Vacuum facial massage: a review of the procedure

The experience of using vacuum (canned) facial massage was shared by Nastya Kasyan, editor-in-chief. She will also talk about the effects, indications and contraindications for the procedure.

Hello, my name is Nastya, and I'm 33 years old. I have never had any problems with my skin and that I need to do something with it in order to “not lose face”, I realized only recently when I noticed the “creases” of the nasolabial folds and that the wrinkles on the forehead have become deeper than usually (they have been with me since the age of 20, and I got used to them for a long time).

Starting skin care with something radical, chemistry or injections, was scary. Therefore, when choosing a procedure, I stopped at a canned face massage. According to reviews, it is more awesome than manual massage, and at the same time no risk or pain.

Considering that I took the procedure "on trial" so that in case of failure I would not be very upset, I ordered several sessions through the service. The certificate for 5 procedures cost 299 UAH instead of 1250 UAH.

When I came to the salon, the beautician estimated the condition of my skin. She told me that the massage should be done after cleansing the skin (suggested ultrasonic cleaning). I explained the main points about the vacuum massage of the face.

I must admit, I was slightly disappointed that the "creases" and deep wrinkles will not disappear anywhere. Here something more serious than vacuum massage, for example, biorevitalization, is needed.

But canned massage can improve skin elasticity, correct the shape of the face and, if I had a second chin, I would remove it.

Before the massage, oil is applied to the skin (if you are allergic to any cosmetic oils, warn your beautician about this). Then the doctor begins to drive the nozzle connected to the device along the massage lines of the face. It is absolutely not painful, but even pleasant. The nozzle gently tightens the skin, and the device rumbles like a contented cat.

After the procedure, a cream is applied to the face.

I was afraid that after the massage my face would be red like a tomato, or purple like blackberries, because of bruises, but there was nothing like that, only a blush appeared. Plus, it turned out that the procedure can be managed during the lunch break (it lasts about 30 minutes).

After several sessions, the skin has really become more elastic and the oval of the face is clearer. So I am satisfied with the procedure, although she did not solve all my problems.

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Who is suitable vacuum massage of the face. Indications

From the vacuum massage of the face should not expect that it will solve all your problems. It is effective only in the following situations:

  • low skin tone
  • dry skin
  • scars after acne or after their treatment
  • double chin
  • facial swelling
  • bags under the eyes, dull skin
  • rough, rough texture of the skin
  • loss of clarity oval face after 30 years
  • shallow wrinkles

How Vacuum Massage Works

The principle of vacuum massage is almost the same as that of the ordinary. Thanks to it, the blood flow to the skin increases, which contributes to the regeneration properties (healing of scars), the improvement of trophic processes (skin nourishment), the acceleration of metabolic processes (the person "loses weight") and the production of collagen (lifting effect).

The difference with the manual massage of the face, perhaps, is that with a vacuum, a greater effect is achieved. So, what should be expected from the procedure:

  • improving skin tone (face lift)
  • improvement of complexion
  • swelling
  • the second chin disappears or decreases noticeably
  • small wrinkles are smoothed out
  • small scars disappear


Contraindications for vacuum facial massage

Despite its safety, this procedure is not suitable for everyone. There are a number of contraindications for the vacuum massage of the face.

  • Inflammatory skin diseases
  • Vessels located close to the skin surface
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin in the area where the procedure will be carried out
  • Infectious diseases
  • Warts, papiloma
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes or facial nerve
  • Oncological diseases
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Nodal diseases of the thyroid gland



In principle, I liked vacuum facial massage. The procedure is painless and pleasant. There are no bruises and reddenings after it, so no need to plan a couple of days after the massage to restore the human appearance.

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