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They say that every blog should have a top post. If I need to, I'll do it.
Bye for now.
I have two hobbies - old, from my youth, HAM RADIO is a radio amateur, I talk on the radio with different hobby colleagues all over the world. The truth of the time it takes a lot, even more than the second hobby. And time is just not enough. I try, “twitch”, competitions, sometimes I whisper into the microphone or tap the telegraph from home.
The second is also old, but there was a break. A photo. There is no definite goal. This is definitely not a way to make money. I take pictures of what is interesting, I like to study shooting, processing. I am pleased to look at the work of colleagues, especially when they write about the process. I accept any abuse and praise.
I rented on Nikon, Crop Factor, simple lenses, as time is available.
I do not like politics, economics and talk about money. For me, all people are good, smart and worthy.
I communicate in Russian and English. I prefer the normal, but the mat to the place does not bother me. And I myself can "in the field" attach correctly.
All for now.
I'll be editing and changing something as needed.
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