What is better xbox or playstation?

With the arrival of winter, picnics in nature were replaced by a game near the hearth. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for game consoles increases precisely in the cold season. But, as you know, before you comfortably sit on the carpet in front of the TV with a joystick in your hands, potential buyers of consoles need to decide which is better than xbox or playstation. The choice is complicated by the fact that at the moment both consoles are in the same price category. Therefore, giving preference to one or another game console, it is important to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

Graphic arts

Unfortunately, neither the Xbox nor the Sony PlayStation can boast the same graphics quality as a modern computer. Images that give both consoles are not bad and do not differ much from each other. Therefore, judging by this criterion, it is impossible to say exactly what is better than xbox or ps. Although the potential buyer should know that the video systems of gaming devices are still different. For the Xbox 360, the video system was purposefully developed by ATI. This undoubtedly provides developers with enormous opportunities, both in optimizing games and in using the video system itself.In turn, Sony uses an adapted video card from the PS.


An important criterion when choosing a console is the convenience and functionality of the joystick. Here there are some differences that allow to draw conclusions. In PlayStation 3, the shape of the joystick resembles the shape of a computer analog, and the device itself is not inferior in convenience and functionality. The shape of the Xbox gamepad, unlike the PS, is more recognizable, with a unique design. The joystick is very convenient, with naturally located buttons. Both the Xbox gamepad and the PS 3 gamepad are equipped with a vibration function. 7 playslists can be connected to the playstation at the same time, and unfortunately, only 4 can be connected to the Xbox.

The Xbox 360 gamepad has one huge flaw, which can be a very powerful argument when buying, not in favor of the “box”. The joystick is powered by two batteries (type AA). For convenience, you can buy batteries, although they tend to be discharged. This can not be said about the PlayStation gamepad. It has a built-in battery that charges from the console itself using a USB cable. When fully charged, the device should work for about 30 hours. As you can see, if for someone the characteristics of the joystick play an important role, then already at this stage, the gamer will be able to decide which is better than xbox or sony.

Access to network resources

Manufacturers of both consoles provide players with the opportunity to play online. The only difference is that PS 3 owners can do it for free, and those who prefer the Xbox 360 are forced to purchase an Xbox Live Gold account for about $ 5 a month.

Both consoles are equipped with their own inner virtual world. With playstation, it is possible to vary the appearance of the character and communicate with other characters, you can also play many mini-games. The “box” does not provide such opportunities, with it you can only edit the avatar.

Cost of games

The cost of licensed games is high, both for PS and Xbox. On average, the price of one game for consoles ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles. An alternative is a secondary market in which it is possible to purchase or exchange a toy for every taste.

Hacking features

For many gamers, this criterion can be the most weighty choice when it comes to choosing xbox or ps3. The high price of licensed games stimulates the development of pirated production of games for consoles. Behind this criterion, the Xbox is far ahead of the PlayStation. Hacking the Xbox is possible using two methods, such as: flashing the drive or using the FreeBoot installation. After the firmware on the Xbox, you can play a huge number of games recorded on the disc. FreeBoot is a special chip that is installed on the console motherboard.The installation method of FreeBoot allows you to play using external storage media, most often with a flash drive. The cost of the firmware drive is absolutely justified, if you take in comparison with the price of a single licensed game - only 1,500 rubles. Install FreeBoot for 2500 - 3000rubley.

Accessories and accessories

Both consoles have the ability to connect a large number of very cheap accessories. For example, for the "box" developed a special device Kineckt, which allows the player to perform the functions of the joystick. For PS 3 is also available such an accessory called PlayStation Move.

A significant advantage of Sony is the ability of the console to work with additional non-branded equipment. If the gamepad suddenly breaks from the console, you can always replace it with any other. For Xbox, such a replacement is not available, since the device works only with branded accessories.

Draw conclusions

Advantages of Xbox360:

  • High quality graphics, which provides a specially designed video system.
  • Corporate design and excellent functionality of the joystick, with a natural arrangement of buttons.
  • Access to games on the network.
  • Ease of hacking and the ability to use pirated media.

Disadvantages of Xbox360:

  • Gamepad operation depends on batteries or batteries that are not included with the set-top box.
  • Access to online games is possible if you have Gold status in Xbox Live.
  • Few network resources, lack of web browser.
  • High price for licensed games and accessories.

Sony PlayStation 3 benefits:

  • The quality of the graphics is almost as good as the Xbox360.
  • The possibility of charging the joystick from the console. Gamepad comfortable and functional.
  • The ability to connect non-branded accessories, such as joysticks.
  • Free access to games on the network.
  • A large number of network resources.
  • The ability to play Blu-ray discs.

Disadvantages of Sony PlayStation 3:

  • Very high price for licensed games and accessories.
  • There is no possibility for hacking and using pirated media.
  • A small number of games.
  • Installing content on your hard disk takes time.

As you can see, both consoles have their advantages.

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