The main sights of Russia: top 25

Making a list of the main attractions of Russia is not an easy task. After all, how can you choose from 25, 50 or even a hundred of the most worthy of the amazing variety of natural, architectural and cultural monuments of the country? But we still try to make such a list.

In this article you will find information about the main sights of Russia, with photos, names and descriptions. See for yourself how amazing and multifaceted the largest country in the world is in area!

The most important sights of Russia: the problem of choice

Russia, by virtue of its enormous area, has a huge touristic and tourist potential. And this potential has not been fully studied by the Russians themselves. There is absolutely everything: the deepest lakes, the highest mountain peaks, the Arctic deserts, geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, caves ... In addition, Russia is a state with an incredible architectural and cultural heritage.

main sights of RussiaLists of the main attractions of Russia are very different from each other. And this is not at all surprising, considering the enormous volume of monuments, places and objects from which you have to choose! Each author has his own vision of which sights of Russia are the most important and most interesting.

26 objects on the territory of the Russian Federation are on the UNESCO World Heritage List: including 16 items - according to cultural criteria, and 10 - according to natural. Moreover, four objects are recognized by the organization as “natural phenomena of exceptional beauty and value”.

Thus, the main natural sights of Russia (according to UNESCO) are Kamchatka volcanoes, virgin Komi forests, Lake Baikal, and the Putoran Plateau with a complete set of pristine arctic and subarctic landscapes. In general, the country ranks ninth in the world in terms of the total number of World Heritage sites.

The main sights of Russia: photos with names (TOP-25)

How many unique and beautiful places within the largest country in the world? It is almost impossible to answer this question. To count all the most important sights of Russia is very difficult. Even more difficult is to rank them in order of importance and value.

Below we have compiled a list of the 25 main attractions of Russia. Photos with descriptions of all these objects you will find further in our article. We will also try to explain why they are on our list.

Foreign tourists, as a rule, begin their acquaintance with Russia from visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. But many of them forget to “look into” not less interesting and original cities - Suzdal, Vladimir, Vologda or Kostroma. Even fewer tourists go to Altai, Kamchatka, Karelia ... By compiling a list of the main sights of Russia, we tried to maximize the geography of the country, including objects from various regions.

So, our list includes the following objects:

  1. Moscow Kremlin.
  2. Lake Baikal.
  3. Trans-Siberian Railway.
  4. Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka.
  5. Mountain Elbrus.
  6. Hermitage.
  7. Peterhof.
  8. Kizhi graveyard.
  9. Motherland Memorial on Mamayev Kurgan.
  10. Gergardt Mill in Volgograd.
  11. Lena pillars.
  12. Plateau Man-Pupu-Ner.
  13. Fortress "Nut".
  14. Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg.
  15. Curonian Spit.
  16. Derbent fortress.
  17. Diamond mine "Mir".
  18. Marble Canyon Ruskeala.
  19. Amber Museum in Kaliningrad.
  20. Mosque "Heart of Chechnya".
  21. Village Oymyakon.
  22. Nevyanskaya leaning tower.
  23. Lace Museum in Vologda.
  24. Trinity Sergius Lavra.
  25. Moscow subway.

And now we offer you to take a closer look at the main sights of Russia!

Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin, perhaps, can be called the main attraction of Russia. This grand fortress, covering an area of ​​27 hectares in the very center of Moscow, is a unique symbol of Russian power. It was built at the end of the XV century. In the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin, the St. Basil's Cathedral is stunning in its beauty and originality, as well as the mausoleum in which the body of the fiery revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin rests.

The most important sights of Russia

Lake Baikal

The deepest and cleanest reservoir of the planet is located in Russia. This is Lake Baikal. Its maximum depth is 1642 meters. The lake contains about 20% of the global freshwater reserves! But Baikal is famous not only for impressive statistical records. "Pearl of Siberia" boasts incredibly picturesque shores. In addition, only here (and nowhere else on the entire planet) can one taste the most delicious fish - Baikal omul.

Trans-Siberian Railway

It is best to enjoy the views of Lake Baikal from the windows of the train, which bends around the reservoir along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. This is the longest railway in the world (9288 km) and one of the main attractions of Russia. In short, a unique object and an invaluable engineering monument! Today, the Transsib runs the fast train number 002M Moscow - Vladivostok. This impressive distance he overcomes in 6 days 7 hours and 10 minutes. Due to the huge duration of the route, the train cars are equipped with refrigerators, electric stoves, shower cabins and other necessary things.

