Universal electronic card. How to refuse a universal electronic card?

Quite recently in Russia there was such concept,as a universal electronic card. How to abandon it? This is the question that interests many people. After all, not all citizens have received it. It simply does not need them. Therefore, you have to think about refusal. After all, Russia is forcibly issuing an electronic universal card. Only now it is necessary to receive this document personally, by mail, no one will send it. For this reason, we have to think about how to correctly abandon the release of a universal card. If you prepare for the process, you can realize the idea without special problems.universal electronic card how to refuse

What is UEC

The first thing you need to understand is what is itrepresents a universal electronic card. How to abandon it? It is not so difficult to do this. The main thing is to know the rules of failure Maybe the card will seem really useful. The thing is that this document is an innovation in Russia. Therefore, not everyone knows about it.

UEK is a universal citizen card thatsimplifies the identification process, and also permits the use of a variety of public services. For example, using the site "State Service" without registration.

There are personal data on the citizen on the UEC. And this card is able to replace the policy of CHI and SNILS. The functions of this document are many. For example, you can use the card as a bank plastic. Only UEK is not in demand. The real acceleration of service to the population, which was conceived from the beginning, is not visible. Therefore, many people want to completely abandon this card. But how to do that?

Is there a possibility

First, you need to find out whether you can really refuse to issue a universal card. Some argue that it is impossible to implement this idea. But is it really so?

Since 2013, a universal electronicmap. How to refuse? 2014 allowed to realize the idea. People who did not want to use this opportunity had the right to simply leave the application of the corresponding sample in a certain place. And then the card was not automatically made.

Refusal from UEK could be completed up to 1January 2015. After that, the card was issued without fail. The citizen was offered to simply take her in a certain place. Many point to the fact that after 2015, to abandon the map was not possible. To some extent, this is the case - after all, there are no any clarifications regarding the preparation of the corresponding application after 1.01.2015.universal electronic card refuse

New terms

Only this does not interfere with the solution of thetasks. The idea of ​​issuing universal maps has not been successful - very few people use such a document in Russia today. So, not everyone needs a universal electronic card. How to abandon it? And up to what time can you do this?

In Russia, it is stilluniversal citizen card. At the moment, you can draw up the relevant documents before January 1, 2017. Such rules are in effect in 2016. Will it be possible to translate the task into reality after this date? While it is impossible to answer. It is recommended to think carefully before taking decisive action.

St. Petersburg

A citizen does not need a universal electronicmap? How to refuse? SPB is a city of Federal significance. It is home to a huge number of people. But despite this, there are not so many points of reception of applications in St. Petersburg.

The thing is that in this city there is onlyonly one place in which you can quickly apply for a refusal of a universal card. This is the "Information and Analytical Center." We can say, the head office of the company, which produces the UEK. It is located at: SPB, Transportniy Lane street, 6a.

Fortunately, there is no reason for panic. After all, despite the fact that the point of reception of applications is one, you can apply to any MFC in St. Petersburg. In these organizations you can not only receive a card, but also refuse it. True, waiting for an answer will take a long time. Especially when it comes to obtaining UEC.universal electronic card how to refuse 2014


Of course, if citizens want to order orto refuse to issue a universal card, it is not necessary to go to St. Petersburg. The thing is that there are points of reception of applications in every city. Only in them can both apply for a refusal / manufacture of plastic, and pick up this document.

Do not need a universal electronic card? How to refuse in Novosibirsk from her once and for all? To do this, it is enough to write a statement of the established pattern and refer it to the service point of citizens on issues related to the UEC. There are several such organizations in Novosibirsk. And all of them are multifunctional centers.

In order to cancel or order an order or receive it, you can apply to the following addresses (in Novosibirsk):

  • Area of ​​work, house 1;
  • microdistrict Gorsky, house 66;
  • Zyryanovskaya street, house 63.

At the moment, only in these places can andget a card, and discard it. It will only require an identity card and a statement from the citizen. If you do not take any action, the UEC will be issued to all those who did not abandon it until 2017.


But what about the inhabitants of the Ryazan Region? In general, the technology being studied is successfully used in large cities - there already in many shops you can pay with a universal card. For example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg. But in other regions this technology is not in great demand.universal electronic card how to refuse spb

The citizen realized that he does not need a universalelectronic card? How to refuse from Ryazan? The process is no different from the actions that are being taken in all other regions - an application is written and then it refers to a special point of reception of citizens on issues related to the UEC.

Residents of Ryazan and the region have the right to try their luck in a variety of multifunctional centers. But the official point of processing applications is only one in the city. Where exactly is it located?

To abandon UEC in Ryazan, it is necessarygo to the information technology center of the city. Or contact the Ministry of Industry for Innovation and Information Technology. These associations are located next to each other. So, to formalize the refusal or receipt of universal civil plastic, you will need to arrive with an application at one of the following addresses:

  • Zatinna Street, Building 8, building 2;
  • Zatinynaya 8, building 1.

