What if the fleas are in the house?

Fleas at home can cause big troubleowners. These are very small bloodsucking insects that can live on both animals and humans. The female lays eggs, and after a couple of weeks of them appear white worms. Feeding on the products of the life of adult insects or rotting food residues, a week later they turn into pupae, and a week later - adult insects appear.

Fleas can become carriers of such dangerousdiseases like hepatitis B and C, typhoid, plague and others. Infection occurs by biting or by contact with their feces. Therefore, their destruction is the only way to protect themselves from disease.

Fleas in the house can appear with domesticanimals or go from neighbors. They live on animals, but when they are hungry, they can attack people. First, you need to find out if the animal is infected. You can learn from his behavior. It becomes restless, because of severe itching, insomnia begins and the appetite disappears. If all these symptoms are present, then the animal should be treated with a special shampoo.

If you find that you have fleas inhouse, first of all it is necessary to conduct a thorough wet cleaning. Wash all things in hot water. Bedclothes boil well. Soft toys, pillows and blankets knock out and hang in the street in direct sunlight. Carpets, carpets and soft furniture thoroughly vacuum.
How to get rid of fleas in the house

It is very difficult to combat blood-sucking insects,because they hide well under the skirting boards, in the carpet, in upholstery furniture and other places where they are difficult to detect. Therefore, attempts to get rid of them do not always lead to the result.

Etching insects can be tried with dichlorvos,but you should only know that it does not work for larvae and eggs. Therefore, in place of adults, a new generation will soon appear. Of course, it would be best to contact a special service, which will conduct a full treatment of the premises and will surely get rid of the fleas.

But if for some reason this is doneit is impossible, then try to get rid of them yourself. Take aerosol dichlorvos for the destruction of fleas and spray on all the cracks and plinths. Walls are processed to a height of not less than a meter, since insects can quite exist there.

Processing should be carried out, in advanceclosing all the windows, using a face mask, as the remedy is very toxic. After two hours the room can be ventilated, and if possible, leave it closed until the next day.

After treatment for five days, you can not washfloors, as adult fleas in the house died, but there were larvae. After hatching, they will get out on the treated surface and immediately die. If necessary, repeat all over again in three weeks.
Folk remedies for fleas

You can use ordinary baking soda. We take in equal quantities baking soda, table salt and sprinkle on the carpet. Then we rub the mixture well with a broom and leave it all night. In the morning you need to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. After that, all the fleas in the carpet will be destroyed, and if some remain, they will soon die of thirst.

Grass wormwood and tansy tie in bundles and spread out throughout the apartment until the complete extermination of insects.

Fleas in the house will disappear if you wash the floors with a hot solution of laundry soap and kerosene.

It is important to remember that in order to successfully combat parasites, it is necessary to keep the apartment clean. Regularly wash floors, inspect pets and ventilate the room.

Choose a more convenient way for you to fight, do not forget about your own safety and you will succeed.

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