Valley of Geysers

The Far East of Russia is an amazing region, within which a huge number of beautiful and unusual natural monuments are concentrated. One of those is the Valley of Geysers, located in Kamchatka. The largest geyser field in Eurasia has two dozen springs, which from time to time push boiling water out of themselves along with clubs of hot steam. Fantastic sight! You can only get here by helicopter and with a guide.Independent "wild" trips of tourists to the valley are strictly prohibited.

main sights of Russia list

Mountain Elbrus

If we are already talking about natural monuments, then it is impossible not to mention this object. Mount Elbrus, without a doubt, is considered one of the main attractions of Russia. The photo of the highest peak of the country amazes with its grandeur and severity. But this does not stop thousands of brave souls who want to conquer it. Among them are both beginners and highly experienced climbers. The absolute height of Elbrus is 5642 meters. The “3800 m” mark can be reached by cable car, which greatly simplifies the task.


The Hermitage is one of the most famous museums on the planet, which recently celebrated its 250th anniversary. There are more than three million exhibits in his collections - paintings, sculptures, fragments of ceramics, jewelry ... But why not? Few people know that the Hermitage began as a private collection of paintings by Catherine II, and access to it was closed to "ordinary mortals" until 1852.


After seeing the Hermitage exposition in St. Petersburg, it is foolish not to stop at Peterhof, located just 30 kilometers from the northern capital.The magnificent royal residence of Peter the Great with a park, magnificent fountains and sculptures has been preserved here. It was built in the middle of the XVIII century by the project of the famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

All the main sights of Russia

Kizhi graveyard

The architectural ensemble on the island of Kizhi, which is on Lake Onega, resembles from afar a skillful hand-made article made of matches. A rough bell tower, a massive fence and an openwork 22-domed church, built with the help of only one ax - all this is now under the protection of UNESCO.

Mamaev Kurgan and Motherland

The Battle of Stalingrad is a key page in the history of the Second World War. A large-scale memorial complex dedicated to this event was opened in Volgograd in 1967. The main object of the memorial is a huge statue of Motherland Calling, made of 5.5 thousand tons of concrete and 2.4 thousand tons of metal. The total height of the monument is 86 meters. And the sword that “Motherland Motherland” militantly holds in his hand weighs 14 tons.

main sights of russia photo

Gergard's Mill

In our list of the main attractions of Russia there are two objects that are directly related to the Great Patriotic War. And both of them are located in the same city - Volgograd.The half-ruined Gergardt Mill is an old brick building of blood-red color. During the Battle of Stalingrad, it was disfigured by numerous shelling and bombing. But survived. They did not restore the mill - they left it as it is, as a reminder of that terrible and merciless war.

Lena pillars

Lena Pillars in Yakutia is a unique geological phenomenon, a series of bizarre vertically located rocks, stretching for many kilometers along the Lena riverbed. The height of the individual "pillars" reaches one hundred meters. The natural monument is far from civilization, but there are two camp sites where travelers can stay overnight.

Plateau Man-Pupu-Nör

The plateau with a rather exotic name is located within the Komi Republic. From the Mansi language it can be translated as: "a small mountain of idols." Idols are here indeed. But it was not man who created them, but nature. These are the five pillars of weathering with a height of 30-40 meters. According to legend, these are petrified giants, according to science - the remains of ancient rocky mountains that existed on this place about 400 million years ago.

The main sights of Russia photos with names and descriptions

Oreshek Fortress

The unique and impregnable fortress is located on a tiny island on the Neva. It was founded in 1323 by the Moscow Prince Yury Danilovich. The stronghold has the shape of an irregular triangle and consists of five towers connected by walls. The fortress "Oreshek" suffered greatly during the Second World War. For 500 days, a handful of Soviet fighters defended it from fascist troops, preventing the latter from crossing the right bank of the Neva and cutting the so-called road of life.