Accordingly, at the addresses indicated,contact the documents and wait a while. If it is a question of refusing the card, the request will be taken into account on the day of appeal. But get UEC will be only 30 days after the order, if it was written application for the issue of the studied document.

Samara and the region

Now it is clear what isuniversal electronic card. How to refuse in Samara and the region from it? Do it no harder than in any other city. It is enough simply to write a statement, then bring it personally to the reception center for citizens on issues related to the UEC. And everything, nothing more is needed. This service is absolutely free. And at the moment, as already mentioned, the release can be canceled until January 1, 2017. Otherwise, the plastic will be released. And already in the appropriate places of issue there will be an opportunity to receive an electronic document.

If the citizen lives in Samara, he personally hasfull right to apply to the MFC for refusing the card. And in any organization of this type. It is not even necessary to do this in Samara. But in the city there is only one official point for receiving applications and issuing cards.universal electronic card how to refuse in Novosibirsk

It is located in Samara, on Panova Street, in house 16. This is a local center for information technology management. Here, the citizen will receive a corresponding statement. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is recommended to contact this person. In multifunctional centers, you can also come up with documents, but then you will have to wait longer for the moment when the request will be processed in full.

Such tests were prepared for citizensuniversal electronic card. How to refuse Tolyatti from her? Admission of the population on this issue is carried out in the regional center of information technologies. He is on the street Soviet, in house 74, the letter "A".

Important: the point of acceptance of applications and issuance of cards does not work 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is necessary to know the mode of operation of the regional center of information technology in Togliatti.


UEK is manufactured in every region of Russia. Therefore, the issue of obtaining, as well as rejection of this document, worries the whole population. And it does not matter where the citizens live. What other places of work with the population provides for a universal electronic card? How to refuse in Voronezh from her?

In this area, there are manypoints that make it possible to implement the idea. Do not be surprised if in addition to multifunctional centers are invited to visit with the relevant documents a variety of banks. At the moment, financial companies are also engaged in working with the public on issues of UEC. True, not everywhere and not all banks take such responsibility. While in Voronezh, formalize the refusal of the document studied at the following addresses:

  • Pushkinskaya, Building 41, OAO UralSib;
  • Moscow Avenue 4, office 106, "SogazMed";
  • Karl Marx, house 56, "Savings Bank";
  • Street Teatralnaya, house 20, "MInBank";
  • Druzhinnikov street, house 3, letter "B", MFC;
  • Zhukova 4, "CorazMed";
  • street Lizyukova 60a, "MineBank";
  • Leninsky Prospect, 25/1, insurance company "SogazMed";
  • street Rostov 34, MFC.

Before applying for a refusalfrom UEC, it is recommended to know the mode of operation of an organization. After all, initially the points of reception of citizens on the issues of handling, receiving, issuing and refusing a universal card are not working around the clock. By the way, it is not recommended to send applications by mail. Only a personal presence takes place. Otherwise, the refusal or request for the release of the document may be taken as a false statement. By phone, these actions can not be formalized in any way.universal electronic card how to opt out of ryazani


How to be residents of the capital, if they do not needuniversal electronic card? How to refuse in Moscow from this plastic? It is in the capital that there is only one specialized center that deals with issuing cards, as well as receiving certain applications from the population.

Where it is necessary to apply in this case? The Moscow Social Register is responsible for receiving citizens. It is here that a universal electronic card will be issued. You can also refuse from it in this organization.

Where is it? In Moscow, on Serpukhov Lane, in house 7, building 1. Here, in accordance with the schedule of the organization's work, you can not only formalize the rejection of the UEC, but also get a full consultation on the maintenance and use of this electronic document.

Of course, this is not the only place,which allows you to realize the idea. As it has been repeatedly said, citizens have the full right to apply for a refusal / release of plastic with an identity card in any multifunctional center. Both personally and by proxy. But to issue a document or refuse it by phone or regular mail will not work.


The need for a documentuniversal electronic card? How to refuse from this thing in Ulyanovsk? You can do it just like in any other city. A statement is written, then it refers to an organization that accepts documents for refusal or issuance of plastic. In Ulyanovsk, only one such place is officially available.

It is about the service "Electronic Ulyanovsk." It is located on Leo Tolstoy Street 36. Accordingly, everyone can turn here if they need to make plastic, or make a final rejection of it. Fortunately, every citizen can do this. If you ignore the filing of an application, then the UEC will automatically be released in the name of people who have not issued a request for a refusal, or for extradition.

General recommendations

Now it is clear what is universalelectronic card. How to abandon it from now on is also not a mystery. In fact, everything is extremely simple. We only need a passport and a statement. In the last document it will be necessary to write that the citizen refuses to issue and issue UEC in his name.universal electronic card how to refuse in Samara

How to understand exactly where to go in this or thatcity? It is recommended for this information to contact the official website of the UEC. There is a special interactive map. It displays all the points of work with clients on the issues of universal plastic in one area or another.

There is nothing difficult in the task set. The main thing beforehand is to worry about issuing or refusing the card. If it is a question of minors, the corresponding application should be made out on behalf of one of parents. Not so many universal electronic cards are needed now.

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