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Many films and books mention the seaThe US infantry as the most prepared and combat-ready part of the American army. The main task of the corps is to protect the states from the sea. It is located on the front line of defense, in its composition has armored, artillery, sniper and aviation units. The marines are subordinated to the US Navy Ministry of the Navy. The number is about 200 thousand people. Only special units are better prepared for them.

History of the creation of the US Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps is conducting its annals from 10November 1775. Congress, by its resolution, authorized the creation of two battalions for service on the ships of the Continental Fleet. Officially, the Marine Corps was established by the Fifth Congress of the United States in 1798. Currently, the Marine Corps, in addition to defending the coast, serves as a rapid reaction force. Official name: United States Marine Corps (USMC) - Marine Corps of the United States.

Among the army of the states this is the smallestThe unit, but more than any marines of other countries. In the composition even in peacetime, there are three divisions and three wings, not counting the parts of reinforcement and maintenance. Another division and wing are in reserve.

form Nato United States Marine Corps

The structure of the corps includes the forces of the Marine Corps of the Pacific Fleet and the Atlantic.

Emblem and motto of the case

The US Marine Corps is famous for its dedication anddedication, and therefore their motto sounds like "Semper Fidelis" (abbreviated as "Semper Fi"), from Latin it is translated "Always true". Under the same name, there is a march of the corps. And for the recruitment of recruits use a more sonorous and vivid motto: "The Few, The Pround, The Marines".

The emblem of the corps has not changed since 1868 andis an earth globe, an anchor and an eagle, as well as an inscription in a circle "Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps". Anchor means sea origin and adherence to marine traditions, the globe is ready to perform any combat mission anywhere in the world, and a proud eagle with a crest (which dwells almost all over the earth, and not an eagle from North America), closes its wings to the western hemisphere, and in the beak compresses the tape with the motto of the body. The form of the US Marine Corps also produces a craving for traditions with its own color.


The hull also has a seal, but instead of an eagle withthe crest is an eagle and the color is scarlet with gold and blue. These colors are basic for the flags of the hull. The US Marine watch is made with the emblem of the shell on the lid.

Organization of the case

Currently, the Marine Corps DivisionThey are stationed in California, North Carolina, Okinawa (Japan) and the reserve one - in Louisiana, New Orleans. The main unit of the corps is a regiment, consisting of 3-4 battalions, plus parts of maintenance and reinforcement. In the division 3-4 regiments, for special combat missions from 1-2 regiments can be formed a team. In many films about the corps mentioned names such as "Alpha", "Bravo", "Delta", etc. In fact, this is the name of the mouth in the battalion. A - Alpha, B - Bravo, C - Charlie, D - Delta, E - echo.

The organization of troops is not very different fromRussian. There are three or four platoons in the company. Three rifles, one weapon, medic, clerk, corporal, trainer, sergeant, first lieutenant and captain as commander. This is a rifle company. The platoon consists of three divisions, a medic, a sergeant and a lieutenant.

There is such a thing as a squad command,which consists of three fire groups and corporal. The smallest combat unit is a combat group from the commander, the machine gunner, the machine gunner's assistant and the shooter.

The US Marine Corps has its own reconnaissance. She was ignored for a long time, but the level of her preparation makes it possible to put her in line with special forces. It underwent strong changes at the end of the last century. Platoons were created for deep reconnaissance, their number is 23 people. The main groups were still groups of four (in many computer games you can find such connections, they include a sniper, a demolition man with a walkie-talkie, a machine gunner and a ground-attack aircraft).

Two reconnaissance battalions are quartered inCamp Lejeune and Camp Butler. Among the units there is a division of tasks. Small groups reconnoiter the area to a depth of 10 km, further into the course are companies of power reconnaissance, and they also carry out sabotage. The company of force reconnaissance includes 200 men, whose commander is a military man with the rank of colonel.

The company consists of six operational platoons of 20human. They are supported by a staff platoon consisting of an administrative unit, an operational unit, a combat training and parachuting unit, a logistics and support department, a transport and arms division, and a liaison office.

Training of Scouts

In every film about the American army there are footageon the training of soldiers, it is often shown incredibly heavy, which is not enough for all. Let's find out how the intelligence units of the corps are preparing.

To get on such training, it is necessarypre-serve in the US Marine Corps for 3-5 years, be in the rank of corporal and have an excellent performance. Then you need to pass the test, which includes a cross for three miles, a set of physical exercises for a time and a streak of obstacles, all this must be done twice. Then comes swimming in clothes and with shoes. A distance of 500 yards, you need to overcome it in the allotted time in 17 minutes. Then follows the ford transition with a rifle in hand, and in the end - a march-throw with a backpack for two and a half hours. Right after that - a written examination for professional competence and interviews with veterans of intelligence. By the way, Russian beret berets instead of interviews arrange an examination in hand-to-hand fighting, where a tested candidate must stand up against the full strength of the veteran. Exam of 15-20 people pass only 3-4 people.

US Marine Corps

In the ranks of intelligence remain the most powerful and persistent. Preparation lasts two years and includes five phases. Individual training takes 6 months, includes the basic knowledge base and skills. They include various tactical techniques of the Marine Corps, the technique of patrolling and guarding objects, the course of airborne training, the school of combat swimmers, the course of survival and behavior in captivity. They teach to resist methods of interrogation, organize other prisoners, teach methods of organizing escape, and also survival in the wild.

Further future scouts are taking coursesarmy rangers, mountain training, pathfinders, medical training and much more. In addition to the purely practical skills of survival, they study foreign weapons, long-range radio communications, and learn how to direct aviation. After the exam tests, the fighters join in one of the mouths of power reconnaissance.

