The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi

In the north of Russia is a wonderful land -Komi Republic. Long ago, in the Middle Ages, the lands of this region were part of the Novgorod Republic. During its existence, the state survived the financial ups and the crisis that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. The consequences of the difficulties have affected the current situation, which is why the population of the Komi, albeit at a slow pace, is declining. The only thing that pleases is the sights of the Komi Republic, which are abundant here. In the province there are many natural objects, as well as monuments built by people. Many tourists come here who admire the beauty of the local nature and the splendor of the local architecture.attractions of the Komi

Biosphere Reserve

The main sights of the Komi Republic -they are objects of nature. Some of them were created by people, for example the Pechora-Ilychsky biosphere reserve. It was located on the western slope of the Ural Mountains. On the east side, the reserve limits the ridge of the Belt Stone. And from the western, northern and southern sides it is limited by the rivers Ilych and Pechora. On the territory of the biosphere reserve there is Torrepororeus mountain, Manpupuner ridge and virgin forests, which are included in the list of World Natural Heritage sites.

Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve was established in 1930. It was set up in order to preserve the natural complex of the north-eastern side of the European part of the Union. Basically, it was intended to preserve the natural habitat of the sable. Many sights of the Komi Republic, parks, reserves and sanctuaries were created precisely in order to preserve certain kinds of animals or plants.

City of the coal industry

In the north-west of the republic there isa small town of Inta. Its population barely exceeds 30 thousand people. And if you walk through this village, you will not find anything surprising in it: a small area surrounded by impenetrable forests and beautiful lakes. Surprising in this village is his story, which is really incredible. Nature has awarded this area with luxurious deposits of coal. About such a treasure people were destined to learn only in the century before last. And drilling began here only on December 17, 1931.

In Intu on such hard labor were sentprisoners. The first results - 5,300 tons of coal - were issued in 1942. The city of Inta was developing quite quickly and in 1944 was given the status of a working village. Throughout 1953-1954 in the city one of the few architectural monuments was built here - a water tower. The monumental object was erected from red brick. The status of the town of Inta was found in 1954. city ​​int

An Amazing Natural Monument

The columns of weathering (the Republic of Komi) areAn amazing natural object, located on the mountain Man-Pupu-Ner. They represent seven remains in height from 30 to 42 meters. Nobody really knows the history of the appearance of these stones. They are surrounded by many secrets, legends and mysteries. In one of the legends it is told that once upon a time there lived the all-powerful Mansi tribe in Komi. The men of this tribe were skillful and strong hunters. The leader of Mansi was a wise leader. He was always helped by spirits who were close friends with all members of the tribe. Thanks to this, in each yurt of Mansi there was friendship, peace and luxury.

The leader had two children: Pigrychum's son and daughter Aim. Aim was so beautiful that the giant Torev decided to take possession of it. When the girl with a laugh refused him, he, along with his brothers attacked the Mansi tribe. They brought a lot of trouble to the people, but Aim was clever and managed to outwit the giant. She asked the spirits to give her brother an unknown strength and help the tribe. Pukhrychumu with the help of weapons that gave him perfume, managed to turn Torev and his brothers into stone idols, which are now standing on Man-Pupu-Ner.pillars of weathering the Republic of Komi

Cave with relict ice

There is in Komi Cave Ice, which, unfortunately,today little has been studied. It is a complex system of moves and halls. In the republic it is the only open cave in which there are burials of relict ice. In most of the halls and courses in the grotto, the floor, walls and vault are covered with countless openwork large crystals, as well as branches of cave ice crystals. Many crystals have a diameter of three to four centimeters. And in the far corner of the hall rise 70-90-centimeter ice mountains.cave ice

Other attractions

Attractions of the Republic of Komi, whichalso recommended to see is the Trinity-Stefano-Ulyanovsk monastery, founded in the late 14th century. In the tradition it is said that St Stefan of Perm established it.

In addition, the national park "Yugyd va" will be interesting for tourists. The area of ​​the object is 1 891 701 hectares. It is the largest national park in the Russian Federation.

In the Republic of Komi interesting is the Museum of History of the Northern Railway, opened in 1994. There are documents, personal belongings and photographs of the builders of the section of the Northern Railway.

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The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi The most famous sights of the Republic of Komi