The results of 2014. The best photo reports

2014 was very rich in interesting events and travels. For example, the first time I really went abroad. That is, not in the former Soviet states, but in the EU. And at once in four countries - first there was Poland, then Romania, then the Czech Republic and a small piece of Slovakia. I also managed to drive a bit in Ukraine, though much less than before. During the year I saw a dozen new cities, half a dozen castles, a couple of canyons, mines and other interesting places. Photo reports turned out a lot. In this post, I remember the best.
1) At Christmas we traditionally went to Uman. I photographed Sophiyevka a lot earlier - in the winter and in the autumn - I walked along the center of Uman, and I was even at a biker rally. This time I decided to focus on the Jewish quarters. This post was the first in 2014 and became the most popular on views.

2) In April - the first trip abroad. Poland. We traveled by rail to Lviv, then by shuttle bus to the border, on foot, then by train to Krakow. In a week, we managed to travel around half a dozen places of interest in the south of Poland - in addition to Krakow, we saw Wroclaw, Ksiж замок Castle, Wieliczka Salt Mine and the closed coal mine in Zabrze.The photo report from there, in my opinion, was the most interesting.
The remaining entries from this trip can be found on the tag Poland.
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3) In the summer of travel was the most. For a start, an unexpected and very short trip to Romania. This country was for me, perhaps, the main discovery of the year. I did not even think that it was so beautiful and interesting. Three days we spent in Transylvania. Sighisoara, Brasov, Dracula’s castle and the Transfagaras mountain road are the most beautiful roads in Europe.

4) By the middle of summer, the first sortie over Ukraine had happened. Let's go look at the estate Kurisov near Odessa. The Moorish palace in the Black Sea steppe is fantastic and only. In Soviet times, there was a technical school here, in the 90s everything burned down. Now only the walls of the manor are left. We had time to appreciate her beauty. Before the new year, the eastern facade collapsed completely. True, the estate was redeemed and promised to be fully restored by 2020. So, those who have not seen it are real ruins of the county.
5) After that there was another sortie not far from Odessa. Kuyalnitsky estuary. Here I try to be at least once a year. Places unusually scenic. Especially in August - at this time the estuary dries out even more than usual and salt protrudes to the surface.It turns out a huge salt desert. And the water becomes pink because of algal blooms. In December, the estuary was connected to the sea. This will save it from drying out. But never again such space landscapes will not.

6) Aktovsky canyon. This is one of the most beautiful and unusual places in Ukraine, where I was. The place is often called the “Devil's Valley” and compared to the American Grand Canyon. Between the high cliffs meanders a small river Deadwater. According to legend, the ancient Scythians sent along its course to the final journey of their kings. Rocks around rise to 50 meters. How and why among the steppe such a place arose is completely incomprehensible. The landscapes here are incredibly beautiful, especially at dawn - with the first rays of the sun the rocks become peach-pink.

Nearby there is another interesting canyon - Arbuzinsky.

7) In October, before it got colder, we went to the main journey of the year - to the Czech Republic. The main goal, of course, was Prague. This is the city I have dreamed of visiting since childhood. In no place on earth have I been pulled as much as in Prague. And then, finally, it happened.

In addition, we visited the fabulous Cesky Krumlov, sweet and undistorted Olomouc, saw the “terribly interesting” ossuary in Kutna Hora and a mini-copy of English Windsor - Hluboká nad Vltavou castle. All can be seen on the tag of the Czech Republic.

8) On the way back from the Czech Republic, we drove through the whole of Slovakia. Time, unfortunately, remained only on some one object. We chose the "Disney" castle Bojnice. I did not process the photos from there to the end, so for now, for the seed, one frame. And soon there will be a big post)
The plans were trips to the beloved Lviv, Kiev, Transcarpathia, Hungary and many other smaller places. But, for one reason or another, it did not work out. Hope to come out this year.
But the three best, in my opinion, the 2013 photo essay. It was interesting to watch it again)

What photo stories did you like the most? What was good and what should I pay more attention to? Interested in your opinion, friends. Also feel free to lay out in the comments links to your best posts in 2014. First of all, about traveling and unusual places where you managed to visit. Thank you and see you soon.
Soon there will be photo stories from the Technical Museum in Prague and the Bojnice Castle. And also - a detailed route around the Czech Republic, with all life hacks and tips where to live, what to eat and what to watch.

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