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Quite often, people ask who a social educator is. This is a question that worries many young parents and some teachers. After all, it seems that the teacher is such everywhere. But what have the "social" then? Does this employee have any specific duties at school that distinguish him and distinguish him from the masses of other teachers? Social educator, it can be said, for many is an eternal and incomprehensible mystery. Only today we will try to open the veil of secrecy and figure out what is what. That is, take a closer look at this important work.

Who it

Of course, a social teacher is a teacher. And mostly in schools. But how is he different from an ordinary teacher? Many believe that nothing. Except for the name. But in reality this is not at all the case. The thing is that a social teacher in school is a very important employee. Why?social educator is

Because he, in theory, should better understand children's behavior and psychology, which helps such an employee to better organize classes. Plus, a social teacher, according to some directors, should be engaged in the worldview and education of students. And it is right. Only here there are a lot of different tasks for such an employee. And they can be said to be unlimited. Let's try to figure out with you what the work of a social pedagogue with children is. It is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance.


The first point that can only be assumed is social assistance to students. It can be said that a social teacher is to some extent a profession that combines an ordinary teacher and a psychologist. Only usually such an employee tries to help the children in the process of socialization. And adapting to a new place of study, if the child was transferred for some reason to another school.

To be honest, the activity of a social teacher is very well seen in kindergartens and elementary school. There, kids are taught to communicate with adults, peers, and they also teach behavior in society.Without this, it is impossible to imagine a reasonable teacher

However, this is not the only responsibility of such an employee. There are a lot of them. And do not confuse a psychologist, a teacher and a social teacher. Although all three professions interpreted at school are very similar to each other. Especially regarding some educational points.


As already mentioned, a social educator sometimes helps to adapt to new students at school. And just adaptation (not only new ones) is another duty of such an employee. And this applies to employees of the educational institution.

It should also be mentioned that the social teacher in the school is obliged to develop concepts that help to maintain a favorable environment at the workplace and at the workplace. Only in practice, this moment is extremely rare. Or it is not always possible to bring it to teacher in school

The main problem of creating an atmosphere suitable for study and work is society. In each educational institution contact different personalities. And if you take into account everyone and everyone (how to do it), then it is simply impossible to find a middle ground.Thus, the creation of a favorable atmosphere in school, as well as assistance in adaptation to the staff of the institution, as a rule, is placed on the shoulders of psychologists. Or even "omit" them.


The work of a social teacher includes responsibilities for educating the younger generation. That is, you will have to shape the values ​​and worldview of children. Usually this task is assigned to a kindergarten or elementary school, where it is still very easy to influence kids.

However, in practice, this trend is also extremely rare. After all, often the work of a social pedagogue in school is to "settle" disputes between children and the banal conduct of a lesson in a particular subject. But sometimes such employees are specially appointed as class teachers - here you will have to deal with the “upbringing” of schoolchildren, regardless of your desires.


An extremely important point that can only occur is the provision and holding of consultations. The instruction (official) of the social pedagogue includes this item. Moreover, they will have to help and advise on various issues.the work of a social teacher

For example, to give advice to teachers and help them organize classes in such a way that they are interesting for students. Or attend parent meetings and lead conversations about the behavior of each student as a whole. In addition, sometimes you have to replace the child psychologist. Especially when it comes to socialization and adaptation to a new place of study. This is not an adaptation, but the establishment of contact with teachers and peers. In a situation like this, a social teacher is someone who should advise a student and give him advice on communication. And it is very important to observe the emotional state of the student at this moment.

In fact, it usually turns out that social teachers simply lead classes and attend parent meetings. Especially when children have behavioral problems or evaluations. In such cases, teachers are really ready to give advice and recommendations. In most cases, they are effective and efficient.

Organization of events

To be honest, a social teacher is not only a teacher. It is also a good organizer.That is, the duties of such an employee include conducting and organizing various events. For example, educator activity

It is the social pedagogues who must search for a suitable venue for the holiday, as well as organize this or that event. Developing a plan, promoting an idea is all the responsibility of our current employee. Usually, there are no problems with holidays - it’s enough to conduct a survey among teachers, students and parents, and then choose the most suitable place.

The main problem of organizing events arises when they concern the educational process. That is, the social teacher is obliged to take care of holding various events for the training and improvement of teachers, as well as students. As a rule, after school hours. A good worker should not only conduct and organize such an occupation, but also attract a “public” to him.


There is also one more very specific case that concerns our current profession. It is about helping with the employment of students. Techniques of a social teacher, as a rule, should help children choose for themselves the most suitable profession, as well as a convenient place to work and build a career ladder.the work of a social teacher in school

Only here in practice no one observes this duty. Is it possible now to imagine a pupil who can turn to a social teacher for help in finding employment? Of course not. Thus, usually finding a job for a student is a purely individual task of parents and their children, which in no way belongs to social educators.

But there is one small but. Often, such employees carry out special tests for vocational guidance. The results, in turn, become very good assistants and advisers for young schoolchildren who serve to select a place of work. It can be said that a modern social teacher at school provides indirect assistance to children in the matter of choosing a profession and finding a job.

Behavior analysis

A social teacher is not only a teacher who combines the skills of an organizer and consultant. It is also a good analyst. He, as a rule, should follow the students and analyze their behavior. In case of problems, report to the class teacher and parents. And, of course, give advice on how to fix the problem.

This duty is implemented in practice extremely rarely.After all, most ordinary teachers who conduct classes in classes report on deviations in behavior. Nevertheless, a professional social educator must be able to start “sounding the alarm” in time, and also correctly draw conclusions regarding the child’s behavior. Psychology helps very well in this of a social teacher with children

If necessary

So we studied with you the profession of social teacher. As you can see, his activities are extremely diverse, and his responsibility is enormous. Therefore, it is necessary to think whether it is worth getting a job.

There is no single answer. If you have a "soul is" to the education of children and their education, then you can try. Just be prepared for a busy work schedule, as well as nervous work and a small salary. As a rule, social educators are found among the elderly.

Young employees are not particularly happy about this place of work. It can be said that over time it begins to become obsolete and loses its relevance. In particular, due to the lack of professional staff. It is understandable - no one will specifically study at the university, then to earn a penny.

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