most of the buildings, destroying the transportation hub, and built a shopping center on this site. The amount of damage to the municipality was about 100 million rubles.
Irina Baranova: Judge for Raiders
At the end of 2013, the judge of the Moscow Arbitration Court Irina Baranova flew to the United States for childbirth. A month later, in January 2014, the head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, asked the High Qualification Collegium of Judges to agree to initiate a criminal case against Baranova on the fact of cooperation with raiders.
Investigating the case of the raider seizure of house number 3 on Gogol Boulevard in Moscow (920 sq. Meters, $ 50 million), law enforcement officers learned that it was Judge Baranova who helped the former owners of the building to reclaim their property after the sale, advising them to bribe their colleague, the judge who considered the case. For her services, Baranova received 100 thousand euros.
For almost two years, Bastrykin had been waiting for the permission of the All-Union Communist Party Commission on the initiation of proceedings against Irina Baranova. During this time, a quick judge managed to give birth to a son in the USA. In 2016, the TFR announced its intention to put Baranova on the international wanted list. The judge is still at large.
Alexey Dushutin: from house arrest
On August 9, the metropolitan police asked the Tverskoy Court of Moscow to arrest, in absentia, the former CEO of one of the companies of the notorious Oboronservis (now liquidated) Alexey Dushutin. Dushutin headed the Moscow Military Construction Administration OJSC and was accused of attempted fraud - he tried to sell the VSUM construction base for 11 million rubles at a real value of about 140 million rubles.
It's funny, but it was this criminal case that helped Dushutin to escape, because he had already been sentenced to four years in prison for illegally selling 17 VSUM facilities with damage of 400 million rubles, but was released from behind the grid in connection with the new investigation. For almost six years (the criminal prosecution of Dushutin began in 2011) the top manager of Oboronservis was detained and only in the summer of 2017 his lawyers managed to convince the court to change the preventive measure to house arrest due to the presence of several diseases acquired in the SIZO.
After leaving the detention center, Dushutin did not waste time and almost immediately ran away from house arrest. He was put on the federal wanted list, but to no avail - according to operational data, the fugitive lives with his parents in Canada.If the Tverskoy court meets the police, Dushutin will be put on the international wanted list.
Sergey Sapelnikov: disappeared without permission
In June 2013, the Accounts Chamber revealed serious violations in Rosreestr - the agency spent more than 42 billion rubles to create a cadastral registration system, but almost half of the amount was spent with violations of the law, and the system was never completed. The main claims of inspectors were caused by IT projects, all of which were taken over by the deputy head of the Federal Registration Service Sergey Sapelnikov.
In September of the same year, it became known that Sapelnikov had left the country, without waiting for the anti-corruption check to result in a criminal case. Without waiting for a call for interrogation, the official drove a car to Belarus and then to Ukraine. Note, Sapelnikov is a carrier of state secrets of the first category and had to get permission from the special services to leave. Since 2013, from the fugitive neither hearing nor spirit.
Alexander Nistratov: scapegoat
At the beginning of the year, Moscow ended a criminal case on real estate fraud of OAO Kvant-N, which interested Roscosmos, but with the help of corrupt officials in the Federal Property Management Agency and the Presidential Property Management Office it was sold at a fake price by a front company with offshore owners.
The court found guilty of frauds with billions in damage to the ex-director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Center for Financial and Legal Support of the Office of Presidential Affairs Nikolai Skrypnikov, his deputy, ex-general director of OAO Kvant-N Andrei Grishin and two businessmen. Convicts were sentenced from three and a half to six and a half years of imprisonment in a colony of general regime.
Three more people were involved in the fraud - the former head of the UDP, Vladimir Kozhin, the former head of the Federal Property Management Agency, Yuri Petrov, and an assistant to Petrov, Alexander Nistratov. The first and second signatures were on all documents with which the Kvant-N property was taken out of control of Roskosmos and the Federal Property Management Agency and sold, but both remained only in the status of witnesses, shifting all the blame to Skrypnikov and Nistratov.
Alexandra Nistratova is considered the organizer of the entire fraudulent scheme, but it was not possible to punish him, because the official left Russia before leaving a criminal case in the summer of 2015 and lives in the USA.
Dagestan fugitives: Emirates more reliable than Chechnya
Most of the Dagestani officials who have been stripped of due to a large-scale regional anti-corruption campaign,they didn’t even try to hide from the law enforcement officers, as they were sure of their own invulnerability or adequately evaluated their capabilities. But there were exceptions.
In late May, the security forces came with searches to the house of the head of the bureau of medical and social expertise in Dagestan, Magomed Makhachev, but the owner of the house was not caught. The official, together with a group of accomplices from among the subordinates, was suspected of selling a fake certificate of disability to local residents, who, according to fake certificates, received benefits from the budget. There are hundreds of bribes and forged documents.
At first, investigators suspected that Makhachev had fled abroad, presumably to Ukraine. In absentia, accusing the official of bribery, forgery and fraud, the investigation declared him on the international wanted list. Then, at the end of July, law enforcement officers detained Makhachev's brother Ashik, making him a defendant in the case of fake certificates and further threatening him with serious accusations of organizing a criminal community. Whether the international search worked, or the brother helped, but on August 2 Magomed Makhachev was detained in Grozny.
The next fugitive, the son-in-law of the former Minister of Health of Dagestan, Tanki Ibragimov, will be pulled out of the United Arab Emirates. Tanku Ibragimov himself has already been arrested, accusing him of organizing large cartel purchases, embezzling for more than 100 million rubles and creating an organized criminal group. His son-in-law is considered to be involved in the dark affairs of the ex-minister.
I think this is not a complete list of well-known officials who stole a lot of money and feast on them now abroad. Why is it impossible to plan the investigation in such a way that at least imprison suspects, who have stolen billions from them and who have a lot of connections, under house arrest? Not really difficult to assume that they will meet with the ends? They always explain to me - “it’s not allowed, everything is in accordance with the law, the procedural rules work so slowly, nothing can be done, this is not the 37th year”.

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