Treatment of dysbiosis with folk remedies

Dysbacteriosis is a very common disease. Its symptoms are noted in about 85% of adults and in 90% in children.

The disease can have a long andto transform into a rather heavy form. However, if you know what to treat dysbacteriosis, and most importantly - to begin therapy on time, you can get rid of its manifestations without much difficulty.

It should be noted that any healthyhuman in the intestine are microorganisms that support immunity. Reception of antibiotics, allergies, infections provoke replacement of useful microflora pathological. To save such necessary stomach and intestines microorganisms, and the treatment of dysbiosis with folk remedies and medicines is applied.

One of the most common recipesis a tea made from birch leaves. First, one sheet should be brewed, adding one every day and up to forty. Then the amount is reduced daily by one. To drink tea it is recommended on an empty stomach, and to brew in the evening.

In addition, the treatment of dysbiosis with folk remedies includes the use of rye or wheat bran. They take a tablespoon in the morning before eating.

A separate event that is included in the treatmentdysbiosis by folk remedies, is the cleaning of the intestine. The procedure can be very effective using apples. To do this, five kilograms of these useful fruits, washed well, put into a saucepan and pour boiling water. After closing the container with a lid, it must be placed for two hours in a warm place. After that, apples are wiped until a uniform consistency is obtained. It is used for three or four days. Other products can not be accepted. After such an "apple diet," the intestine will be cleared completely, and the health will improve significantly.

Carrying out treatment of a dysbacteriosis popularmeans, you can use calendula, plantain, St. John's wort, yarrow, tansy, cinquefoil (any kind), chamomile, oregano, horsetail, tansy. In addition, such plants as cranberries, nettles, celandine, tartar, clover, all kinds of rose hips and others possess antimicrobial properties.

Eucalyptus, for example, is able to suppress growth inintestine of staphylococcal bacteria. Tomatoes, due to the content of apple and citric acid in them, affect the pathogenic microflora. Favorable effect on the state of the intestines is provided by watermelons and white cabbage.

Treatment of dysbiosis in infants

In infants, the disease is characterized by swellingstomach, vomiting and frequent regurgitation. In this case, the baby raises tearfulness, upset appetite, weight decreases. The child begins to often and for a long time to hurt or be ill; be sick. In addition, dysbiosis in infants is accompanied by a loose stool with green impurities, mucus, and undigested food particles. There may be constipation.

Specialists highly recommend not to engage in self-medication of an infant. Only a doctor is able to give accurate recommendations for the choice of suitable therapy.

When treating dysbacteriosis in newborns, a largeimportance attached to the appointment of probiotics. These drugs contain live bifidobacteria. Their microcolonies pass through the digestive tract and settle on the mucous membrane in the intestine. Here begins their active reproduction, which helps restore the balance of microflora. In addition, to achieve more effective results in the process involved substances with antibiotic-like effects. They produce bifidobacteria. It should be noted that in this case it should be used drugs, rather than biologically active food additives.

In the treatment of dysbiosis in children usemedicine "Lineks." For babies under two years, one capsule is enough three times a day. If the child for some reason can not swallow it, the contents should be dissolved in water or warm tea.

Specialists recommend feeding a newborn baby. It is proved that the mother's milk contributes to the formation of a healthy intestinal microflora in a newborn child.

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