Outfitters of the Marines, NATO uniform

The US Marine Corps is different in form from the othersparts of the army. True to the naval traditions, the body wears a blue uniform. They do not have standard patches and a flag of America, they rarely have their own names. There are several types of forms.

In general, military clothing used in NATO,very popular in other countries. Many prefer US marine boots instead of domestic ones. If you put a number of samples of different countries, then, as a rule, the quality can immediately be distinguished, that this is a form of NATO. The US Marine Corps is using this form.

Dress Uniform- the official form, or the ceremonial, whichdress for holidays and various activities. It has a color of the American flag. Usually it is dominated by blue or blue and white. This form can often be found on propaganda posters, in this connection it is used by recruiters. The dagger is also worn with the form.

Service Uniform- official green uniform, which is worn in its part. Most of the servicemen in the corps are wearing it.United States Marine Corps photo

Utility Uniform- Field uniform of the US Marine Corps, which is wornin the location of the unit, in exercises and in combat operations. It includes camouflaged pants, a jacket, boots, a belt and a tank top. There are colors for different types of terrain. In the summer, the sleeves of the jacket are rolled just above the elbow. If all the military of America is rolled up with camouflage outside, the Marines are rolled up with a light side and make a neat cuff. On the head wear an octagonal cap or panama with the emblem of the body. Previously, a metal emblem was used, but now it is simply embroidered.

US Marine Corps Armament

By its organization, the corps consists of forcesAtlantic and Pacific fleets (ground forces and aviation), reserve troops, ship commands, units for the protection of surface facilities, support and training units. In addition to three divisions, there are three groups of logistic support, as well as reinforcement units and three wing wings.

The division is the largest formationhousing, numbering 19,000 people. The division has 70 tanks "Abrams". This is the tank that Americans consider the best in the world. Also in service are self-propelled howitzer M110 and M109 and towed howitzers M198. From armament is easier to have 81-mm and 60-mm mortars, anti-tank missile systems "TOU" and "Dragon". Of the vehicles there are still floating APCs and cars. In addition to technology and a variety of small arms, the United States Marine Corps opener is very popular among fans of bladed weapons.

US Marine Corps

In addition to the headquarters and the regiments of the Marine Corps, the division includes: an artillery regiment, a tank battalion, a light motorized infantry, an intelligence battalion, a battalion of floating armored personnel carriers and an engineering battalion.

Formation of marine infantry in the form of units canrepresent an organized military force of up to 90,000 marines, provided with weapons, food and fuel for 60 days of fighting.

Regiment, battalion, expeditionary brigades and detachments

The units in combat service are unitedin expedition brigades with a total number of 3000 to 20,000 infantry corps. They are provided with everything necessary for thirty days of hiking and fighting. Also for raids and operations there are expeditionary detachments of 1500-3000 people with security for 15 days. Expeditionary detachments are delivered to the zone of operation on landing ships.

The Marine Corps Regiment - the standard formation -Includes three battalions of the US Marine Corps, a headquarters, a staff company and an anti-tank platoon with a Tou missile system in service. The artillery regiment performs the task of fire support of the main forces and includes a headquarters, a staff battery, five artillery battalions and a battery of instrumental reconnaissance.

US Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps Battalion - aboutthousands of people - is armed with BMP, mortars, self-propelled guns, sets of "Tou", anti-aircraft guns and vehicles. Consists of a battalion of headquarters, company service and staff company, three assault mouths and a weapons company.

The tank battalion is a real shock group of 70 M60A1 tanks. In its composition, in addition to the headquarters and staff company, there are four tank and one anti-tank company.

The intelligence battalion is the smallest in number -only 450 people. Performs tasks on tactical reconnaissance and provides information to the command. Three reconnaissance companies can be divided into 48 groups of four to carry out reconnaissance operations.

The battalion of amphibious armored vehicles has 208 machines of LVT-7 type on its account. Participates in reconnaissance and amphibious operations.

The engineering battalion, numbering 900 marines, carries out engineering and engineering support, for which it has one engineering company and four demining engineers.

Battle Glory Corps

If you ask the American what the best troops are, he will answer - the US Marine Corps. The photos of these brave guys are full on the Internet, they are often mentioned in the media about them.

For its 235 years of history, US Marinesparticipated in many battles: the Battle of Bello Wood, Iwo Jima, the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, the assault of Faludji and the siege of Khesani. Of the modern operation, the most famous are "Desert Storm" and "Iraqi Freedom".

movies about the US Marine Corps

Infantry corps, in addition to combat duty onon land and on ships, take on the role of policemen and guard at various sites. Participate in raids through the jungle deserts, destroy bandits and evacuate civilians.

Since 1976 - under the program of counteraction to terrorism- parts of the Marine Corps began to participate in antiterrorist operations. Intelligence units successfully operate both in the city and in the wild.

The Marine Corps took part in the invasion ofGrenada and Panama. During the Gulf War, the Marines showed themselves, as well as Kuwait, Somalia, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Movies about the US Marine Corps cover many of these conflicts.

Marine Corps of the Russian Federation and the USA

The US Marine Corps is considered the benchmarkmilitary valor and serves as an example for others. Military specialists and patriots argue, whose troops are better - Russia or the United States. Soldiers of the body are better equipped, they have more electronic devices to facilitate the conditions of service. Each fighter is a specialist in his business.

Russian Marines are on par with airborne troops and serve as an example for the rest of the armed forces. They bring up pride in their troops, a sense of brotherhood and duty.

United States Marine Corps photo

And who is better in battle, who has more reliable and stronger weapons - in fact, you can check only in combat. Hopefully this will never happen.

Service - work

Someone praises the army, someone scolds forExpenditure of budgetary funds and disregard for the peaceful population. Be that as it may, in fact, people who chose to serve in the country's troops and who swore an oath took responsibility for protecting the borders and the population.

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