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Few people know that the screen we are looking at when working at a computer is not a “monitor” at all. This concept was fixed in the slang of users, but initially meant a completely different device. It is about him that we will lead our conversation today. What is a monitor?

what is a monitor


The word "monitor" came to us from Latin. Monitor - the one who looks after, watches, reminds. As you can see, the original value is fundamentally different from the one we assign to it, calling the monitor a device that displays an image from a computer. However, in itself it is not so far from the truth.

In the modern explanatory dictionary there is no unambiguous concept of a monitor. It is divided into a variety of values ​​that depend on the application. Let's learn what a monitor is in different aspects of our life.


In this case, a more correct name is in the English dictionary. Display, screen - this device is designed to display the image. Then what is a monitor?

monitor connection

  1. This device is used to display the image on the display. That is, the whole set of technical devices, which, working all together, show us a picture on the screen created by a computer.
  2. Or the device tracking and showing us certain parameters. For example, a Geiger counter, which allows you to monitor the level of radiation.
  3. In music, or rather on stage, this is a sound device aimed at the performer so that he can hear all the sounds and navigate between all the parties of musicians.
  4. Continuing the theme of music, in a studio recording, a monitor is a device that controls the quality of a recorded sound.


We should also mention the connection of the monitor (display) to a personal computer. With the development of technology, the image quality has increased, and the need to transfer more data has grown, which means that the need for new interfaces has also grown.

  1. The first interface that created a bundle of "system block monitor" that users might encounter was a VGA cable. It was a 15-pin connector and had the same interfaces to connect to the monitor and computer.
  2. Currently used format DVI.It is a 24-pin and cross-shaped connector. Since the replacement and transition of monitors to the new interface took place gradually, you can find DVI-VGA adapters for connecting displays to old video cards.
  3. A separate branch of development was HDMI connectors. They are intended to connect to a computer’s TV and are somewhat similar to USB, only in the form of a trapezoid, and not a rectangle.

Connecting a monitor is easy. You have only two cords. One we connect to the power supply, the second to the video card in the system unit. If the ports are different, you need to purchase an adapter in the store. You do not need any drivers for the monitor, everything is pre-installed with the video card.

monitor unit

If you want to watch a movie not through a monitor, but through a TV, then connect an HDMI cable and configure the TV to receive the signal from it. The rest will be held automatically and will not require any effort from you. The picture on the monitor and TV will not be different, and you can manage the content as you like.


As we already understood, monitors are used to control and monitor.Not without the use of this term in programming. Monitors are a class of routines that monitor.

  1. These are the mechanisms that are responsible for the interaction of separated processes and program elements.
  2. A special program that allows you to monitor and control the status of a personal computer at a low level. Boot the OS, the contents of the RAM.

In fact, all programs in a personal computer that are responsible for adjustment, control and management are monitors.

Other meanings

There are some other definitions of what a monitor is. For example, in the western education system, which is called the Bell-Lancaster system, there is a student monitor in each class. This is a teacher's assistant, a senior student. Although, in fact, it has the same functions as headmen in Russian educational institutions.

through the monitor

In addition, the monitor is a type of warship. Its functions include the coast guard and the suppression of coastal artillery.

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