Vladimir: parliament against the governor?

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region did not allow the newly elected governor to independently choose his deputies.
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According to Kommersant, the parliament of the region adopted the corresponding amendments at the first meeting after the elections. According to the document, the Legislative Assembly now has the right "to participate in the formation of the administration of the Vladimir region by agreeing on the appointment to the posts."
The authors of the bill were the United Russia’s Roman Kavinov, Dmitry Rozhkov and Alexander Tsygansky. The regional parliament passed it in two readings at once. The document was approved despite the fact that the KPRF and the LDPR voted against its adoption.
The elected governor of the Vladimir region, Vladimir Sipagin, who participated in the first meeting of the legislative assembly as a deputy (at that time he had not yet surrendered his mandate), said that it was incorrect to resolve such issues during the transfer of power from one governor to another.In his opinion, this is due to the fact that the head of Svetlana Orlova, who has lost the election, will sign the law, writes the Zebra TV publication.
Deputy Maxim Shevchenko, who also wanted to participate in the elections of the governor, but did not pass the municipal filter, assessed what was happening with the words "just beyond the limits."
Opposition representatives focused their colleagues on the fact that they did not think about coordinating the candidacies of the vice-governors when Orlova took office. At the same time, criminal cases of bribery are currently being investigated with respect to her two deputies, Elena Mazanko and Dmitry Khvostov.
However, according to Deputy Roman Kavinov, who is now Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Kiselyov, it is high time to pass the law on approval of the vice-governors: just so that the new governor does not make the mistakes of the old. The first secretary of the Communist Party's Vladimir Regional Committee, Anton Sidorko, in response to this, called the adopted initiative "Sidlana Orlova's farewell chord", which effectively blocks the work of the elected governor.
From the first time, the bill still could not be adopted - one vote was not enough.However, Vladimir Kiselev asked the deputies to vote again and try "to be more careful and not to be mistaken." As a result, the law was passed by 26 votes. Later, Kiselev explained that one of the parliamentarians had forgotten to press a button in the first voting, hence the need for a second attempt. We add that the deputies from the "Fair Russia" and the Communist Party of Social Justice (CPSU) supported the initiative of "United Russia".
After the decision was made, some MPs from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party set out to leave the hall, but the speaker of the Legislative Assembly noted that the regional parliament could work in the absence of other political forces.
As reported by Davydov.Indeks, in the second round of elections, the new governor of the Vladimir region, Vladimir Sipyagin, representing the Liberal Democratic Party, was supported by 57% of voters - 20% more than the current head of the region, Svetlana Orlov. Prior to that, Sipigin headed the LDPR faction in the regional Legislative Assembly, where he went along the party list headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky.
Simultaneously with the election of the governor, elections to the regional parliament were also held. The winner was the "United Russia": despite the factaccording to the lists, the party in power was able to gain only 29.57% of the votes, thanks to single-mandate candidates, she managed to obtain 23 mandates in the Legislative Assembly.
The situation is assessed by the political consultant, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Ekaterina Kurbangaleyeva: “We should not forget that the“ right of seniority ”is always with the legislature. At all levels. In any case, it should be so. The State Duma agrees the candidacy of the Prime Minister. And coordinating the governor’s deputies is a normal practice that exists not only in the Vladimir region. Another thing is that this was not the case under Svetlana Orlova. And this, of course, is too obvious slyness. And the special trick here is that the outgoing governor will sign this law. <...> But still, it seems to me that Vladimir Sipyagin will more quickly agree with the Vladimir elites on cadres, since he is their “flesh of flesh.” In this sense, the elected governor may be even more convenient, than Svetlana Orlova.
The regional parliaments have a stronger lever of influence - the passage of the budget. And where the governor and the legislative assembly have a consensus, at least determined by belonging to one party, the budget is accepted routinely, sometimes imperceptibly. Here I foresee a big collision.This will be due to several factors. "
Political analyst Kirill Nikolenko perceives what is happening in two ways. On the one hand, he believes that control of appointments by the Legislative Assembly is normal, on the other he sees the attempt of United Russia to make the governor dependent on herself: "As for the idea of ​​coordinating the deputies with the deputy assembly, the governor should form an order to what is in the parliamentary republics. There, as is known, both the head of the government of a country or a region, and the members of the government are determined by the legislative body, the party that won the elections, or the coalition of parties. <...> In Russia In these realities, where the legislative branch of power is affected, the amendments promoted in the Vladimir region can be presented as a measure to strengthen the parliament. The catch lies elsewhere. Through these changes in regional legislation, United Russia, whose candidate has lost gubernatorial elections , wants to consolidate the dependence of the head of the region, who is not a member of this party. <...> The EP, as is known, is not inclined to compromise and,having a qualified majority, together with their satellites, will build not a dialogue, but a rough pushing of what she wants. The forecast is coming true that the Liberal Democrat Sipagin will not be allowed to form a team at his own discretion, a coalition administration of representatives of the opposition forces. "
Well, something like this.
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