What is abstract?

November 9, 2012
What is abstract?

Often, especially at school and in humanities departments, pupils and students are told about different literary and scientific genres. Among them can be identified and annotation. What is abstract?

Annotation (otherwise - summary) is a generalized, brief description of a source (article, journal, book, etc.), its brief description. The purpose of the abstract is to give a clear output of the source, briefly point out the merits and features of the subject in question. Thanks to the annotation, a person who first sees a book or an article can immediately understand what it is about.

Abstract in its volume is small, consists of two parts. The first is to formulate the topic of the source; the second lists the features and highlights. In the annotation, steady turns of a scientific nature are used, a cliche, often passive constructions are found.

Annotation Example

An example of annotations can be found to almost any source in the library. Here is one made-up example, which is in form fully consistent with the annotation genre:

Belousova O. I. Problems of the modern man // Psychology of the modern world. - M .: Science, 2010. - S.40–80. The article is devoted to the main problems of man in the modern world. A large list of topical questions about the problems of modern man is proposed, it is said about their influence on the person. The article also covers the ways and methods for solving these problems.

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