Biography of Yuri Kuznetsov

Childhood and family of Yuri Kuznetsov

Yura was born in Abakan. Dad worked in the police, was an officer. The boy knew about this profession not by hearsay. Father's comrades have been to their home more than once. Mom did not work, was engaged in housekeeping and parenting. Yuri had three sisters. Because of the service of the father, the family often had to move.
Yura's hobby during his school years was a theater group, he gladly went on stage. He really enjoyed getting applause. The actor himself says "hooked." After school drama circle, he joined the circle, which was organized at the regional drama theater.
Yuri Kuznetsov - the legendary Amanita from the series CopsYuri Kuznetsov - the legendary Amanita from the series Cops
Even in those years, he decided for himself that he would grow up and become an actor. After school, he entered the Vladivostok Pedagogical Institute of Arts, where he studied at the acting department. At the entrance exams, Yuri read "Vasily Türkine."

The beginning of the career of Yuri Kuznetsov: the first roles in the theater

For several years the young actor worked in the local theater, then there was a theater in Khabarovsk and in Omsk. Kuznetsov considers these years a real school. Provincial theaters for the season managed to put up to seven or eight premieres, where all the actors were involved. It happened that one had to go on stage twice a day in different performances. In such theaters hack work is simply impossible.
By profession, Kuznetsov is not only a theater actor, but also a film actor. That is what is written in his diploma. As a film actor, he tried himself at thirty-seven years old, starring in Torpedo, where he played the hero Fomenko. Another significant film in his film career is “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, which was shot by Alexey German. In this picture, the actor got the role of the head of the police department. Thanks to the work in these two paintings, Yuri finally became famous. He often began to offer roles, however, they were all secondary.
Soon the talented actor was invited to the Leningrad Comedy Theater. There, in ten years, he played quite a few roles, including “Clean Waters of Kitezh” and “Easy Money”. Year Yuri had to live in the theater, until the family arrived in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), and he was not given an apartment on the outskirts of the city. The actor left this theater in the 1996th.He just got bored there, it seemed he was choking.
Arriving in the northern capital, Kuznetsov began to act more often. His heroes were policemen, gangsters, miserable lovers or noble fathers. The roles were diverse, but they were always very talented, which was the reason for the popularity of Yuri.
It should be noted the work of Kuznetsov in the movie "Brother". He played a good-natured and touching "German". Another interesting role was played by the actor in the movie "Moscow Nights." It was a sad and thoughtful investigator.

Yuri Kuznetsov in the TV series "Menti"

When Kuznetsov received an invitation to work on the Menty television series, he could not have imagined that he would linger there for many years. He got the role of Lieutenant Colonel Petrenko. It should be noted that according to the scenario, his hero did not have the nickname “Amanita”. He was accidentally “rewarded” by one of the actors, jokingly. However, it was liked by the writers and the director, as a result of which this nickname was entered into the picture. Very soon, the actor was not called “Amanita” and even the pedestrians who approached the popular artist thanked him for the role of “Amanita”.Oscar Kuchera, Evgeny Dyatlov, Anastasia Melnikova, Alexander Lykov, Sergey Selin and others also starred in this series.
Black stripe in the life of Yuri Kuznetsov
At the beginning of the filming, Yuri regarded work as a temporary part-time job, as something short-term. But the project was very well received by the audience, so it was decided to extend it for years. The cast, in Kuznetsov’s opinion, came up just wonderful, all the guys were professional talented actors.
This was followed by shooting in the same role, but the television series was already called “Streets of Broken Lanterns”. The series about the militia with the name “Opera” was also not without Yuri Alexandrovich.

New films by Yuri Kuznetsov

Time passed, and the actor decided not to play criminal shows anymore. As Kuznetsov says, he was tired of playing catch-shooters. From the actor's point of view, such work became just uninteresting to him. Initially, the project "Streets of Broken Lanterns" was conceived and developed by Alexander Kapitsa. We started making high-quality movies, but then everything changed a lot. First, the series was shot in seven days, then six, and so on.
Yuri Alexandrovich among his last works in a big cinema liked the work of Pavel Lungin in his film “Tsar”. Kuznetsov played Malyuta Skuratov there, having perfectly coped with the role. The image created by him does not frighten the viewer. His Malyuta is a professional, the creator of the power structure with the king, but not an evil maniac.

Yuri Kuznetsov today

The actor is filming everything in new and new projects. Much today depends on the channels. It happens that the shooting of a series should begin, then it turns out that the money has not reached, you have to wait for the channel to decide.
In the life of actor Yuri Kuznetsov, a tragedy occurred - his wife diedIn the life of actor Yuri Kuznetsov, a tragedy occurred - his wife died
Often the actor is invited to festivals where he comes with his youngest daughter. So at the film festival called “Amur Fall”, which was held in Blagoveshchensk, along with his daughter Kuznetsov was on the jury. “Literature and Cinema” is a Gatchina festival where the artist distributed prizes and read Brodsky’s poems.

Personal life of Yuri Kuznetsov

The actor had divorced his first wife, Valentina, when Natasha’s daughter was already an adult. They studied at the same institute and got married in the third year. Together, then worked in the same theater.Valentina played mainly the main roles, Yuri also played more of the supporting role, often without cues. Everything changed when they moved to Omsk. In the Omsk Theater, on the contrary, the main roles appeared in Yuri, while his wife did not work in Omsk.
With his second wife, the actor met in Moscow. This happened when, in one of his trips to the capital, he helped a woman from a nearby hotel room. She had a son who was sick and needed to be brought to the taxi. The actor at the time of the second month was on the set of the movie “The Defector”. Since then, they are together. She fell in love with him, seeing the movie "Point of Return", in which Kuznetsov played the courageous commander of the aircraft. The wife of the actor was named Irina. Married daughter was Alexandra. It was the 1995th year. Yuri and Irina got married when their daughter was six years old. Moreover, they were married in a small church.

The tragedy in the life of Yuri Kuznetsov: the death of his wife

In the winter of 2012, Irina died after a stroke. In addition, she suffered from diabetes for a long time. Yuri Alexandrovich was left without a beloved wife, whom he always called "his own happiness."
With the daughter of the actor friendships.He considers it a gift of fate. Weekends they usually spend together, attending theater premieres. Sasha starred in several episodes in the films where Yuri Alexandrovich was shot. She decided that the actress will not, because she sees how much strength this profession takes from her father.
Yuri Alexandrovich can not imagine life without reading. There is a large library in his office. Even on trips and on filming, he travels with a book. This love he had since childhood. There were almost no books in the parents' house, so I had to take them in the library. Throughout his life, Kuznetsov carried the feeling of happiness from “communication” with the book.

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