What is car tuning?

Car tuning is its refinement in order to improve the factory performance. Many understand this as an exclusively processing, but any more or less serious tuning always applies to the technical part. This is an improvement of the engine, exhaust system, control unit and so on. Let's take a closer look at what car tuning is and why it is needed.what is tuning

What are they doing this for?

Many motorists are not satisfied with the factory characteristics of the car. There are several ways to fix this. Buy a car that fully meets the expectations or to do your car and significantly recycle it. It is worth noting that serious tuning will be very expensive. That is why not everyone can afford it.

When the car is completely satisfied in technical terms, many are engaged in its appearance. Establish the so-called "body kits", spoilers, repaint the body, etc. Naturally, many do not relate to the technical side, and perform the visual design of the vehicle body.If you approach this issue thoroughly, then such work also takes a lot of time, effort and money. But this does not stop the majority, so millions of drivers do the tuning. What is a technical and external improvement, we are in more detail now and analyze the examples of several popular brands of cars.

Difference of the tuned car from the factory

You must understand that the rash tuning of the transmission, engine or chassis can only worsen the factory performance. Therefore, everywhere need a competent approach. Having no idea about the device of the machine, you should not even try to climb into the engine, because it can end badly.

But nevertheless it is possible to independently process the interior of the car, without resorting to the help of specialists. Many drivers even install torpedoes from other car brands, although it is rarely possible to do without serious reworking. In the end, the salon becomes unrecognizable. This also applies to the appearance of the car: when there is a body kit on the bodywork, a body kit is installed, a spoiler and gills are added, then finding the factory model will not be so easy, if only by the emblem. This also applies to the engine compartment.

Serious tuning involves refining the ignition system, injection, gas distribution mechanism and much more. It comes to complete replacement of wires and hoses for stronger ones. If everything is global, then under the hood the same 1.6 engine will look like a 3-liter monster, and the inconspicuous budget "Kia", the tuning of which was done correctly, will amaze with its characteristics.tuning kia

Details about engine tuning

Many drivers who have seriously decided to tackle this issue, start with the engine. The fact is that with the right approach, the power can be increased by 2-2.5 times, and sometimes even more. The first step is to install a filter of zero resistance. Of course, one can hardly expect a significant increase in dynamics here, but a few horses even add this.

If we take the question seriously, then we cannot do without the block boring. To increase power, it is necessary to increase the engine size, put a turbine on it, lightweight pistons and a crankshaft. Removed such a system as a catalyst, which significantly affects the dynamics of the car. After that, put the so-called spider (silencer).Yes, and technology does not stand still, at present, there is already a valve system, in which there are no springs. With this approach, tuning "Kia" or another car will be noticeable, because the number of horses will double. And the difference between 120 and 240 is huge.

Chip tuning

This item can be skipped to owners of cars with carburetor fuel injection. This is due to the fact that the so-called "brains", or the control unit of the injection and ignition system, are absent there. Let's take as an example the electronic tuning of the BMW X6. This is a fairly expensive German SUV. But many drivers expected more from him. If the car is no longer under warranty, then you can do whatever you want with it, even chip tuning.

This is a flashing or setting up an electronic control unit. In essence, this is a change in such parameters as the amount of fuel supplied, air, etc. The software is configured on special equipment with certain software. In the absence of knowledge on this issue, it is better not to try to do it yourself, but to entrust experts In the end, a similar tuning of the BMW X6 can bring an additional 10-30 horsepower.tuning bmw

Suspension change

In this direction, there is also where to roam.Usually full-time suspension is processed at:

  • off-road;
  • sports

And both of these types are incompatible with each other. The fact is that for the organization of an off-road suspension the ground clearance increases, heavy massive parts of the suspension, various reinforcements and mud wheels are installed. It does not take into account such an indicator as speed, as long as the suspension cope with bumps and dirt.

A completely different thing - sports suspension. To look at least on such a domestic car as the Priora. Tuning such a machine is almost always processing its suspension. Most often, the car is underestimated and supposedly give it sportiness. But if you simply cut the coil spring shock absorber - it will not change anything. Sports suspension must be rigid and assembled. Valko in corners here simply unacceptable.

Rigid springs and racks are installed, silent blocks are replaced by polyurethane. But that's not all, tuning "Mazda", for example, very often involves the installation of lightweight chassis parts for weight reduction, which is fully justified.tuning priors

Recycling car

Most often this is done by the owners of domestic cars.After all, the level of comfort was initially not at a too high level here, so the driver has to somehow change the situation on his own. Tuning "Priory" in the cabin often begins with the sound insulation of the car. This helps to reduce the noise level in the cabin and make the ride more comfortable. Although much depends on the design features of the car. Then there is the processing of door trim panels, installing seats from other brands of cars. The torpedo with control devices is also being finalized. Mounted additional devices, for example, for multimedia, etc.