Palace Bridge

Bridges and white nights - these are, perhaps, the main associations that a tourist has in his head when he mentions St. Petersburg. The most popular and most photographed in the Northern capital is the Palace Bridge. Against the backdrop of the spire of the Peter and Paul Fortress, he looks like a beautiful millet! During the summer season, the Palace Bridge is bred twice a day: at 1:25 and at 3:10.

main sights of russia photo with description

Curonian Spit

The sandy spit with a length of almost a hundred kilometers connects two cities - the Russian Zelenogradsk and the Lithuanian Klaipeda. This is a real open-air museum of natural areas! Driving along the spit, you can see various landscapes: meadows, swamps, birch groves, pine forests and even deserts.Arriving on the Curonian Spit, all the tourists will certainly visit two sites - the famous dune of Efa and the so-called Dancing Forest.

Derbent fortress

Derbent is one of the oldest settlements in the world. The first mention of it dates back to the sixth century BC. In 2003, the historic part of the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Derbent fortress is just a fragment of a grandiose defensive system that in ancient times protected the peoples of the Transcaucasus from the northern nomads.

Diamond mine "Mir"

Right on the outskirts of the city of Mirny (Yakutia) is a giant funnel with perfectly round outlines. This kind has a spent quarry for the extraction of diamonds. The deposit of the most valuable stone was discovered here in 1955. Near the quarry, the city of Mirny itself soon grew. The dimensions of the funnel are impressive: the diameter of the “hole” is 1200 meters, and its depth is 525 meters.

The main sights of Russia photos with names

Marble Canyon in Ruskeala

Another fantastic man-made object is located in the natural park Ruskeala in Karelia. Once, marble was actively mined here: the valley of the Tokhmayok River was heavily dotted with a system of quarries and galleries.When the extraction of the stone stopped, the quarries were quickly filled with water, turning into incredibly picturesque lakes with marble shores. A curious fact: many historical buildings and temples of St. Petersburg are lined with local marble.

Amber Museum

About 90% of global amber production falls on Russia, in particular - on its Kaliningrad region. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a museum of “sun stone” in Kaliningrad. It is located in the center of the city, in the rounded fortress tower of the XIX century. The total area of ​​the museum halls is impressive - 1000 square meters. Here you can see various samples of amber, curious inclusions, paintings, boxes, dishes, watches and other products made from this stone.

"Heart of Chechnya"

One of the most beautiful and largest mosques in the world is located in the city of Grozny. It is located on the bank of the Sunzha River, surrounded by colored fountains. It becomes incredibly beautiful here in the dark when the night lights come on. The “Heart of Chechnya” mosque was built in 2008. The highlight of the mosque - 36 magnificent chandeliers. The largest of them repeats in form the main Islamic shrine of the Kaaba from Mecca.The creation of all these chandeliers took about three kilograms of gold and over a million Swarovski crystals.

Oymyakon Village

You complain about the winter cold and severe frost? Say thank you that you do not live in Oymyakon! This small village in Yakutia is called the “cold pole”. In the winter months, the air temperature here is in the range of 40-50 degrees. With a minus sign, of course. Although in summer the air can warm up to +30 Celsius. The severity of the local climate is explained by several factors: the location in the circumpolar latitudes, a considerable distance from the ocean and a rather large absolute height (740 meters above sea level). The officially registered minimum air temperature in Oimyakon is 69.6 degrees.

main natural sights of Russia

Nevyansk tower

Its "Leaning Tower" is in Russia. It is located in the city of Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk region. Nevyansk tower was built in 1732. Its height is 57 meters, and the deviation from the vertical is almost two meters. Why and when exactly the tower bent down is not known exactly.

Lace Museum

The museum expositions tell about the history of the development of traditional art craft in Vologda - lace-making.Here are the products from the XVII century. In 2015, the Museum of Lace in Vologda entered the top ten museums in Russia.

Trinity Sergius Lavra

Russia's largest Orthodox monastery is located in Sergiev Posad. The year of its foundation is the 1337th. For a long time the monastery was a stronghold of the Moscow rulers in the fight against the Tatar-Mongols. The architectural ensemble of the Lavra evolved over four centuries. The best architects of the country took part in its creation.

Moscow subway

The final attraction on our list is the Moscow Metro - one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. Trips on the Moscow metro are very popular among foreign tourists. Moscow Metro - a real art museum! Many stations are striking pomp and richness of interior decoration.

main attraction of Russia in one word


In this article we listed all the main attractions of Russia. Of course, our list does not claim to be completely objective and accurate. Each of readers, undoubtedly, can add to this list and some objects. And he will be absolutely right!

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