Of course, there will be no changes in technical terms here, rather, it is done for yourself and your own comfort. Quite rarely such improvements relate to the new BMW and Mercedes. Tuning the cabin in these machines is not really needed, because the build quality and insulation here, and so on at a high level.

Car body change

As in the case of the chassis, there are several areas:

  • change in appearance;
  • improvement of technical characteristics.

Many drivers concern at once two aspects, after all here they are not mutually exclusive.Changes are many foreign cars, such as Hyundai, Honda, Mazda, Opel. Tuning for beauty is the installation of xenon in regular headlights or full replacement of optics, toning, lighting and much more. All this usually changes the appearance for the better, but everywhere you need to know the measure.

With regard to changes in the technical part, it is usually about improving aerodynamic performance. Install a spoiler, change the shape of the bumpers, as well as put lightweight body parts made of carbon fiber and other materials. If you correctly perform tuning "Opel" of the 90s, it will look great even now.Opel tuning

Brake system

Well, now let's imagine that we have completely completed the technical tuning of the Hyundai and forgot about the brakes. A car, let's say, with a 106 liter engine. from. moved to 200, and a sports suspension and advanced exhaust system was also installed. And the brakes remained regular, which are simply not designed for such a load. In this case, they are unlikely to work effectively, providing an optimal stopping distance.

That is why it is necessary to address the issue thoroughly. First of all, change the drum type brake disc.This applies to the rear axle. Further installed wider brake discs, for better cooling, preferably perforated. Replaced and subject to pads calipers. In some cases, change and GTZ. At the last stage, new brake fluid is poured in and the system is pumped. Now tuning "Hyundai" can be considered complete.

About the benefits

Still it is necessary to say a few words about what are the advantages of such global reworkings. First, this increase in power characteristics of the motor. This directly affects the dynamics of the car. Recycling the suspension gives increased permeability or concentration and rigidity, depending on the destination. In general, a real masterpiece can be made from an ordinary inconspicuous car; these are the results of high-quality tuning. Mazda you or VAZ, it does not matter: both one car and the other will attract the eyes of passersby.

Mazda tuning

A little bit about cons

Of course, one can not say about the shortcomings that are still there. Let's start from the beginning. For example, you decided to perform tuning of the "Nissan-Almer" and started with the engine. Fully replaced pistons, crankshaft and more.In this case, any malfunction will cost a lot of money.

If the overhaul of a regular motor will cost 30-50 thousand rubles, then the tuned one can be repaired for 100,000 rubles. It is clear that it is quite expensive. This applies to almost all recycled components and assemblies. Usually install more expensive components, so their repair or replacement cost a lot of money.

Well, another fairly important detail is a violation of the law. "Collective farm" xenon, blind toning or forward flow - all this is a violation of the law, and every traffic police officer will write you a fine, which is not good.

Is it worth doing tuning?

If you do not cross the permissible limits, then definitely yes. True, you need to stop in time, and sometimes you do not need to start. For example, there is no point in dressing up a rotten car body, putting spoilers on it, etc. The first thing to do here is to do welding and leveling, as well as painting. After that, you can talk about obvese.

Another thing is that the lack of knowledge in a particular area can lead to serious consequences or even death on the road. After all, many increase the number of horsepower is not to drive on the highway at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.And any "cant" in the engine can lead to a serious accident. Therefore, if you do not know, it is better to entrust the matter to professionals. They have no difference, they perform tuning "Nissan" or "Mazda" - the experts know their work and will do everything correctly. But you have to pay well for it. Normal motorists enough and minimal processing, which practically does not concern the technical component.

tuning Nissan

Let's sum up

So we figured out what is tuning and what is its essence. As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages. If the owner really loves his car, then he will deal with them in any case, because the well-groomed car still looks great. Although you can perform minimal tuning. Sedan, for example, in contrast to the hatchback does not bring noise into the cabin from the trunk. Therefore, every hatchback owner almost always starts soundproofing from the trunk.

It is better for some drivers not to know at all what tuning is, because there are plenty of reckless drivers on the road. If we talk about the limits of reasonable, then a small processing of the passenger compartment, the installation of high-quality sound insulation and appearance will do its job: the car will become more comfortable, attractive both externally and internally. And this is sometimes all that is needed.And if expensive tuning "Mercedes" can cost hundreds of thousands of rubles, then the domestic VAZ can be changed relatively inexpensively.

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